Monday, February 07, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 02-07-05 ("Is anyone else here appalled by the nationalism in the Super Bowl?")

Falling into a coma while watching a Super Bowl game is a strange experience. It happened to me last night. Yesterday afternoon I came down with a cold that got worse and worse. By the time the Super Bowl started I was barely on the conscious side of comatose while lying on my couch trying to watch the game. Basically I was falling into and out of consciousness during the first half of the game, barely aware of what was real and what wasn’t. My last lucid thought about the Super Bowl was the ceremony honoring the veterans, including the military currently serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. At that point I JUST KNEW this was going to irk the DUmmies as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Is anyone else here appalled by the nationalism in the Super Bowl?” As usual, the DUmmie whines are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, still recuperating from a touch of the flu, is in the [brackets]:

Is anyone else here appalled by the nationalism in the Super Bowl?

[Gee. I wonder what the answer to that question is going to be? Such a toughie.]

yes my husband. he just turned off the superbowl to watch sci-fi channel.

[What was on the sci-fi channel? “Attack of the Forty Foot Bolshevik?”]

The false appearance of national unity the fraudulent linkage of a sordid colonial war to WWII. If our national prestige could fall any lower with our traditional allies this will do it.

[Yeah. Our traditional allies are going to be influenced by the Super Bowl.]

I know, it's insulting to those who fought in WWII for them to use WWII to glorify the imperialist wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.

[I thought the Democrat talking point was that being in Afghanistan was correct but Iraq was wrong. Thanx for the clarification since you have shown that the DUmmies think even going after Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan was bad.]

I'm glad I am not watching it. I used to be a loyal football fan--no more. I suspected this fascist overview would reign--sports events are susceptable to propagandist devices now. If it is true--I shy away, much as I like sports.

[Maybe you should become a curling fan.]

It's the 1936 Berlin Olympics Redux

[And that is Leni Riefenstahl’s camera you’re feeling up your butt.]

amazed. disgusted. and somewhat sickened. kind of like Germany and the nazi Olympics... or what I would have expected in communist Russia in the days of old...spreading the "freedom" bs a bit thick and deep and the militaristic rah-rahs gave me a nauseating jolt. have turned off the telly at this point. Frankly i would have preferred another Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction...

[This year we were treated to a DUmmie mental malfunction.]

IT IS SICKENING... I used to live in Jacksonville and I can't believe the way in which the bush fascist empire has taken over a previously incredibly healthy get together sports time in jacksonville...There will be true celebration on the streets of MURRRIKKKAHHHH the day the bush fascist empire it has always happened anywhere when dictatorships of the right or of the left fall.

[Election Day must have been tough for you. Very tough.]

The Super Bowl is tonight? Wow, guess I just forgot....Have they scored any home runs yet?

[No but the hockey puck got slammed into your head.]


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