Thursday, July 14, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-14-05 ("Astrologers: What's in Karl Rove's chart?")

Do you know how you can figure out that the Karl Rove “scandal” is going NOWHERE? Simple. When the DUmmie’s start consulting astrologers to forecast Rove’s fate as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Astrologers: What's in Karl Rove's chart?” I seem to remember the DUmmies rejoicing just before the November election because astrologers were predicting a Kerry win. I’m sure there were also astrological consultations in DUmmieland as to whether Jeff Gannon or the DSM would bring down the EVIL Bush regime. On the latter “scandal” have you noticed how DSM has been COMPLETELY forgotten in DUmmieland despite Pied Piper Pitt’s laughable claim that the DSM rally on June 16 was a day in which (hushed voice) nothing would ever be the same again. So let us now watch the DUmmies conjure up astrological predictions in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, channeling Nostradamus, is in the [brackets]:

Astrologers: What's in Karl Rove's chart?

[DUmmies and Democrats sinking into Neptune’s depths.]

I know Nancy has his chart in her 2003 "Springtime for Bush" section on starlightnews. (Dec. 25, 1950, Denver, CO)

[Karl Rove was born on Christmas Day? Hmmm…]

Will he get off or can we kiss him goodbye?

[He will get off on watching you kiss yourselves goodbye.]

Claudia Dikinis seems to think he's toast. Or so one of her recent posts on Starcats seemed to indicate.

[But what does Jean Dixon think?]

For Asteroid watchers: Nemesis is currently at 5 degrees Cancer -- conjunct the USA's conquering "manifest destiny" Jupiter and "gimme bling-bling" Venus. For Karl Rove (chart) watchers, Nemesis already opposing his progressed "I'm a radical reformer" Uranus and is creeping ever closer to oppose his natal Uranus. Nemesis demands an accounting for arrogance. Uranus is that proverbial reversal of fortune. Rove's Capricorn Sun (3 degrees of the sign) was sorely impacted by the Cancer Solstice and Full Moon of June 20-21, 2005. So was his Chiron at 0 Capricorn. Right there in what we call "solsticial degree." This points to a profound wounding of and to power and authority....

[I agree with everything except the part about Uranus. Actually the Full Moon is rising in Uranus.]

This is a noon chart...anyone have his real birth time?

[Gentlemen…set your astrological chronometers!]

Watching that neptune T-Square..needs just the right placment...throw in a bit of Jeff Gannon and Voila! I think its a hit! Whadya think?

[I think Pluto smacked you on the side of your head.]

Mars transited KKKarl's Uranus oppostion Venus when the news broke earlier this week that he was the leaker. More to come..but it's likely to be lies...and the * administration always releases bad news on Fridays or the weekend so it gets buried. The April 14 eclipse point which was at 19 Aries is transited by Mars on Sunday opposition to 19 Libra which just happens to be KKKarl's Neptune and Part of Fortune. Mars/Neptune combinations are associated with poison and lies. Get ready for an avalanche of poisonous attacks (Sunday news shows) to save KKKarl's arse. Unfortunately Neptune conjunct part of fortune are associated with windfalls of luck.

[Unfortunately the Sun melted your brain.]

Is Carl Rove subjected to psychic attack? Look at his planets of the sub-conscious: Uranus, Pluto, Saturn!!!Should we?! That's a tough question! Frankly, for the negative, I don't want his karma contaminating my body.... On the other hand, To make this man stop creating his bad karma would create goodness in and throughout mankind eventually. Hmmm Hard decision....My Asscroft!

[Such metaphysical questions are beyond me. Why don’t you consult an expert? ---A Hopi Indian witch doctor.]

Possible indictment around July 18. Mercury (news) will conjunct natal Pluto (destruction) in the 1st. Pluto (destruction) will square the natal North Node in the 9th (courts) and the natal South Node (trouble) in the 3rd (news). North Node in the 9th (courts) and South Node (trouble) in the 3rd (news) squares natal Mercury (news). If jail is in his future, it won't come until next April when Neptune (lies) ruling the 9th (courts) opposes his Pluto (destruction) in his 1st. Mars - ruler of his 10th (power) - will be conjuncting Uranus (unexpected) - ruler of the 8th (death) - in the 12th (incarceration)Saturn (loss) will have just crossed his Ascendant.

[So Mars will be conjuncting Uranus? Try not to smile too much when that happens.]

Saturn = time for a change, lol
Uranus = unexpected changes
it may be that it will look like he'll get away with it, and then all of a sudden - bolt of lightening - Uranus.

[You folks just make it too easy. A bolt of lightening in Uranus?]

Leaving the depths of the 12 th house darkness and - literally - coming into the light of day. Warms my heart!

[Boggles my mind!]

I wish -- but with no birthtime, these houses are unlikely to be accurate. Ignoring houses, regretfully, the big thing coming is Saturn opposing natal Mars beginning in September and going on till June 2006. Won't be fun.

[Yeah, without knowing the EXACT time of Rove’s birth, all these astrological charts have no scientific basis… Except for Uranus. There will always be a Full Moon in Uranus.]

Cheney's facing heavy weather

Dick Cheney: Jan. 30, 1941, 7:30 p.m., Lincoln Nebraska. Saturn square Saturn from Sept-June; Saturn oppose Sun, Oct - July; Jupiter oppose Jupiter, then Saturn in November. Remember, Judy Miller and Matt Cooper don't have the same source, and prosecutor Fitzgerald knows who Miller's source is. Cheney???

[Since Cheney’s feet didn’t exit the womb until 7:32 PM, your astrological chart is hogwash.]

Funny thing about houses
Even when you change the birthtime and shift them around, the transiting Players (planets) and their shifted rulerships still manage to point to the same conclusion. Even if we disregarded the houses, planets in the same degree as the moon's nodes indicate a "point of fatality" and with the Tr nodes hitting Rove's natal Mercury and Tr Pluto hitting his natal nodes, this still spells out destructive news and trouble for him especially when Tr Mercury hits his Pluto. I'm still putting my money on the 18th.

[I think Mercury and Pluto hit your cranial nodes a few times too many, DUmmie LunaC (appropriate name).]

Luna, just learned something new! " planets in the same degree as the moon's nodes indicate a "point of fatality" thanks. Is that because of the South Node degree?

[Only in DUmmieland would LunaC have an acolyte.]

Pretty much. The nodes represent karma and it's pretty hard to maneuver around karma. The "point of fatality" has its foundations in horary astrology but I've found the application holds true with basic transit predictions too.

[Just take a sharp left turn at the Mercurial node and that should be enough to maneuver around karma.]

Luna, in Arabic parts there is a part of fatality, but i didn’t know about the Nodes, being called this..yes I agree they are involved with Karma...can you instruct more about the nodes' degree and other planets having the same degree and its meaning? maybe examples? Luna, are you the ghost of Ivy Goldstein Jacobsen ?

[No. LunaC is the fifth reincarnation of Shirley McLaine.]

I like a birthtime around 10:18 a.m. It puts Jupiter in the first (portly man) and Mars in the 12thd, behind the scenes, with this transiting pluto in the 10th squaring north node in the first.) The Transiting Sag moon on the 18th is (in this speculation) in the 9th (courts, law) approaching the MH and squaring T Uranus in Pisces in the 1st.)
I have no idea if this will happen.

[I have no idea what you are talking about.]

Just be assured that nobody can survive the Saturn direct/retrograde influences he'll be subjected to and not be seriously diminished.

[That’s something I learned in history class.]

Uranus conjunct the North Node trine Jupiter natally and in the Solar return Jupiter hidden protection in the 12th. Maybe the only way to figure it out is to look at it by degrees , minutes and spllit seconds to see what hits and is triggered...if the luck is triggered first, and the negatives hit thereafter, he's out of luck. If it's the reverse, the rest of the world will be lucky. But so far, the Uranus/North Node trine Jupiter has always saved him and outweighed the negative transits, maybe because Uranus always has a kick of about 3 degrees orb.

[Yeah, someone always kicks Uranus (sorry I can’t help myself).]

Something about the eclipse of April 8 at 19 Aries, which is triggered early this coming week, keeps gnawing at me. So, A look at Junior's chart relocated to DC gives me his MC at 19 Aries with Chiron conjuncting it at 20 Aries. Born to wound the country. But his MC and Chiron took that April eclipse which is activated now (the news of Rove) and more so when Jupiter activates that eclipse by opposition in late August/early September. Meanwhile looking for a contact of USA and Jupiter- Saturn: Trans Saturn has already passed USA's natal Jupiter in July of 2003.
Jupiter will conjunct the USA's Saturn 14 Libra the second week of August and then continue on to conjunct Junior's Jupiter 18 Libra(return) the very last few days of August and early September, kicking off his Jupiter Uranus North Node good luck trine. Unless he's having a massive stroke, he's skating through the Karl revelations. Would you believe this is the second transit of his Jupiter return and the other was in January 2005 ? ? Yes, you would believe it. Junior's natal Jupiter at 18 Libra is conjunct his 4th cusp of 19 Libra, and triggers off the April 8 19 Aries eclipse by opposition which occurred on his Chiron/MC conjunction. What happened on the eclipse in early April? Does anyone remember? Is that when his poll numbers skydived? Because it looks as if (if he's not hitting his head on something again) he's causing more pillaging, ravaging, and plundering to the country in September. When Saturn goes over the country's Jupiter, the country either changes leadership or goes through restructuring. Saturn transited the USA's Jupiter in July 2003 and hung around in February and March 2004. What I can see is a restructuring, a change in direction,as we all know, and a polarization of the country . Unless this eclipse has a major impact on him, and it looks instead as if it has a major impact on us, I dont see the Rove matter touching him in this immediate time period.

[I’m sure Karl Rove will be relieved to hear about this…if he can ever figure out what the hell you’re ranting about.]

I've been outdoors most of the day, and am heading for bed. But I couldn't resist a peek at that exactly two-year-old Rove chart.
Transiting Jupiter is exactly conjunct natal Pluto that day. (Both are sextile natal Neptune.) Inflating his sense of/need for power, at best, making him a bit of a zealot, obsessive. It's that same Pluto point that Mercury will conjunct July 18th that will also square the nodes. More when my brain kicks in.

[I think your brain has already been kicked in.]

Thanks Splat for posting the solar return chart, look at this: he not only has Mars sq Sun but also has a t square going on: it's Mars opp Jupiter and both squaring Sun. at the same time he's got hidden protection, Jupiter in the 12th, Jupiter opposing Mars smack dab on the 7th say a lot of people are very angry at him, also Neptune of lies in the 4th is quincunx (forced adjustment) the Sun and the MC. Also Pluto is Quincunx the MC from the third house, another forced adjustment, of thought? from the news/media? Pluto is sextile Neptune...well then, he's got an opportunity to tell a really big whopper, but with the YOD being formed, it might be more likely he broadcast a big whopper (Neptune in Aquarius, that the media is now investigating (P in the third)and his opposition is very angry about. (Mars in the 7th)
You might be able to call Fitzgerald a 7th house person, but I think of him as a 9th house person because he's a Special Prosecutor right?
but I could be wrong on that. This may be it. The Yod reaction point is the 4th house cusp of endings. Fickle finger of fate, Career, and endings. Could wonderboy be forced to resign? the potential is strongly there.
And in this solar return he has something in common with Nixon. Nixon's Saturn was up in the 10th house, as I recall. The tranits should tell us more.

[We are currently awaiting a translation from the Aquarian dialect.]

Yes, 28erl, but the birthday is not the trigger for the solar return. The solar return is the moment the Sun returns to its natal degree. and due to our fractional calendar (think leap years) (and also, perhaps, the solar return being calculated for the actual location of the subject, not the birthplace), it's often not on the birthday. (My own solar return has been the day before my birthday the last two years, but it was on my birthday in 2003.)

[You could work wonders in an Insomnia Ward.]

The difference is that the Ascendant shifts to 1'23" Sag, putting Pluto into the first. Mars-Jupiter opp is now house 4 to 10, Solar return Sun, the focus of the T square, is now in a huge 8th house (Placidus) that spans 5 Cancer to 23 Leo and includes Saturn, Venus and Mercury. (I can't imagine any astrologer suggesting he flee to this chart as a better alternative.) North Node at 18 Aries is bearing down on that 16 Aries Mars, btw.

[YAWN! Who needs Sominex when you’re pontificating on meaningless Astrology?]

You might find this interesting…Tarot Reading - Subject - ROVE

[I’ll file that one away for another DUFU edition.]

Astrologers. We're not thinking - The London blasts should be a chart, the same way we did 9 11 charts. And we did 9 -11 charts looking for the culprit. What we found was Neptune in the 7th house ruling or connected to the 9th of foreigners,as I remember. And this was before we knew anything about bin Laden. We should be doing the same thing with the London chart and the blasts. Here's the London chart rectified by Campion using the chart for (sensitive points) Greater London Council, which no longer exists, but he says is still relevant. And it appears he's right.

Mar 31, 1965, 11 PM GMT, London, England, Zone + 0:00, 000W10, 51N30
Asc 29 Scorpio

MC 23 Virgo

Mars Uranus conj at 11 Virgo in the 9th with Pluto at 14 Virgo in the 9th

Saturn 11 Pisces 34 in the third

On July 7, 2005 transiting Uranus was at 10 Pisces 34 opposition natal Mars/Uranus in 9 and conjunct natal Saturn in Pisces.

I think some of Luna's horary skills could be used on this chart.

The 5th house in this chart is ruled by Aries, so that tell me these were youths, and since Mars was transiting the third, they're from the "neighborhood" yet foreign (because Mars resides in the 9th natally.

[You should have just left it at the “We’re not thinking” part and spared us your astrological agony.]

I'm kinda late to this party....
I notice that today, the '3rd harmonic geocentric' focus of that trine is on Rove's Pluto. However, the orb is wide at about 6 degrees. His natal Pluto is at about the midpoint of transiting Pluto, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. This changes by Monday (still 3rd harmonic wave), tMars and tVenus move toward Rove's nChiron, while tMercury and tMoon line up on his nPluto, both are about 1 degree applying to the respective natal bodies. Rove will receive intelligence relating to powerful deceptions which wounds/heals.
I mention the following mostly for timing purposes. I'm also seeing an curious 9th harmonic heliocentric transit pattern on the 20th. The 9th wave pattern is tMars, tEarth/Moon, tUranus conjunction on Rove's nPluto. This may have to do with a relationship ending of some kind. When I was looking at it, I thought of Gannon for some reason. Whatever it is, it's sudden.

[Gannon? Oh yeah. The guy whose astrological charts showed him bringing down the Bush Regime just on the third node of Jupiter during the 8th harmonic heliocentric transit pattern which meant Bush left office last May 21. Right?]


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