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DUmmie FUnnies 12-13-05 ("It Just Keeps Getting Worse -- from Jim Hightower")

Does anybody out there remember Jim Hightower? Don't feel bad if you don't since he has become a complete has-been. However, before blessedly fading away from public view about 10 years ago, Hightower was once hailed as the liberal answer to Rush Limbaugh. Yes, he was the ORIGINAL Al Franken. Years before Err America flopped on the airwaves, Jim Hightower bombed completely in the opinion of radio listeners. If you had ever had the "pleasure" of hearing Hightower's radio antics you would quickly understand why his radio ratings quickly plummeted to Al Franken levels. Although Hightower started out as a typical hard core Texas leftist, he came to believe that he would be more "acceptable" if he donned a Bareback Mountain cowboy hat and put on a completely phony sounding cornball personality shtick. Unfortunately for Hightower, his makeover never caught on with the radio listeners. Listening to Hightower made your mind feel about as empty as his BLOG.
Mercifully, Hightower's simplistic act on national radio lasted only a brief period since in the end, he was about as dull as his liberal radio cohort, Mario Cuomo. However, just because there was a mercy killing of Hightower's radio career, this doesn't mean he doesn't make a bizarre leftist squawk every now and then as evidenced in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "It Just Keeps Getting Worse -- from Jim Hightower." Yeah, according to Jim Hightower, the Mengele scientists in the EVIL Bush administration are using pesticides to carry out experiments on infants, orphans, and the mentally handicapped. The desperate bid for attention by Jim Hightower and his DUmmie acolytes is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, about to take a bite on an alar coated apple from the Meryl Streep Orchards, is in the [brackets]:

It Just Keeps Getting Worse -- from Jim Hightower

[Absolutely true. Jim Hightower's commentary just keeps getting worse.]

Today's Commentary

Monday, December 12, 2005


[You forgot to add "...BY EVIL BUSH REPUBLICANS."]

I'm whopperjawed. I'm stunned. I'm sick. I'm disgusted. I'm fuming.

[You're also WRONG but that never stopped you before. Do continue, Jim.]

If you thought that you could no longer be shocked by anything the Bushites do, you've obviously not heard of the latest, inhuman, totally depraved, appalling bit of evil coming out of Bush's EPA. These so-called environmental and health protectors have proposed a new rule regarding the testing of toxic pesticides on humans – a deplorable practice that the chemical makers have long favored. Because EPA had been caught supporting tests in which children were intentionally dosed with pesticides, congress mandated in August that the agency issue a rule permanently banning such pesticide tests, without exception.

[If you thought that you could no longer be shocked by anything Jim Hightower does, you've obviously not heard his latest, inhuman, totally depraved, appalling commentary.]

In September, EPA issued its proposed rule, hailing it as "a landmark regulation on human studies," and flatly declaring that "certain kinds of human research can never be acceptable." Beyond its flowery declaration of ethical principles, however, EPA's proposal is 30 pages of fine print that viciously guts those very principles by giving the pesticide corporations clear-cut exceptions to the supposed ban on human testing.

[Yes, this story was carried in the Far Left WNY MEDIA NETWORK so it MUST be true!!!]

Get ready to puke, for these are some of the exceptions:

- Neglected or abused infants can be subjected to pesticide tests, without the consent of parents or guardians.

- Mentally handicapped and orphaned infants may be used for tests for the sake of research.

- EPA will accept industry pesticide tests done on children outside the U.S., including in countries with minimal or no ethical standards.

[-DUmmies who waste away their lives in front of computer screens deep in their parents' dark basements.]

Not only do these repulsive exceptions violate even the lowest level of human decency and morality, but they also are in direct violation of congress's mandate to allow no exceptions to the ban on such test – zero. The agency has cynically chosen industry profits over children's welfare.

[Yes, this story has been carried on a variety of obscure Leftist websites so it must be as real as the PAUL MIRECKI BEATING. And now that Has-Been Hightower has uttered his phony outrage, let us hear from his DUmmies in spirit...]

Dr Mengele must be beaming up from hell

[Dr. Mengele is currently splitting his time between residing in hell and running an abortion clinic in your neighborhood.

I want to go back to my real reality please *whimper whimper*

[Calm down. I am issuing you a free pass to enter your own Alternate Reality where phony leftist news stories passes for real.]

Shades of Nazi Germany, I swear. And oh, the irony! Stem
cell research is unacceptable, but this is?

[You mean abortion or the phony leftist news story?]

I'm a bit confused. I'm Jim Hightower's biggest fan. I worked in Child Protective Services for seven years (retired to go back to law school).
When a child is 'orphaned,' 'abused' or 'neglected,' they are taken into protective custody by the State, and subject to the jurisdiction of the Court - Dependency Court. We had to have a court order for anything beyond the most general checkup. NO judge is going to authorize this kind of experimentation ... none that I know of ... and I have worked with them for thirteen years, including the CPS work, volunteer and law clerk work. Same deal with the mentally-handicapped; a guardian ad litum is appointed, and they are subject to the jurisdiction of the Court. No judge would authorize this kind of experimentation. So, I am wondering what is meant here.

[You just made too much sense (except for the part about being Jim Hightower's biggest fan) so prepare for your tombstoning ceremony.]

There is not one truly redeemable characteristic in any member of this administration or I guess corporate America.

[Thank you for giving a heads up on the 2008 Democratic platform.]

I am not for the death penalty, but, damn, these bastards make it hard!

[Methinks you would have no problem administering the death penalty for Republicans as long as it didn't involve the messy trial process.]

Jim Hightower is working from false information


In earlier threads on this, I worked my fingers to nubs (yes, I now use the two-nub system to type) debunking this shit sausage. For now I'll say,IT JUST AIN'T SO!


Here are two threads. The others seem to have dropped into the archives.



[Make MrMonk STOP!!! He is using FACTS to debunk the phony Jim Hightower story!!!]

Here's another: http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=104&topic_id=5366080


Others, such as saying that the rules allow testing on orphans and the mentally handicapped, are flat-out not true. Considering the supposed expertise of the parties making such claims, I think that it would be fair to call them malicious liars.

[Please Skinner! I BEG you to TOMBSTONE MrMonk for making too much sense!!!]


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Does someone just sit there in the dark, illuminated by only the glow of a computer screen, and think of shit to make up?

Be prepared for the Al Franken expose of Bush Administration's secret European labs where puppies and kittens are mutated into war weapons.


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