Thursday, July 21, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-21-05 (Roberts Slammed For Being "the whitest white-man. EVER.")

I’ve read many silly DUmmie attacks on Supreme Court Justice nominee John Roberts for the past couple of days including rants about the way his kids are dressed to the fact that his young son danced while Bush made the announcement so I thought nothing could be more ridiculous. I was WRONG for underestimating the DUmmies because in this THREAD titled, “Another big reason to oppose Roberts,” he was slammed for “the whitest white-man. EVER.” I have actually run a scan on Roberts and this is not true because I discovered that while in college, Roberts, used wheat bread for his mayonnaise sandwich so this disqualifies him as being for “the whitest white-man. EVER.” As usual the DUmmie eugenics “experts” rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, waiting to be entertained by yet more ridiculous DUmmie reasons for Roberts not to be confirmed, is in the [brackets]:

Another big reason to oppose Roberts. The RNC thinks he's "outstanding." …Heads up, DU Activist Corps members - we'll have some new tasks soon.

[Send out the DUmmie DUcks quacking. “DUAC! DUAC!” Spread the word! If the RNC thinks Roberts is outstanding then there MUST be something wrong with him. DUAC! DUAC!]

not to mention he's the whitest white-man. EVER. nice to see the GOP rolling back the trend of making the SCOTUS a bit more reflective of the US population....

[Wrong. Ned Flanders is the whitest white-man. EVER.]

I wish more people would think before they attack.

[If DUmmies think before they attack, the DUmmie FUnnies would lose most of its material. As it is, the attack on Roberts for being “the whitest white-man. EVER,” is a comedic gem.]

Another LEAK says that Roberts was picked to try and distract the country from the other LEAKS...

[I’ll ponder that assertion while I take a LEAK.]

I knew it! SOB'S! Un-Fricked-Believable, though - you know. What's with other's out here. Don't the see this distraction for what it's really worth. KKKRove is certainly good at being bad.

[It was all planned by Karl Rove. Nominate “the whitest white-man. EVER,” to the Supreme Court to cause a distraction from himself.]

As the mother of an 18 year old female. I anxiously await new task directives. Roberts is a danger to my kid's future and I will not take his nomination sitting down. Bring the tasks on!

[Check your DUmmie Secret Decoder Ring for your secret DUAC task directives. If your Secret Decoder Ring is not operating then go to the Automat to meet with a DUmmie Secret Agent who will covertly hand you your secret tasks in a slip of paper inside your Key Lime pie. DUAC! DUAC!]

I just got done calling both my Senators asking them to block this terrible nomination.

[“PLEASE shoot down the nomination to the Supreme Court of the whitest white-man. EVER.”]

Since when has the RNC not lavishly praised anything bush does? They'd say the same thing if Bush nominated a laundry bag full of sweaty jockstraps.

[And according to John Kerry, he has a bag full of EXTRA-LARGE jockstraps. Got that? EXTRA-LARGE!!!]

I think it is indeed time for another DU Activist Group action.

[“DUAC! DUAC!” they quacked.]

Isn't he mild as far as what Bush would likely do?


Squeaky clean with little record
Pro Corporate
Anti choice
Federalist Society
Well spoken but not Borkishly arrogant

[Squeaky clean, you say? DISS-GUSSTING!!!]

James Dobson loves Roberts...Spongedob Stickypants thinks Roberts is swell... If he likes him, Roberts for sure is a commited f*cking nutbag. Don't listen to anybody try to spin Roberts as a Moderate.

[Instead listen to the DUmmies who are trying to spin Roberts as “the whitest white-man. EVER.”]


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