Wednesday, December 14, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 12-14-05 ("Bev Harris of BBV coming on Artbell show!")

Bev Harris is BACK! And she is only $10 away from overturning the 2004 election results! For those of you unfamiliar with Bev Harris, she was the one-time heroine of DUmmieland upon whom the DUmmies placed their hopes and considerable bucks in a effort to prove vote fraud. In this effort, Randi Rhodes of Err America was her chief shillmeister which gave Bev even more credibility among the DUmmies. Despite NUMEROUS advance warnings here on the DUmmie FUnnies, both the DUmmies and Randi continued to promote Bev vigorously. The end result was that both the DUmmies and Randi realized they were SCAMMMED when it was too late. Maybe they should have paid attention to the MANY clues provided in the DUFUs such as the fact that Bev avoided the Ohio battleground state like the plague and preferred to use her DUmmie donations to investigate "vote fraud" in Florida from the confines of 5-star hotel suites. And yet, despite the fact that the DUmmies (and Randi) finally woke up after having been EASILY conned by BBV Bev, she is BACK in the hearts of the DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Bev Harris of BBV coming on Artbell show....on next!" So let us watch the DUmmies work themselves into a frenzy as a prelude to opening their wallets for Bev Harris again in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, hearing the faint theme tune of "The Sting" in the distance, is in the [brackets]:

Bev Harris of BBV coming on Artbell show....on next!

[Bev Harris on the Art Bell show? How very VERY appropriate.]

If you do not know your local radio affiliate who carries the Art Bell show free, aka coasttocoastam....go to their and look under affiliates. To get online stream, it costs money.

[You are just $10 away from hearing Bev Harris online.]

She is talking right now about Diebold...

[Get ready to wet your panks and yank your wallet.]

Good for her , go get em Bev !

[Thus posted an obvious mark.]

She is not exactly either credible or a DU favorite.
After what she did on DU and to many DUers why would anyone want to listen to her?????

[Oh. Finally WOKE UP did we? And how many bucks did you go thru before Reality dawned upon you?]

As she is not welcome at DU it would appear it is more than just to "some" Her viciousness to Andy before he died was enough to render her persona non grata with most posters who didn't already despise her. I am sorry but it sickens me when anyone tries to promote this woman in anyway esp on DU.JMHO.

[Her crime was not giving Andy his fair share of the scam.]

I was one who donated for Andy's operation even tho I was unemployed. I don't know of the battles you speak of.
Don't denigrate me for trying to do anything to get rid of these damned machines.
Put squabbles aside and look at the big picture.

[Look at the big picture. It is worth getting scammed again if it can give us more false hope.]

I don't denigrate you. It is Ms. Harris I have no respect for.
You are wonderful to pay attention to this issue, but she is not a good source.

[Why not? Bev is just as good a source as any of the DUmmies constantly promoting election whacko election conspiracy theories in DUmmieland. Bev's genius was in actually using those whacko election conspiracy theories as a marketing tool to scam you folks out of your bucks.]

I think people are getting tired of the anti Bev stuff, it's getting VERY VERY OLD. And quite possible a little silly.

[Bev stuff always makes for great DUFU material!]

I just don't think such viciousness and deceit ought to be forgotten. And Life and Death, is not something to be made light of. And many newer members are unaware of who Bev REALLY is.

[Bev Harris always has a fond place in the hearts of the DUFU fans for providing us with such great hilarious material by so EASILY scamming the DUmmies.]

If someone lies and cons you like that in the past
how can you ever trust them again? I've been lied to time and time again so I know how that feels. How can you ever trust that person again? Even if you do you still have that deep thought in your mind that they might be lying to you again.

[You've been lied to time and time again. And time and time again you just keep handing over your $$$. How can you expect a con artist to refrain from scamming a mark like you?]

I won't forget. Ever.

[Until the NEXT TIME you hand over $10.]

And don't forget what happened at Free Republic

[Yeah. They laughed their asses off over how easily Bev Harris scammed you in DUmmieland.]

Don't forget conning people
and just plain lying.

[Bev Harris is just $10 away from never conning people or lying again. Send money now.]

Bev has done a tremendous amount for the fraud
of evoting. She was instrumental in awakening America. Of course Andy was a tremendous partner and help, as others, including myself were, in that regard.
I am sick and tired of the chip on what you all draw like a badge. It hurts America and our power as voters. I respect tremendously what Andy, Bev, and others have done. In case you havent noticed, WE HAVE WORK TO DO!!!

[Yes. There is much work to do in the cause of proving vote fraud. So lets start off by putting our energies into, um, fundraising.]

Bev havs ben working with the opposition by her own admission. She posted about her GOP ties on her site. But whatever.And Bev did very little except take credit for others work. She is NOT entitled to respect. Sorry.

[I respect the way Bev so easily conned you DUmmies despite the NUMEROUS warnings you received.]

Anyone can look up her past and see what all she has done and once they find out do you think they're going to believe her about voting fraud? I don't think so. She's a con artist herself. From someone who has only had liars as so-called friends excuse me while I don't jump on the band wagon. There are other people working on the fraud case who you can trust such as BradBlog and John Conyers. Their trackrecord is much better than hers.

[BradBlog and John Conyers are only $10 away from proving vote fraud.]

I don't think we can trust her - at all.

[The wake up call finally reached you...too late.]

I know you feel burned...but think about it
There are people who are not computer literate, who do not know what is going on, who are hearing of this for the first time.
Look at the larger picture. We need more people who are aware of the pitfalls of these electronic voting machines. This is only about that.

[Look at the larger picture. There are people who are not literate who don't know what is going on who are now getting burned for the first time.]

Yes, we need to educate ourselves and others about election fraud. But if this woman (I can't even type her name) is leading the charge, count me (and tens of thousands of other DUers) OUT. We will proceed in this work without this bitch.

[Getting scammed in an OBVIOUS con is a real bitch.]

She is still part of the election reform movement
We just have to deal with the fact that some people on our side are going to be assholes some of the time. This is true for any issue movement, and the work still has to come first. We don't need to give her money or support her in any other way, but it's pointless to stop her ongoing participation. The movement is way, way bigger than she is at this point.

[You just have to deal with the fact that MOST people on your side are going to be suckers most of the time so you DO need to give her money.]

You don't seriously think DUers will call to talk to Bev after her actions after the things she has done? It wouldn't be pretty if they did.

[Perhaps the DUmmies won't call to talk to Bev but they will definitely send $$$ to her.]

She has tainted evrything she has been involved with.
Remember the opinion Keith Olberman and Randi Rhodes had of her. I respect both Randi and KO and they completly disrespect her. Randi makes no bones about the fact she feels Bev stole money from her listeners. And that is the tip of the iceberg. No one credible supports this woman. She is destroying the vote herself for her own ends.

[Randi has also tossed Bev Harris down her memory hole. Even her interview archives about Bev are gone. However, my memory is still intact---Randi Rhodes was the chief media shill for the BBV Bev scam.]

I've seen enough paranoid dellusions out of the woman to
question her perception of "truth".

[Thank you for that accurate description of virtually all DUmmies.]

Perhaps you need to take Bev down from that cross
She doesn't look comfortable.

[The Passion of the Bev.]

And from her conning people she has tainted anything she would ever say in the future.

[Yes. We remember how EASILY she conned the people of DUmmieland despite tons of warnings in advance.]

And then Keith, who'd been sympathetic, had to back away from her and say that maybe we'd all been conned.

[Including Keith Olbermann.]

As I said before anyone could look up her history all the way from conning and lying to what happened with Andy.

[You COULD have looked up her history PRIOR to being conned but YOU didn't. Therefore you DESERVED to be conned. Congratulations on emptying out your wallet!]

What I do know and I was THERE in the very beginning, even before Bev**, and I will tell you that Bev got things moving to a level that few if any others did.

[Bev was certainly successful in raising the level of her bank account.]

But what did SHE do?

[Bev successfully raised vast funds in order to investigate vote fraud from 5-star hotel suites in Florida.]

Bev made things MOVE. Bev helped bring attention to the crisis and put it on the map. She may not have done it perfectly. Fine. But SHE GOT PRESS. Others did not. I believe Andy would concur, whatever the disagreement was. I hope I am right.

[Bev Harris is just $10 away from making things MOVE again.]

What I am saying is that Andy DID CARE who the messanger was and he would not have personally supported BEV. It does make a difference WHO it is. But it will never be Bev so we don't have to worry as she has never accomplished anything yet. Seems she always needs "more money"!

[Just $10 MORE to be exact.]

She took quite a bit of money and there are quite a few folks around these parts who feel like that money was wasted.

[The technical term for those folks is "suckers."]


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