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DUmmie FUnnies 04-01-05 ("The Egg, Pie, and Salad Dressing Rebellion..")

The DUmmies, having LONG AGO lost the battle for ideas, are now reduced to the infantile hurling of objects at conservatives as you can see in this THREAD titled, “The Egg, Pie, and Salad Dressing Rebellion..” So there you have it. Since they are totally unable to win debates or elections, the DUmmies are now going outside the system to angrily throw stuff at people with whom they disagree. However, instead of being embarrassed by their total lack of civil discourse, they are proud of the fact that they can’t win arguments in normal venues. Let us now lead off with crybaby DUmmie SoCalDem’s justification for acting like idiots. As usual, the hurling DUmmie posts are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

The Egg, Pie, and Salad Dressing Rebellion..

[A rebellion worthy of the DUmmie intellect. Continue DUmmie SoCalDem…]

Today on Washington Journal, a teensy bit of the Ann Coulter incident was mentioned and then a bit about the salad dressing incident with pat Buchanan. Of course Brian Lamb chuckled a bit when he reported it, and seemed truly confused as to why this is happening. People make a long distance call to C-Span, sometimes dialing for hours....get through..and if they are not disconnected duing the interminable wait, they are given a scant 30-45 SECONDS to try to make their point. Of course if there is a "guest", the guest always gets the oppportunity to totally ignore the comments or just re-spin their propaganda.

[Perhaps we need to forward the DUmmie FUnnies to Brian Lamb so you can find out for himself what complete idiots you are. Continue DUmmie SoCalDem…]

What Brian does not understand is this: When ordinary people are DENIED their opportunity to set the record straight, and are finally tired of hearing propaganda, they will resort to extremes, just to make a point. We rarely see "the pundits" squirting salad dressing or tossing the occasional egg. The reason they don't have to is that they have virtually unlimited air time, and have the capability to "silence" any and all "guests" who dare to disagree with them.

[What DUmmie SoCalDem does not understand is this: You have every opportunity to “set the record straight” (if you can). Tired of hearing “propaganda?” Then turn the radio dial or read just your own bilge in DUmmieland. However, since you DUmmies can’t stand to be challenged you lash out like a bunch of friggin’ babies. And the reason why you NEVER see pundits tossing crap around like morons is because their mentality is above the level of the DUmmies…which is not difficult. Please continue making a complete FOOL out of yourself, DUmmie SoCalDem…]

The president and his minions travel the US on OUR dime, and then speak before hand-picked audiences. If a detractor manages to get inside, and has the courage to say his/her piece, they are unceremoniously escorted OUT, and possibly arrested. The next time they try to fly, they might find out there are further ramifications too..

[A lot better treatment than they got under Clinton when detractors were actually tossed in jail or beaten up.]

A person like Coulter is paid 10s of thousands of dollars to spew hatred, and then "deputizes" burly republican students to "throw the dissenters out". This is incitement to violence, pure and simple, and she's being paid by a university that is supported by ALL our tax dollars, democrats and republicans. Pat Buchanan may have every right to say his xenophobic "piece", but he should expect to hear some opposition when he ventures outside his little media cocoon. Salad Dressing is actually quite inventive when you consider that lettuce pickers tend NOT to be blond, blue-eyed wasps.

[Interesting that DUmmie SoCalDem never even considers the possibility of writing a contrary letter to the editor or post differing views on the Web. No. He hears something he doesn’t like and his first reaction is to allow his bile to build up to the point where he supports tossing salad dressing on his political opponents like a frustrated baby. Poor Baby SoCalDem. Can’t argue with conservatives so he is just going to toss stuff and make a big messy-poo. WAAAAH!!! Frustrated crybaby SoCalDem needs a diaper change because folks won’t take his idiocy seriously. WAAAAAH!!!]

When a Vice president or president "visits" a town, it should not be unusual for the general public to take notice and want to participate in some way. Tossing an egg at a vehicle that would probably fare well in a nuclear blast, is not a threat..especially when it's tossed by an adolescent girl.

[DUmmie SoCalDem trying to justify acting like an idiot. Notice how he “eggs” on others but is TOO CHICKEN to do this stuff himself.]

None of these bold "attacks" are sophisticated or even original, but it's a symptom of just how frustrated half (or more) of the nation has become. It's kind of like a water balloon.. Squeeze one part of it, and the water will just go to the other side, but if you twist it and poke it and stomp on it, the water balloon will eventually burst.

[Apparently the water balloon that is your tiny head has already burst, DUmmie SoCalDem.]

It is ironic though, that these pranks are widely reported, when millions of people in the streets marching, is not..

[Um…I hate to break the news to you, DUmmie SoCalDem, but the REASON that millions of people in the streets marching is not reported is because millions of people are NOT in the street marching. Perhaps dozens on a good day for the DUmmies but that is about all.]

Civil disobedience is a long-held tenet of our country and "first amendment zones", hermetically sealed leaders and storm-troopers lining the streets are starting to bring out the "kid" in all of us..

[Actually NO catalyst is needed to bring out the DUmmie in you, SoCalDem. And now let us hear from some of your fellow DUmmies…]

Well written! And AMEN!

[Truly one of the great intellectual treatises of our time.]

There are two types of terrorists the evil terrorists like george bush, and the disenfranchised terrorist who starts with salad dressing.

[You’re a disenfranchised terrorist? And what was the cause of this disenfranchisement? You lost the right to vote? You can’t post what you want in DUmmieland? You are forbidden from writing letters to the editor? Just what space/time continuum do you live in where you suffer this horrible “disenfranchisement?”]

If the people here really cared about their protests, they'd load up on salad dressing, bring their farm animals to Bush's speeches and wear loose-fitting pants so they could moon Ann Coulter at appropriate moments.

[Please be sure not to face Ann Coulter while mooning her or she might laugh at the tiny size of your “franchisment.”]

It occurred to me this morning after reading about the salad dressing incident that pressure really seems to be building. Your post gives color and detail to my vague feeling. Great job. Thanks.

[Salad dressing is flying. The tide is turning. Today Italian dressing, tomorrow the White House!]

I was thinking when I heard about these things - what you said - people are getting frustrated and there doesn't seem to be a good outlet - so it's not a surprise to me.

[We didn’t win the election in November! WAAAAAH! I am soooo frustrated so I’m just gonna throw stuff! WAAAAAH!!!]

The spirit of the Boston Tea Party lives in anyone who opposes this heavy-handed regime which puts dissenters in corrals and muffles the voices of the opposition. So, a thrown pie here or there. A heckler ot two. I see no harm. Especially if the "scoflaw" incident gets on the news. Because we need exposure. The professional liars, Swiftboat and all their adherents, are paid to get on the nightly news. We need our voices heard over Bush's paid thugs. And the media loves the visual of a gooey pie sliding down the face of some smug blowhard. That's the game.

[All talk and no action, eh DUmmie stanwyck? You see no harm? How about you try tossing stuff like a baby and tell us there is no harm when you are sharing a jail cell with someone who refers to you as “my little bitchboy?”]


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