Monday, July 25, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-25-05 ("the world thinks Bush a lying war criminal and at least half of the US")

Only thing that drives the DUmmies NUTS more than seeing Ronald Reagan Turnpikes or the Ronald Reagan Airport is just watching the news and seeing a PRESIDENT George W. Bush. It just drives them up the wall. They STILL have not recuperated for the results of the last election as you can see in this DUmmieTHREAD titled, “the world thinks Bush a lying war criminal and at least half of the US thinks so too.” So now let us look again at yet ANOTHER DUmmie Bush Bash in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, chronicling the continuing DUmmie Descent into the Heart of Madness, is in the [brackets]:

the world thinks Bush a lying war criminal and at least half of the US thinks so too.

[Plus 100% of DUmmieland, not counting the LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS.]

how does he get away with it?

[Masterful strategy by Karl Rover is the answer.]

Well, what the hell are we waiting for? Impeach the ratbastard! Now!

[Um…you might be waiting for a Democrat Congress which WON’T be happening in your lifetime.]

You need a majority to impeach. We lack that.


Damn. That's what I thought.


that shouldn't stop people from screaming it from the rooftops if I see a murder, I'm gonna yell "murder".


If the Democrat's tried to impeach him now, they'd look like asses. They would not win, and several senators who understand politics would actually vote against the procedings, because they would not want to get caught in that mess.

[And if they don’t try to impeach him, they still look like asses. It’s a lose-lose situation.]

I don't care about them. We the people have every right and even a duty to be SCREAMING for impeachment! It is OUR government, not theirs.

[Try some Political Primal Scream Therapy.]

This is not about f*cking politics anymore. This is about the honor, integrity and most importantly, the well-being of our beloved country. These evil, maniacal madmen have taken over our government and are trying to destroy the very fabric of our Republic. These imposters have an agenda and patriotism isn't on it. I'm scared as hell right now but I won't cower to these ratbastards. They have unlawfully occupied OUR HOUSE. This is our Country, damnit! America is our home. It is our responsibility to protect and defend it in times of crisis. So...Let's start screaming!!!!!


The facts are in, folks. Bush is hated. Even in Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands, he's hated. That's why his mouth droops so much. He knows.

[The penguins and the Galapagos tortoises all HATE Bush.]

He gets away with it because. The Republicans control Congress and wouldn't allow a hearing even if the evidence were rock solid. Let's hope for good results in next year's congressional elections!

[I am looking forward to Susan Estrich having another drunken meltdown in ’06.]