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DUmmie FUnnies 12-28-05 ("CBS Producer has New Documents related to Bush AWOL")

Have you noticed how quickly CBS ex-producer, Mary Mapes, has faded from public view? Her book bombed bigtime because NO ONE except for a few diehard loonies bought her completely unbelievable story. Mapes still contends that the obviously forged Texas Air National Guard documents that purported to prove that Bush was AWOL were authentic and that even if they were fake, the story is still somehow valid. Even many Liberals were embarrassed by Mary Mapes and hoped she would just go away. About the only TRUE BELIEVERS I have been able to find were, of course, in DUmmieland as you can see in this THREAD titled, "CBS Producer has New Documents related to Bush AWOL." The first post of the thread are several quotes from Mary Mapes which is presented as if it is Holy Writ. As usual, the Fake but Accurate DUmmie documents are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thanking Mary Mapes for creating the scandal that created the DUmmie FUnnies, is in the [brackets]:

"I actually was completely sure about the documents..." "We had lots and lots of evidence that the content was absolutely accurate, we had coroberation, we vetted it, and we meshed it with the initial documents or the official documents that the Bush people had put out for the past four years or so."


"The other thing that we had in that report that people don't mention is the first ever interview with former Lt. governor Ben Barnes, who talked about helping Bush get into the guard by making a phone call." "It was the documents that proved vulnerable to attack."


"I did through a researcher get a number of new documents that absolutly blow out of the water the kinds of charges that Howard and others used to attack these documents in the first place." "I now have a document here, from 1969 from the TX Air National Guard in Austin that has porportional spacing, I also have lots of documentary evidence that this existed..."


So Dan Rather got badly treated, speaker of truth kill by dark force. America bushit culture rear its ugly head.

[Yes, the Dark Forces of American Bushit culture destroyed the integrity of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes. The forged documents they used to support their report had nothing to do with it.]

Ahhhh ... I wondered why now? Then saw that she wrote a book. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...


Not one single issue will pressure a congress, at this point to do the right thing. We have to do it from every angle. The more info exposing boy George as corrupt, the better.

[You have to do it from every angle, including using fake documents.]

I agree but also believed they Plamed her and is worthy of this...

[Another DUmmie word for the dictionary: "Plamed." It means to expose a liberal fraud.]

Greg Palast had a great article on this
He stated the reason why they went after CBS is because they would be the only one's who would cover the story and the Bush camp couldn't control CBS like the others.

[Yeah, and the fake documents were a mere side issue.]

I say we take every bit of ground we got
And this is a rather large chunk. First, he lied about his military service. Then Dan Rather was swift boated and this woman lost her job. Because CBS tried to tell the truth.

[Yes. I say grab that ground since it will cave in beneath you due to all those fake documents.]

Being AWOL, he wasn't eligible to run for president.
Add to the pile of felonies.

[Base the case for Chimpeachment on fake documents.]

as soon as the Dems take a house of Congress
they are going to bury this administration.

[You are giving away the Democrat game plan. They have no programs to offer. All they offer is their plan for Chimpeachment. A sure loser.]

It's Not So Much About Bush
As the mechanism that was used - the RW blogosphere - to discredit the report.

[Damn the RW blogosphere for exposing those fake documents!]

She lost her f*cking job. I hope she makes a mint off of this book.

[Unfortunately the Mapes book has BOMBED bigtime and her publisher will never even be able to earn enough off it to pay for her overinflated advance.]

I've read the book, no wonder they Plamed her.

[Ah! That word again. "Plamed." Not to be confused with "Wilsoned" which means lying and then pretending you didn't really mean what you lied about.]

what's in the book?
ok ok ok i'll borrow it from the library sometime, (can't buy it right now) but can ya drop a few juicy bits?

[Okay, here is a juicy bit. Even though the Mapes CBS report on TANG was based on forged documents the story itself is still accurate.]

I'm not saying she doesn't have credibility, I just know enough ... To stop drinking from a poisoned well.

[Be my guest. Please continue slurping from the Mary Mapes Poisoned Well.]

So I guess that means people like Al Franken, Joseph Wilson, Richard Clarke, John Dean, Bill Clinton and John Kerry have no credibility either?


Sorry, but I'm not buying your your line. The story was true before...and with the additional documents, it is even more true now. It has to do with "character issues", which will add to the overall case against Herr Busch when his impeachment rolls into high gear.

[Mary Mapes and her forged documents will be used as evidence against Bush during his Chimpeachment trial.]

Let's see the docs. I fear another colossal embarrassment.

[You demand proof? LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Good for her and good for you for posting this.
It's not going away, none of it and when this crime element topples, there will be a vetting that will send chills down the spine of all Americans. We need to see the truth, unvarnished.

[The unvarnished truth is to be found in those proportionally spaced, superscripted early 70s documents.]

He was a deserter, CBS fired a reporter telling truths because KKKarl and the rest of the dark side set it up that way. Freedom is over folks, get use to it.

[You do have a point. Have you ever noticed that no one has ever seen Karl Rove and Lucy Ramirez in the same room?]

And if you notice. The Bush White House has never said the story was false. Just the whole ordeal with the documents. Hmm, I wonder why that is.... Could it be because the story in of itself is true?

[The old adage is that if you see your enemy putting a noose around his own neck, don't stop him.]

This how Kerry got beat last election. Trying to make Bushes guard service an issue is what got Kerry beat the last election. It is a dead horse and the sooner we get off of it the better. With the quality candidate we had in Kerry and the issues that he was so qualified to deal with, we wasted it trying to talk about Viet Nam and Bushes guard service instead of the issues that really mattered. I think Rove and the Republicans suckered us in on this matter knowing that it was a dead end street. We did just what they wanted us to do and it worked for them.


[Allow me a moment to SAVOR your anger.]

I tell you what, if I'd been framed and fried like this woman was, I'd do everything in my power to restore my reputation, and politics and timing be damned.

[Or better yet, pad a book with a bunch of incredibly lame excuses made up solely to scam a 6-figure advance which her publisher can NEVER recoup.]

I agree 100%...hope she makes a mint!

[Where can we hold funeral services for your hope? Mapes' book bombed bigtime and didn't even earn back a fraction of her overpaid advance.]

That flat out pisses me off just to think of it....that people pass judgement on false and incorrect information.

[Thank you for that accurate description of the CBS TANG documents.]

I believe Rove was behind the fake document.
And I also believe it was based upon a real document. This was Rove's way of undermining and getting rid of the real story, while making CBS look bad.

[Of course! I mean, isn't Rove behind EVERYTHING?]

There's The BINGO! This Is Classic Rove

[I'm confused. First you say you believe Mary Mapes' contention that the TANG documents were authentic but now you are saying they were forgeries planted by Karl Rove. Please get your kooky conspiracy theories together.]

Rove has been doing this stuff for three decades, and he's never been honest one day of that time.

[Welcome to the Perfect Rovian Storm.]

I want to know the TRUTH.

[A statement like that could get you Tombstoned from DUmmieland.]

The Rove Smearboat Got Her. And despite the fact that she and CBS had the goods, the whole damned thing will no doubt sink into oblivion, as it was a pre-election issue. She is trying to save her name, and reputation, which is shot due to Rove. I would expect that some will see her as legit, but the Corporate Media will not give her the time of day.

[Let me see if I get this right. Mary Mapes had authentic documents but somehow Rove used those same documents to sink her credibility?]

Just because someone manipulated the facts doesn't mean there are no facts or that we have heard all of them.

[Another Classic Quote from DUmmieland.]

The most disappointing aspect of this story
and the most telling, was how the rest of the mainstream media competely turned their back on CBS and Dan Rather. Worse than that, they participated in the mocking of what was obviously a true story and, if the documents really were forged, which I haven't seen any conclusive proof of, likely a set-up.

[Oh, I see! The documents were authentic but if they were forged it was because they were planted by Karl Rove in a plot to discredit CBS.]

She was fired...her career destroyed--so Bush could keep his lie intact.

This is about the arrogance of power, the destruction of this woman's reputation, livelihood, career. For what? So Bush could continue his lie.

She was sacrificed by the administration--an example for all journalists to see: don't tell the truth about the administration or we will destroy you.

Her corporate bosses, her co-workers the powerful journalists, sat in fear and silence as she was destroyed, and along with her the free press.

Why is this important? Mapes is the epitome of the media today. She was one of the last attempts at journalism before the media morphed to the propaganda machine it is today.

Her story should be shouted from the rooftops and the blogs. Cause it will be minimized on MSM.

[Poor Mary Mapes. She was an innocent flower crushed under by the EVIL Bush Regime.]

Buckhead, the Freeper, was a Rove plant

[True. He was merely a mind-numbed robot being cruelly manipulated by his hypnotic Master, Karl Rove.]

I was in the Air Force at the same time as Bush
and worked in Purchasing, and Finance, and every damned section on every air force base I was attached to and I saw a LOT of Typewriters and LOT of documents, and I can flat out tell you that ALL of these documents WERE available in those typefaces with the characteristics shown by CBS.

Anything else is a LIE. I was there, I have ORDERS made out to ME that used those same typesets and typed fonts and faces. I used Typewriters all over every base I was at or was sent documents by everyone ordering parts and supplies.

What CBS offered was TRUTH, pure and simple.. I KNOW because I was THERE at the same time. I specifically went and dug out some of my old documents to check and I was very nearly going to post them at the time except I didn't want Freepers and the like to be spreading my info (again) and threatening me or my family - basically I don't want to go to jail for killing one of these assholes if they are stupid enough to bother me too much

[DAMN! You could have proved Mary Mapes to have been right and caused Bush to lose the 2004 election. Only your fear of Freepers prevented you from doing so.]


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