Wednesday, July 20, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-20-05 ("Of course I would like Dems to fight Roberts' Nomination. However...")

One big fringe benefit of the Karl Rove “scandal” is that it will make the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court go MUCH MORE smoothly. Why? Because the DUmmies (and their Democrat cohorts) are figuring that a big battle over the Roberts nomination would divert attention away from ultimately seeing Rove being frog-walked into a waiting police van. That is the RIDICULOUS premise of this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Of course I would like Dems to fight Roberts' Nomination. However...” So for conservatives it is a Win-Win situation. The Roberts nomination goes much more smoothly than expected while Karl Rove continues to rule from the center of the Perfect Rovian Storm for the “very strange” reason that he broke no laws. DUmmies have themselves so deluded that they think it is somehow a violation of the law to reveal the name of a CIA employee. That is true but only if such an employee were covert which Valerie Plame was NOT for at least 7 years, probably longer. Of course that won’t stop the DUmmies in their delusions. I am still chuckling over how they thought Jeff Gannon would be ARRESTED because they thought he was gay. Somehow it never occurred to them that being gay is not a crime. If it were, women’s hair all around the country would be looking like crap because of the lack of hairdressers. As usual, the Get-Rove-At-Any-Cost DUmmie obsessions are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, hoping that the DUmmies CONTINUE to obsess over Rove so Bush can easily get 4 or 5 more conservative Supreme Court Justices on the bench, is in the [brackets]:

Of course I would like Dems to fight Roberts' Nomination. However...

[Standby! Standby! DUmmie Delusion about to follow…]

...there are some consequences to consider if the dems filibuster this guy as he now stands. They could be regarded as obstructionists by the American public, which could hurt their chances in '06. A lengthly confirmation battle could also serve as a diversion from the Rove scandal, no doubt what Rove wants to happen. He could even be planning to leak fake dirt about Roberts to the press as we speak, ala CBS memogate. Fighting is not without consequences in politics, and I think most DU'ers realize that. A filibuster could very well backfire, just as it could succeed.

[WOW! This DUmmie thinks Rove will leak FAKE dirt about Roberts to the press so as to divert attention from himself? Let us read more of this comedic entertainment from DUmmie oxbow…]

I also tend to think that Roberts is fairly clean if Rove chose to out him as the nominee over 5 weeks before the confirmation hearings even begin. Surely he did not expect this story to eclipse his own troubles without something juicier for us to bite into?

[Huh! So if Rove made the choice a couple of weeks ago he would purposely have chosen a sleazebag just to divert attention from himself? Continue with the standup routine, DUmmie oxbow…]

We all know that Rove has been cornered, and that he is dangerous. Be prepared for some kind of dirty trick(s) between now and the confirmation date.

[Maybe Rove will declare that he really meant to nominate John Roberts of CBS News and that this John Roberts was chosen by mistake. BTW, WEHT the CBS News John Roberts? He was supposed to be the successor to Dan Rather and has now pretty much disappeared from the scene. Maybe CBS News figured that the glowering demeanor of their John Roberts was a ratings killer.]

The public doesn't realize he's against Roe v Wade, civil rights or environmental protections.

[Yeah. John Roberts was standing at the door with George Wallace blocking the entry of a black student to the University of Alabama. True he was only about 8 years old at the time but Roberts was already practicing law.]

Which is it? Your thread title says that you want the Dems to fight, but the body of your posts says everything BUT that. So which is it? Do you want to Dems to fight or roll over? Me, I think they should fight. I think the American public is sick of spineless Democrats and wants a fight from the opposition side.

[No, no. They should roll over. After all, do you want to divert attention from jailing Rove for a crime that he did not commit?]

Honestly, I'm not sure yet, and I think that's because. I don't know what Rove is trying to accomplish by putting THIS nominee out at THIS time. Let's say I'm suspicious of the whole thing. Things are often not as they seem when it comes to turd blossom, and I would rather overestimate him then fall for something. Make no mistake, when the time comes, I plan to fight tooth and nail. However, I am going to take some time to think and research before then on what all this means.

[I love this! The DUmmies are FROZEN in indecision because they fear being outflanked by imaginary tactical maneuvers by the wily Karl Rove. Of course, it never seems to occur to them that Karl Rove probably had little or NO input as to who the Supreme Court choice would be.]

There is no real downside to blocking this asshole. Even if they can't stop him, forcing the GOP to do their stupid nuclear thing will make them look bad. If we do block this guy, the second nominee would be someone more reasonable as is always the case, and by then, Karl might be jail.

[If you try to block Roberts then Karl Rove would go scot free. However, if you don’t block Roberts then Rove would also go scot free. I know this is a strange legal concept for the DUmmies to understand but you don’t get arrested for a crime that hasn’t been committed. BTW, even liberals such as Andrea Mitchell admit that no crime was committed but suggest that Karl Rove should resign. For what reason, I don’t know.]

why would Roberts be a distraction? Rove is a subject in a grand jury investigation. Why is it a given that we can't focus on more than one issue at a time? Is it our remote control culture? I don't think so. It's the Right Wing desire. They give us no credit for brains.

[You are correct on that latter assertion.]

Sure, rove belongs in prison
but this other guy is going to have the ability to be f*cking up my daughter's life until she's in her 50's!
HELLO???? What is the priority here?

[GET ROVE!!! GET ROVE!!! GET ROVE!!! That DUmmie priority has precedence over all others in DUmmieland. If it is a choice between capturing Osama Bin Laden or getting Karl Rove, the priority has to be GET ROVE!!!]

He's your typical Bush nominee ...against civil rights, disabilities, also voted against our vets who sued Iraq for the First Gulf war. He's been ready to over turn Roe, and on top of that he's a lobbyist who cost the US big money. He's absolutely horrid - but I'm also not sure that he's not a Red Herring. Just out to keep the media busy while we fight.

[Didn’t Roberts also slap a Muppet in the face?]

Why can't we oppose him...
AND continue to slam rove. Just because bush cannot do 2 things at once, such as ride a bike and have a thought, does not mean the Dems suffer from this same ailment.

[Thank you for confirming what the Democrats in the public eye don’t want to admit. Your whole purpose is to SLAM Rove. Forget about any kind of fair investigation. You must SLAM Rove. For your honesty, you win a Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny’s. If they have a TV set there you can watch the Roberts nomination sail through the Senate past the usual drunken grumblings of Ted Kennedy.]


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