Sunday, January 30, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 01-30-05 (DUmmies Slam Iraq Elections)

The DUmmie response to the Iraq elections today has been somewhat subdued. They must be trying to figure out what position to take on the elections. To oppose the elections means to oppose what is now obviously the desire of the vast majority of the Iraqis who were thrilled to vote. However, their dilemma is that to support the elections means in their DUmmie minds to support the EVIL Bush regime. For these reasons, there has been relatively little commentary on the Iraq elections than I would have expected. However, FEAR NOT, the DUmmies haven’t completely given up their wacko viewpoints as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “DUers rooting AGAINST the elections??” As could be expected the vast majority of the DUmmies on this thread answered the question in the affirmative. And the others I suspect of being LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS including the original author of this thread. As usual, the bah humbug DUmmie comments are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary your humble correspondent, viewing them from the balcony of the Menshevik Hotel, is in the [brackets]:

DUers rooting AGAINST the elections?? WTF? Look, can't we oppose the war, the premise and Shrub but still hope for the best and think good thoughts for the BRAVE people in Iraq that are actually getting their asses to the polls?!? This is about the Iraqis at this point - NOT shrub. Yes Shrub will declare 'victory' because of it - but my priority has to be w/ the Iraqi people right now. The sooner they feel they have valid self determination, the harder it will be for shrub to just sit there and occupy them. I *am* conflicted about this - but, the bottom line, for me - This is GOOD for the Iraqis. Is it good for Shrub? I don't give a shit. I will fight shrubs agenda just as hard. But I am glad for the Iraqis today.

[Hmmm….. I am VERY suspicious of this post. It sounds TOO REASONABLE for the typical DUmmie. However, this poster did call Bush “Shrub” and sounded a bit like he was opposed to “Shrub.” But would that be a normal ploy to throw off the DUmmies. Okay, I am going out on the limb here and accuse this poster of being a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

You can't support democracy and support this sham. It's the obligation of every decent free thinking human being to call this what it is.

[PHEW! Back to the normal DUmmie insanity.]

They will be using tabulation computers. Completely hackable.

[Karl Rove FIXED the Iraqi elections. Fixing the Ohio vote was just a dry run for Iraq.]

There was no election, just a bullshit scam.

[A scam just like in Ohio.]

Nobody (or I at least dont think so) is agaisnt the elections in Iraq. This is probably one of the only good things that have happened so far.

[Umm…. Better check out the Dummie post just above yours.]

only real vote over there would be vote on whether or not to kick US out. Let's see them let them vote on that.

[How about a vote of confidence for the terrorists? I’m sure you could support that.]

I hope this works out for Iraq. These people have suffered enough - under Saddam, under Bush.

[According to DUmmie lore, they suffered much much worse under Bush.]

The only trouble with that is that the election was bush's idea. And he has never been demonstrably successful at anything important in his life.

[Except for winning the Presidency TWICE.]

"This is good for the Iraqis" WTF? WHAT is good for the Iraqis? A bogus stagecrafted *election* that was done only to support Bush's propaganda campaign? BUSH USED THOSE PEOPLE and LIED TO THEM to PROMOTE HIS AGENDA. Encouraging people to risk their lives for a bogus election is not doing anything GOOD. WHAT GOOD have we done for the Iraqis? ANSWER THAT QUESTION, PLEASE, I'd really like to know.

[Yeah. The Iraqis were better off giving 99.9% of their vote to Saddam Hussein in open and honest elections as opposed to this “stagecrafted” election.]

I PISS on bush's big parade. election schmection.

[You are obviously suffering from election dejection.]

Of course, anything to hurt Bush even at the expense of the Iraqis. Let them die, as long as Bush is discredited, it's worth it. Republicans vs. Democrats in DC is much important than the fate of Iraq. /sarcasm OFF


Iraqi "voters" are like the first weekend crowds for GIGLI about to be VERY disappointed. nothing but props for propaganda. the only 'winner' is bushco because it happened at all. the very thought that bushco would allow an honest election in Iraq (see, afghanistan and their US-installed oil puppet) is too silly to consider...i'm sure most DUers support DEMOCRATIC elections... and would prefer starting that process here at home BEFORE we PRETEND to export it.

[The EVIL Bush Regime would NEVER allow free elections. The Perfect Rovian Storm is fiendishly manipulating the Iraqi voters.]

This vote is a PNAC, neo-con, cabal, white house-media, corporate SHAM. If they gave one sxxt about Iraq, they wouldn't have killed 100,000 Iraqis and a smaller per cent of ours and the coalitions and made a mess of the rest of the lives of thousands more.

This election is a fraud. There are no good intentions on the part of the white house media and Halliburton - it is a sham of public relations that is as empty of heart as the proverbial devil him or herself.

I feel nothing but sorrow for the people of Iraq because of the dubious reason for their voting at this time. Today - we had 30+ deaths - now we have 30 days more of curfew - then we'll see how the next 30 number be represented.

Sham. Sham. Sham. Because the U.S. arranged it. I still want to know if the American Iraqis who voted were naturalized citizens of the U.S.? I want to know if any of the Iraqis voting outside of their country were paid or had their expense paid. That is how doubtful I am of the control of the White House and PNAC in this.

Where were the ballots printed - in Iraq - giving someone some business, or in the U.S., or on the copying machine at Halliburton. My apologies to all iraqis who believed in what they were doing. And I hope I'm wrong about the U.S. and media sham of it all. This has got to be the worst day of propaganda that we have ever experienced.

[Somebody out there PLEASE get this quote in front of Rush Limbaugh for tomorrow’s show. The country needs to hear what the Left REALLY thinks about the Iraq election.]

I'm for free and fair elections. Safe elections. I'm for a decent standard of living for all human beings, and the right to live without a military presence, foreign or domestic, breathing down their necks. Nothing of the sort is involved in these "elections." They're a sham, and the quagmire will continue; today's events don't change anything.

[Back to the day’s when Saddam Hussein won 99.9% of the vote in “free and fair elections.”

I am happy for the brave people of Iraq who faced off the insurgents and who had enough nerve to trust the security of their lives in the hands of an occupying force. For sure this was a victory AGAINST the insugents, if not a total victory for the Iraqi people. And that's GOOD thing.


Were this election to be unsuccessful, it may serve to broaden the mainstream U.S. media's debate about "miscalculations" (or deliberate errors, if you prefer) in Bush's overarching strategy - possibly leading to an awakening about the unfeasability of a perpetual "war on terror," which, in the advent of said awakening, might be much more beneficial to Iraqis than this showcase election would ever be.

[A rare moment of DUmmie honesty. This DUmmie wants the election to be UNSUCCESSFUL because it would hurt the Bush administration.]

Damn ....No wonder the Dem Party is rapidly becoming a FRACKIN' fringe group! It makes me weep. I watched people on TV today that had no teeth, some of which had no FREAKIN' legs, crawl to the polling places in Iraq. Dance in line. Give praise to god. I've been, occasionally, crying like a little girl the last hour watching the CNN and BBC election coverage. I thought my vote was precious in November. I didn't give the finger (while the Iraqis, who stained their fingers for easy indentification) to bombs and bombers while I did it. This was a great day. I don't care who's in the Oval. God bless the Iraqi people. GO a democratic Iraq.



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