Wednesday, July 27, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-27-05 ("Did one of our own knock us off the Rovegate stride?")

The non-existent Karl Rove “scandal” is like heroin for the DUmmies. They need it so badly that they can’t stand to be away from it for long. Too bad that revealing the name of a CIA employee who is NOT covert is NOT a crime. My source for that tidbit is the author of the law making it a crime to reveal the name of a COVERT CIA agent. Additionally, the law’s author specifically said that Rove broke NO law. Of course, the DUmmies could care less about the CIA. All they know is that they think this is a way to “get” Karl Rove. All I can recommend to them is to get fixated on another phony scandal such as Jeff Gannon. It could be like a methadone solution for them when they find out the Rove “scandal” goes NOWHERE. However, in the meantime, the DUmmies don’t want to be diverted from their Rove fixation as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Did one of our own knock us off the Rovegate stride?” The DUmmie fixations about Karl Rove are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, posting from the center of the Perfect Rovian Storm, is in the [brackets]:

Did one of our own knock us off the Rovegate stride?

[Must have my Rove fix! MUST HAVE MY ROVE FIX!!!]

Say what you will about Hillary Clinton's DLC remarks, it would seem that this event, way more than any of Rove's tricks, has knocked Democrats and progressives off their stride in keeping the Rovegate story alive.

[And DAMN that Space Shuttle for diverting our attention from Karl Rove!]


[The other day, Petra Verkaik trapped me in a room and exposed her massive mammarian melons to me. However, I repeated the DUmmie Mantra: DO NOT LET ANYTHING TAKE THE ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE ROVEGATE/DSM SCANDAL!!! Thank God I remained fixated on Rove and didn’t pay attention at all to Petra’s Hooters.]

This goes way beyond party or ideology... this is about our country, and the criminals currently in charge. Please, please, please continue to concentrate on bringing these criminals down and restoring sanity to our republic.

[Please please please please please please maintain our absurd fixation on Karl Rove so I can restore sanity to myself.]

man f*ck hillary I bet she did it on purpose. Not matter what that stupid cow says I'll still push for the truth on Rove and the DSM.

[No man has…except for once.]

Solidarity! Don't take your eye off the prize.

[Obsessive fixation FOREVER!!!]

This is the most critical issue alive! Do NOT LET IT DIE!

[I will obsess over Karl Rove unto the end of days.]

What did Hillary say that was of such magnitude?

[“Um, well…you know…video games…pander pander…you know…hee-hee! Cackle! You know…”]

Hasn't Changed My Focus. And I don't think it's knocked the Rovian stuff off, either. There really hasn't been anything new or a "bombshell" in a few days. Some are also getting antsy...expecting the walls to start falling right now. We've got a long, hard and dirty fight ahead. My hopes are that Fitzgerald not only has the goods, but the stones to see this investigation to its proper conclusion. If this happens and results in reigning in the abuses and arrogance of this regime and the corporate media, I could care less about anything else.


Focus folks, we need to Focus....Rovegate is where the action is. To be distracted now would be a fatal mistake. Keep hammering your local MSM with letters, notices of other papers stories, etc. Let the Media Frenzy grow! Feed it however you can. It is Watergate all over again, make the media salivate for every morsel. If we don't take down these monsters now, we never will...

[Obsess folks, we need to OBSESS!!!]

This Regime is the most rotten in the History of Amerika. We must keep working on how to cut this cancer out because there is no cure otherwise. As more malignancy occurs we will push to excise it.

[Don’t worry. This “Regime” will be gone…on Jan. 20, 2009.]


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