Wednesday, December 28, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 12-28-05 ("Can we get beyond 9/11?")

The DUmmies are absolutely OUTRAGED over 9/11. Are they outraged at the actual terrorists who carried out the deeds? Of course not. This is DUmmieland we are talking about, remember? They are OUTRAGED that the NORMAL people are not outraged at the EVIL Bush Regime for making 9/11 happen and then "exploiting" the events for their own nefarious purposes. To read this DUmmie THREAD titled "Can we get beyond 9/11?" you would think that the REAL terrorists were peacefully sleeping in Talibanland while those 9/11 planes were hijacked by Neocons hypnotized by Karl Rove. And yet, NUttie as the DUmmies are, aren't they only voicing in public what many professional Democrat politicians think in private? Keep that in mind while reading DUmmie outrage directed at the Bush Regime in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that many major networks are also reluctant to show the Twin Towers being destroyed because they too want to "get beyond" 9/11, is in the [brackets]:

Can we get beyond 9/11?

[Yeah. Why don't we all just forget about it and concentrate on the crimes of the EVIL Bush Regime?]

The day that thousands of families, mostly American families, lost loved ones in the attacks in New York and Washington and the plane crash in Pennsylvania was a sad one, made more difficult by the panic over the vulnerability of our air traffic system. Now after more than 4 years, although these deaths still bring pain to many, they are statistically and numerically diminished when compared to automobile deaths, for example, or those from heart disease or even American bombing of civilians in Iraq.

[The deaths due to 9/11 were trivial...according to DUmmie logic.]

However, the damage from 9/11 is becoming incalculable in its invocation as a rationale for the damage to our nation by its current administration. How many more times can Bush stand up and talk about this day without someone shouting at him "Enough! You can't use that anymore! It didn't change a damn thing in this country except your willingness to appropriate it as a 'brand name' to further your Fascist agenda."

[The TRUE tragedy of 9/11 wasn't the deaths and injuries that happened. No. It was the fact that Bush was able to appropriate 9/11 as a brand name to further his Fascist agenda.]

The crashing of the towers was so much like a Hollywood disaster movie that I do believe our country has appropriated the images of that day as a colorful collage of national holocaust. Would it really dishonor the memories of the victims to just "get over it" and move on toward a real future? How about some thoughts from those who lost loved ones that day? Isn't it time to get beyond it?

[9/11 was just another Irwin Allen production so let's all just "get over it" and concentrate on important things like the Chimpeachment of Bush.]

I agree with you we allowed the tragedy to be exploited by fear mongers.

[Damn Bush for exploiting 9/11 by attacking its terrorist perpetrators!]

We need to get to the truth of 9/11. I believe that our own government was complicit in this event, which they have used to justify many worse acts, such as invading another nation. Our healing is in bringing out the truth of what happened on 9/11 - only then will people understand how completely we have been manipulated.

[I guess this puts you in the MIHOP camp (Bush Made It Happen On Purpose.]

No way. not until as many people as possible know who was really responsible for 9/11


[And we KNOW who that is---MIHOP.]

There's so much evidence out there that this government intentionally killed thousands of Americans and then utilized it for illegal wars and taking away our civil liberties. To move on without getting to the truth is a death sentence for the future of our country.

[FUnnie how with all that evidence out there about this government intentionally killing thousands of Americans on 9/11 we never actually get to see a shred of this evidence.]

We should be well past it by now however, bush and his administration have the millions of religiously insane drones and various and asundry racist groups that he needs to keep pumping the day for all its worth. I give bush a pass in this mess; its out neighbors who wave flags for a reason they do not know why and put magnets on their cars for no apparent reason and have no concept of how to support troops. The ignorant masses who clog the septic tank which is our current political system. And if any of you lurkers would like to set me straight please share your philosophy on the subject. Share with us why you are such dumbasses. Please tell us how 9-11 changed everything.

[Thank you for that touching expression of hate towards the majority of American citizens.]

never !! never !! never!! as a flight attendant for one of the 2 airlines involved..ny based..2001 flight attend of the year for my airline..i am now retired ( took early retirement because i no longer trust this government!!)

[WHEW! Thank God you have retired but please give us some more information about yourself so we can identify you and ensure that you never work with normal people in the air again, DUmmie flyarm.]

i grew up in Middletown Nj the town that lost the most victims...

[So you're a Jersey Girl, DUmmie flyarm? Continue to give us more clues about yourself...]

i will never get over the bullshit lies of this admin and the lies they have perpetrated on the american people!

[You have no idea how RELIEVED I am knowing you won't be my flight attendant in the future, DUmmie flyarm. Continue...]


[I've heard about passengers going nuts in the air. Little did I know this affliction has also hit some flight attendants. Continue...]

i will fight for the truth for my co-workers that were lost that day..and for the people i grew up with or their children lost that day..if it take till my dying breath!!


they deserve no less..and actually they deserve much much more than every damn american who is too lazy to fight for the truth.. and is willing to do in their memory..and for the pitiful americans who are too coward to know the truth!!

[Yeah. Pity those poor Americans who are too cowardly to face the fact that EVIL Bush Regime Neocons hijacked those planes. Please present us with more madness, DUmmie flyarm...]

you were lied to americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Are you hearing any echos in your Rubber Room, DUmmie flyarm? Continue with your meltdown...]

big time!

[Have you ever considered running for Congress? You would fit in well with your fellow Democrats. Continue DUmmie flyarm...]

fly..who fights for the angels of my airline lost on 9/11 ..i will never forget them..and i will fight to death for their truth!

[Not only should you NEVER work as a flight attendant again, I hope you NEVER fly again DUmmie flyarm. How could any passenger feel safe knowing this NUTCASE is aboard?]

So there are two brands of "9/11" ... One is the 9/11 that Bush uses, the one that "changed everything" and woke us up to the fact that thousands of enemies want to destroy the U.S. and they are training night and day to do this, and that's why we have to put some limits on our Constitutional freedoms.

[Methinks you prefer the other "brand" of 9/11, DUmmie Ron_Green. Please enlighten us...]

The other brand of "9/11" is that our government either planned and executed, or stood by while knowing others were planning, the attacks on that day, in order to accomplish the big step toward Fascism this administration has taken.

[Yes, this is definitely the "brand" of 9/11 that is a big seller in DUmmieland. It wasn't the Islamofascist terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks. It was all the fault of the EVIL Bush Regime in their headlong step towards Fascism.]

ya know..i never had fear ...not in the air ..and not in my country...

[Thus spaketh DUmmie flyarm again while swinging the butterfly net at her FUnnie Farm. Continue screeching mercifully retired flight attendant...]

i never had my lips ..i have no frigging fear...

[Alright already! I'm reading your loony lips. You have "no frigging fear." Continue with the therapy session...]

i started flying when i was 19 yrs old..and i am 54 now...i have no fear..or i would never have gone into a tube in the air for the largest part of my life!

[Actually I think your mind went down the tube years ago, DUmmie flyarm. Continue howling into the wind...]

i have a whole hell of alot of anger...and i only got that when my government failed and failed miserably on 9/11

[Make that you have a whole hell alot of MISPLACED anger. Continue the rant, DUmmie flyarm...]

i got damn angry when i stood at my co-workers memorials and was lied to by my government...

[Would it be too much to ask for just ONE lie? Don't stop now. You're on a roll, DUmmie flyarm...]

i got even angrier when my nations media lied up their assholes about the murder of my neighbors and co-workers who were murderedd on 9/11

[Still waiting for that elusive LIE, DUmmie flyarm. Continue...]

but i got pissant mad when i was invited to a round table 15 participants to question one of the 9/11 a major front of the faculty of the university...and i asked 3 questions and my husband two ( hubby was tutored by me to ask specific..pertinent questions..) and the sob didn't answer one of my questions..and he looked like he would faint when i pulled out a picture of my graduation to my airline and my wing ceremony and the man who started my airline was at my graduation...and i stated he was rolling in his grave today at all the lies and bullshit this administration and this commission& media were selling a very falsely frightened country..

[The man who started your airline is rolling in his grave because you are pretending that he would buy into your LOOONY tinfoil hat theories, DUmmie flyarm. Continue spewing...]

i said the original owner and president of my airline..cared about 2 things more tha anything else..the safety of his passengers..and the safety of his crew members..i told this commissioner he has failed on both accounts! i asked him how he looks in the mirror and lives with himself...

[Did the original owner and president of your airline care for the mental stability of his flight attendants? Continue...]

this 9/11 commissioner started sweating and turned paste white with my opening statement and my questions..he didn't even attempt to answer me...but when my husband asked his questions..i thought the guy would my husband held him up and demanded answers and humiliated this 9/11 commissioner and all but called him a fraud...

[The 9/11 commissioner was sweating because he realized that you weren't frisked before entering the room, DUmmie flyarm. Please continue. The doctor is taking notes...]

there are somethings in life we must all hold people responsible for, and accountable for...and in the case of 9/11 AND this one has been held accountable for both failures or complicity..nor has any real investigation ever been done ..and that is the first time in US aviation history!!

[Complicity? I guess that makes you a MIHOP, DUmmie flyarm. Please continue as I count my blessings that you are no longer working in the air...]

all warnings were ignored ..was it deliberate??

[Of course it was deliberate. After all, we are talking about the EVIL Bush Regime here. Please continue with your RUbber Room rant, DUmmie flyarm...]

how will we ever know??

[By reading tinfoil hat conspiracy theories in DUmmieland. Continue...]

why was i as a flight crew not been given that warning as required by law??

[Um... Could it be because NO ONE had any warnings my self-centered ex-flight attendant? Continue the paranoia, DUmmie flyarm...]

why was norman minetta not given the warning..he was head of transportation..and he was not warned!

[See reply above about warnings. Give us more lunacy DUmmie flyarm...]

ya know bullshit only goes so far..i am done with anyones bullshit...

[You need to learn proper DUmmie terminology. It's "bushit." Continue...]



and noooo i will never forget my co-workers...and i will never forget my neighbors from my home sireee..and i will fight for the truth for them long as i breathe!

[Hey! I thought you said you were done, DUmmie flyarm. But I guess that only applied to your reasoning process. So give us another shot of wackiness...]

and i am sick of cowards who would give up their constitution with no damn fight ...for lies..or bullshit!

[It's "bushit." Remember. "Bushit." Now on to the other DUmmie rantings...]

you know, I can believe one airplane could be hijacked
with a slackened security, but four? Come on, something does not smell right. Every one of those terrorists passed security? I will not believe that all Americans are that inept. Also, how many minutes did it take to attack the pentagon after the second building was hit? I will never forget, and if there is another attack on American soil, I am going to put the blame where it originally belonged--this administration who wouldn't know the truth if it hit them over the head.

[And yet the DUmmies are now crybabying because the administration is monitoring the phone calls of the terrorists in an attempt to PREVENT another attack.]

go out and get a dem congress!!! no excuses...not now not next year.. just do it..get out and knock on doors..sign up with dem groups..and do something..go work with the people fighting these voting machines...just do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!there is no time left for excuses..its your country fight for her! bust your ass for her!! just don't make excuses..that won't fly anymore!!put 100% of yourself into getting a balanced government!! with everything in your heart...just do it!!

[Thank you for that partisan input DUmmie flyarm. Hey, have you ever thought of copyrighting "just do it!!" I bet a shoe company would buy it.]

The atrocities against innocents in Iraq dwarf 9/11.

[Can we book you as a speaker at the next Democrat convention? Please be sure to include that "astute" observation in your speech.]

I don't buy the IHOP's, but 9/11 was and remains a criminal case. And that implies some possibility of resolution in identifying, tracking and apprehending the perps. It hasn't happened.

[You don't buy IHOPs? You prefer Waffle Hut?]

not until we find the truth about who did it . . . (hint: it was BushCo)

[REALLY! What a surprise...NOT! After all this is being posted from the Alternate Reality known as DUmmieland.]

we MUST find the truth about 9/11 -- nothing will bring BushCo down faster, harder, and more completely . . .

[Can we also Chimpeach your mind?]


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