Monday, November 14, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 11-14-05 (DUmmies Blame Bush/NeoConsters/Mossad For Amman Bombings)

Let's see. There are terror bombings of hotels in Amman, Jordan. Soon afterwards, on a website, Al Qaeda takes the credit for the three hotel bombings. We are also SURE they were behind the bombings because they claimed there were FOUR suicide bombers, including a husband wife team. What Al Qaeda didn't know at the time of the Web posting is that the wife half of that sick team had a faulty bomb that didn't go off thus alerting Jordanian authorities who subsequently tracked her down. However, blaming Al Qaeda for terrorism just does NOT fit into the DUmmie game plan. So who do the DUmmies blame? Like the NUTCASE Mullahs who rule in Iran, the DUmmies blame the Mossad and by implication, the EVIL Bush Regime as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Iraqi Woman Confesses on Jordan TV," as well as another THREAD titled, "Israeli Arab among 57 killed in Amman triple suicide bombing (Al-Qaida)." As usual, the reality-challenged fantasies of the DUmmies are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, awestruck at the bizarre conspiracy theories, is in the [brackets]:


[No Way! According to DUmmieThink, terrorist activities are NEVER perpetrated by Al Qaeda. They are mere victims of the Bush Evil Empire.]

maybe the confession is B.S. maybe not
but not only did al queada accept responsibility for it, they also gave their reasons


The US makes al queada to be the most
Powerful organization on Earth.

[Play that Springsteen song: "BLAME the USA!!! BLAME the USA!!!"]

Definitely a Mossad mole in AQ. Right? Right.
Or maybe a CIA HumanInt mole in AQ.

[Must be since we know what wonderful humanitarians the real Al Qaeda folks are. Right? Right.]

I am a Brooklyn progressive
we don't need to make separation in Mossad and AQ.

[Yes. You "progressives" just naturally assume the Mossad and Al Qaeda are one and the same.]

I find it interesting that both the NeoCon Junta and Al Qaeda have benefitted greatly from 911. The NeoCon Junta consolidated their power by the passage of the Patriot Act, and Al Qaeda became the recepient of massive numbers of new recruits eager to continue their war against the U. S. OBL also benefitted personally...he will go down in history as a hero of Radical Islam.

The Mossad and Israel also believed that they would benefit from our illegal and immoral invasion/occupation of Iraq. They believed, as did the leadership of the NeoCon Junta, that any conflict in Iraq would be over quickly. It appears that their plan backfired terribly, placing Israel in even more danger than they were before.

The official story is that OBL became estranged from his family because of his radical beliefs. Some accounts, coming directly from Bin Laden family members, is that OBL and his family never had a falling out and remain as close as they have always been. If true, and IMHO, that places the friendship between the Bush and Bin Laden families in even closer scrutiny.

[As usual, your conspiracy theories are completly whacko but thank you for the humorous contribution for another way DUmmies refence the Evil Bush Regime: "the NeoCon Junta."]

Yep, there really are no terrorists in the world.
Nobody shot all those kids in a Russian school and nobody brought down the WTC - just like nobody landed on the moon. Somebody wrote a song about nobody once. It went something like this, "Well, your nobody called today. She hung up when I asked her name. I wonder. Does she think she's being clever?" Ah, but nobody is very clever, isn't she? All of these things happen and the real genius behind it is a fat, pasty-faced white guy who likes S & M and even controls the weather.

[We deeply regret to announce the commencement of your DUmmieLand Tombstoning Ceremony for the high crime of making sense.]

"Terrorism" is the new "communist threat".

[And according to the DUmmies the threat from each was/is a complete fiction.]

This "woman confessing" story is bullshit. I don't personally know who does each act of terrorism (crime). I just know that Bushco/Faux/CNN cannot be trusted to tell me the truth about who's doing it.

[Perhaps Mary Mapes could interview that woman to authenticate her story.]

First, there's been little hard evidence that al-Zarqawi and bin Laden are in cahoots. There are a number of sources familiar with them both in Afghanistan, and the word is they didn't get along at all and kept their distance from each other. Second, this is yet another reiteration of a killed #2 man.

[Other than the fact that al-Zarqawi doesn't like it that Bin Laden doesn't use a BO stick, they get along swimingly.]

Third, ask yourself--if this woman appeared in person on Fox News in New York, four days after the bombing, wearing her explosive vest and confessing to Sean Hannity, what would you think? Perhaps that it just might be a bit over the top? Because that's what I think--it's just a bit too much over the top for all the details to be believed without some skepticism.

[Yeah. Mental case idiots who blow themselves up. Whoever heard of such a thing before?]

I also think that attempts to meld various groups with differing motives for their actions blurs our understanding of the true nature of the situation. Lumping them all together under the handy label of terrorists is something I try not to do.

[You prefer the handy label of "freedom fighters."]

problem is some people here are filled with such animosity
toward Israel and the United States administration, that they close their eyes to the facts, when they themselves have no facts to back up that the CIA or mossad were involved, they casually throw the charge around.


How convenient that we now have an Iraqi confessing to carrying out a mission in Jordan when Jordan's support for the conflict in Iraq appears to be wavering. Is this event Jordan's "Pearl Harbor", in much the same way as 911 was the NeoCon Junta's Pearl Harbor?

[How convenient that you can type and drool at the same time.]

Supposedly Israeli Jews had been escorted out of the hotel earlier. So if they just left the Israeli Arab businessman behind like that when they might've had wind of something coming... ugh.

[Wasn't this also the claim by the nutcases about 9-11? That Jews were given advance warning of the Twin Towers attack?]

BushCO/neoconster policies of aggression are having opposite results.

[You have to make a choice. Is it BushCO or Neoconster?]


Blogger Icarus said...

Jesus wept. This thread is just ugly ... and sad.

How ironic that the "progressives" now represent the intolerant, the closed-minded, the racist, and the anti-semitic! What bigots they are.

And how utterly loony.

I'll say it again as I've said it before: if just 10% of the American population was aware of what goes on at DU (via the DUmmieFUnnies, of course!), no Democrat would win an election, ever again.

Your blog may be humorous, P.J., but it does serve an important purpose -- spreading the word about what liberals REALLY think and feel and want.

Every voter should be required to come here before voting. They can even skip your comments .... just read the liberals' own words.

2:04 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

I'm with Icarus.

These DU folks are fanatic in their hatred of everything Israel/U.S... bordering on insanity.

I SO feel the need to clean house here in the U.S... Perhaps even before we take out Iran.

2:52 AM  
Blogger PJ-Comix said...

"Your blog may be humorous, P.J., but it does serve an important purpose -- spreading the word about what liberals REALLY think and feel and want."

Coming soon: The DUmmie FUnnies Podcast. Stand by!

10:39 AM  
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