Tuesday, July 19, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-19-05 ("If plamegate fizzles................"

I once knew a guy named Henry who worked at the U.S. Department of Labor. Guess what? Karl Rove no more committed a crime than I just did by revealing that Henry was a Labor Dept. employee. The BIG FACT that is just now starting to seep in with the Liberals is that it is NOT a crime to mention that someone is a CIA employee if that person has not been covert for at least 5 years. If any of you have ever lived in the D.C. area, you will meet people all the time who will flat out tell you that they work for the CIA. The reason is because they are NOT covert so such information may be divulged. Oh, as to the charge that Rove had a grand strategy to discredit Joe Wilson by revealing his wife was the CIA employee who suggested he be sent to Niger, it turns out that it was Robert Novak who told Rove this information. Also Rove mentioned this fact off-the-cuff in the tail end of an interview with Matt Cooper who was discussing another matter with Rove. So now even most liberals realize there was no crime even though many, such as Andrea Mitchell, chant the mantra that “Karl Rove may technically NOT have committed a crime BUT…” But what? And now the DUmmies are becoming worried that their Rove “crime” is just another in a series of liberal fantasy mirages as you can see in this THREAD titled, “If plamegate fizzles................” As usual the DUmmie rants, preparing for disappointment, are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, preparing to enter the Perfect Rovian Storm, is in the [brackets]:

If plamegate fizzles................

[If? Try WHEN.]

We don't live in America anymore.

[One of the FUN things about “plamegate” fizzling will be watching the mental meltdown of the DUmmies… Until they latch on to the next “scandal” to get at the EVIL Bush Regime.]

What drive me nuts..is we are going to have to wait as late as october before we hear anything new.

[What will drive you nuts is that you will have to wait until October 2009 to wake up from your dazed disappointment.]

So do we begin pushing the DSM again?

[And if that doesn’t work, start pushing the Jeff Gannon “scandal” again.]

plamegate = DSM

[plamegate = DSM = Gannongate]

To us it does...but even with all the reports in the news about Rove, I don't hear anyone talking about impeaching Shrub. I think with the DSM, we had that.

[Those were the Days my Friend,
We thought they would never End.]

October is when the grand jury investigation ends. On the 16th, I believe.

[October 16…A day in which nothing would ever be the same again. Pass this message along to Pied Piper Pitt.]

it won't fizzle. Unfortunately for them, all the talk radio and all the talking points and all the spin in the world probably won't mean a damn to a prosecutor, who, even though Repub, is probably in the 71% who don't like this sort of thing and no doubt is ambitious.

[For this not to fizzle would mean that the prosecutor would have to totally ignore the law that says it is NOT a crime to mention the name of a CIA employee who is NOT covert.]

If It Fails...I am one in the million man march with a rifle!

[Soon to be discounted down to the 50 DUmmie March.]

The Plame outing and DSM will be drowned...out soon. With no new revalations the Corp Media will move on to another story to grab their viewers and readers.

[I’m looking for a great story soon about Katie Holmes splitting from Tom Cruise when she realizes that he plans to maintain the purity of his tool AFTER their wedding as well.]

Who is stopping Dean, Kerry, Hillary from continuing to speak up on it?

[Good news! Yesterday Barney “My Boy Lollipop” suggested on Hardball that Karl Rove be impeached. For what crime, I haven’t the foggiest idea.]


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