Friday, July 22, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-22-05 ("The Reagan Legacy?")

Early in the AM tomorrow I will be driving on the Ronald Reagan Turnpike. Many of you may not know this but that is the OFFICIAL name of the Florida Turnpike. Every few miles you will see a sign identifying it as the Ronald Reagan Turnpike and it gives me a warm feeling inside knowing that it drives liberals absolutely NUTS when they see those signs. That is also why the liberals fought so desperately against renaming the Washington National Airport to Ronald Reagan Airport. All those DC liberal politicos just could not stand the idea of constantly being reminded of the smiling face of the Gipper who so easily defeated their plans again and again. Oh yes, today the “professional” liberals like to PRETEND that while they may not have agreed with Ronald Reagan, they really did respect him. BULL!!! The fact is liberals can’t stand the idea that Reagan actually is loved and respected by the general public as evidenced by the great outpouring of people last year who attended Reagan’s funeral. And as evidence of the TRUE feelings of liberals towards Reagan, one need only read this DUmmie THREAD titled, “The Reagan Legacy?” As usual the DUmmie hatred of Ronald Reagan is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, winning another one for The Gipper, is in the [brackets]:

The Reagan Legacy?

[The PERMANENT loss of liberal ideology in the public arena of ideas.]

On occasion, I have to drive to the store at night to fulfill a mik requirement for my seventeen month old daughter. During those trips, I flip the radio to hear the conservative tool that gets the shit job of speaking in the evening. Then, I heard a flash of lightning and a disembodied voice saying: "This is the Voice of Reason" and "The Legacy continues with. . . Mike Reagan." If I am not mistaken, that legacy would be a lecherous individual, who may or may not have bordered on bigamy, and a sellout in the 1970s so that he could be a tool and get the presidency. Of course, Mike Reagan and all his guest say that Reagan was such a great president, but I think he was a great actor who could play a great president. I wonder, if we as a group all together, called Reagan's show every night and all spoke our similiar views of this "wonderful" legacy, what would happen? I mean. . . if the tactics work for them by standing up and screaming over and over again, then it becomes truth. Well, sometimes, if we present the truth and scream it loud enough and with enough facts, maybe it'll do something or maybe I'm just hopeful.

[If we crybaby loud enough, maybe we can make the Reagan Legacy go away! WAAAAHHHH!!!!!]

He was a filthy, stupid criminal. Iran/Contra sealed his fate. And they can name all the f*cking turnpikes in America after him, and he'll always be a filthy, stupid criminal.

[This DUmmie might be living in Florida, one of several states with a Ronald Reagan Turnpike. It’s going to make me feel that much better tomorrow driving on the Ronald Reagan Turnpike knowing this DUmmie is going NUTS whenever he sees the signs identifying the name of the turnpike.]

Its never been about facts. people are too lazy and stupid to appreciate facts, its about catchy phrases and framing the adversary with a catchy, but degrading title. then the repetition starts to work.

[The DUmmie Epitaph: “It’s never been about the facts.”]

The Reagan legacy is one of hate. Ronald Reagan taught an entire generation of young Americans to hate. To hate their political opponents. To hate those that they disagree with. To blame others for problems, and then to direct hate towards them. What an evil f*ck he was. Rest in hell evil demon.

[There you go again! When Reagan debated Carter in 1980, he won solidly because the public was able to see what a nice guy Reagan was in stark contrast to the way he was portrayed in the media. The guy who was filled with hate was Jimmuh. He was probably angry at himself for being suckered into debating Reagan.]

What do the "communist" actors in the 1950's. That are still with us think of his legacy? This man was poison in a package of sugar.

[Communist actors probably did not like Reagan. And that’s a bad thing?]