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DUmmie FUnnies 01-17-05 ("Do you feel any animosity toward the Bush voters?")

So what do you think the answer is to the question posed in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Do you feel any animosity toward the Bush voters?” Do you think the DUmmies have warm, fuzzy feelings towards the Bush voters? Not exactly. Try out of control HATE and RAGE! However, there is one notable exception to this attitude among the Democrats. It has come to my attention that Senator Barack Obama is not only a lurker but also a big fan of the DUmmie FUnnies. From what I hear he gets a lot of laughs out of reading the DUFUs. Therefore, Senator Obama has become the FAVORITE Democrat for this humble correspondent. Although I may disagree with much of what the good Senator believes, I just have to LIKE anyone who is a DUFU fan. Yes, flattery WILL get you everywhere, even if you are a Democrat. As usual, the angry DUmmie frothings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who suddenly has warm, fuzzy feelings for a certain Democrat senator from the Illinois, is in the [brackets]:

Do you feel any animosity toward the Bush voters?

[I don’t feel any animosity toward the Bush voters. I just feel incredible RAGE at them for extending the fascist reign of Chimpus Khan. I want to SMASH them all!!! But as for animosity, naw.]

I'm trying very hard not to blame them but as George W Bush gets ready to run our country into the ground and attempts to dismantle Social Security, I'm having a difficult time feeling anything other than being pissed off and ready to kick their stupid asses for the mess they have put us in. They deserve no sympathy or understanding. That's just the way I feel and if they don't like it, they can kiss my ass on the county square.

[Phew! For a moment there I feared you might be slightly conciliatory. Thank you for disabusing me of that silly notion.]

Of course i do, i'm only human but one can only take the high road so many times before you just want to scream..."F*ck you you stupid jingoistic no balled bastards!"

[So does this mean you are replying to the thread question in the affirmative?]

Let's all turn this into action! That's why I think the revolution started November 3!

[Let all the Bolsheviki meet at the county square next to the Winter Palace.]

I too am about to visit family for the first time in over a decade. I am not sure I will be able to hold my tongue. My mother is becoming more christian fundamentalist by the day. She is totally brainwashed. My wife will probably have to restrain me when the rest of the repugs in my family get in the same room with me. I have avoided them for decades.

[A muzzle over your mouth and your body wrapped tight with yards of duct tape should do the trick of restraining you.]

My mother in law came to stay with us every month for a few days. She is a fundie-lite wing nut, but in the past I had always diverted conversation towards safe ground so as to avoid family problems. A few days after the selection she called to confirm when she would be arriving, but spoke with a smirky tone in her voice. I could no longer be congenial nor quiet. I prepared by taping to the fridge short newspaper clippings that questioned the legitimacy of the election & the moral values of people who voted for shrub. When she arrived I welcomed discussion of the issues, the integrity of the administration, and the illegitimacy of the results of the election.
She left the following day, choosing to stay at the Hilton instead. Now when she comes to town she stays at the Hilton and never comes over. My hubby thinks this is for the best & wasn't in the least bit angry with me. I feel sooo much better now…

[…Until you find out that you will never again be allowed to freeload at family Thanksgiving dinners.]

It's very hard not to blame them. All the information was out there before the election and they still voted for him. Even after any voter fraud is discounted from the results he succeeded in getting too many to believe him. Are they people that are easily brainwashed or are they just greedy and uncompassionate?

[I’ll answer that question only after I get my brains washed by Rush Limbaugh and he tells me how to think.]

They've enabled Bush to destroy America.

[Hello? Mr. President? Hi! I voted for you in the last election but only on the condition that you will go out and destroy America.]

I hate their f*cking guts. They are either selfish rich or stupid poor. Selfish or stupid, I hate both.

[Don’t hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel.]

No, not really, because. . .in truth there wasn't enough of them to win. They had to be created. So, mostly, I pity them, smile and shake my head when I hear them speak. I think I trust God more than they do. I don't believe things will continue down this road without either a mass movement of some kind or a violent reaction by the left.

[Let’s not be shy in spitting out what we mean---Bolshevik Revolution.]

Ticks Me Off every time I'm behind some ass with a Bush* sticker on his car. There's even a house on my drive to work that still has the damned Bush* sign proudly displayed (hanging above head level, no less) in their driveway. These cars are also usually festooned with Jesus fish, gold ribbons, American flags and that annoying 'choose life' license plate so delightfully unique to Florida. These misguided, bot-brained dimwits sicken me with their self-righteous, smug pride in the horrific damage that they have done our country.

[True story. When Yours Truly lived in La-La Land a liberal friend of mine once asked me what all the big T’s on car windows out there meant. I could have told him the truth which was that it was a sticker from a big chain auto transmission outfit out there. Instead, I told him it was the symbol of members of a very conservative fundamentalist group. For a long, LONG time, my liberal friend felt he was surrounded by huge numbers right-wing fundamentalists whenever he saw that T on a car window, which if you ever lived in L.A. know it would be quite frequent.]

"annoying 'choose life' license plate so......delightfully unique to Florida". I don't know if you ever read my post about going to the Tag agency (here in St Petersburg)...anyway, Since I was getting renewed anyway, I asked the clerk there that since they had a "Pro Life" tag, did they have any Tags that said either:

1. Pro Death

2. Pro Choice

3 Pro Abortion She didn't think it was funny (called the Guard on me)

[I would have issued you a Pro Death tag just to see you drive around with it.]

I blame them, blame them, blame them! Total idiots! They aren't misguided, they're evil. You are correct. They deserve no sympathy or understanding, and will never get any from me.

[So what is your answer to the thread question?]

Live Free or Diebold

[A new license plate for New Hampshire DUmmies.]

that is what the right wing neocons are--they are a cult. This is how the Dems needs to start framing the RW-fundie agenda--the agenda of a cult. We need to own that word and use it every chance we get.

[Help me! Deprogram me from Bush Worship before I swallow Kool-Aid. Reprogram me with the reasonable words of Ted Kennedy.]

I f*cking hate them except for my dad. I find out from every new person I meet who they voted for. It's important to me and is the best question I can ask to find out a lot about a person...

[So how many times a day do you get punched out by every new person you meet?]

What a short-sighted view of the world to demand to know right off the bat who someone voted for, and to order your social universe around that fact. You are denying yourself the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people. And by saying that a person's choice for president tells you a lot about them, you are committing the sin that we supposedly tolerant people never do -- judging someone without getting to know them. I work with a lot of people from all walks of life and across the range of political views. I can still enjoy a conversation with a right wing person, have a drink, discuss books, talk about the Orioles, etc. Plus my husband is a Bush supporter which gives me some perspective on all of this. Maybe I don't take all of this politics stuff as seriously as some, but I like people and I like to learn. But if you choose to live in a cave and only interact with like-minded folks, that is your choice. A sad choice, but yours to make.


Not all Republicans are Radicals, but RadCons are as bad as the KKK or the Nazi party. Some of these RadCons are talking about internment camps already (Malkin and a couple others to name names)

[Actually, I wouldn’t mind being interned with Michelle Malkin. Heh Heh.]

I loathe & hate them. Can barely talk to them. I hate them for their evil and/or I hate them for their ignorance. They can take their pick.

[Oh goody! I can take my pick as to why you hate me! Okay, give me some time to choose. Evil or Ignorance? Ooooh. Making this choice is such a toughie. Give me more time …]

Here's a question. Would you allow a * voter to baby-sit your kids?

[I dunno but a Kucinich voter would definitely be out of the question. Never allow a follower of the Evil Elf to be alone with your kids.]

I am as rude as possible to them. And it feels good.

[Ahhh! It feels so GOOD to be a jerk.]


[So does this mean you feel animosity towards Bush voters? Inquiring minds want to know.]

When I see a W or chimp/cheney sticker on a car, I can't resist the urge to flip the driver off, and I'm a middle aged homemaker - I'm sure these people are thinking, "WTF did I do that that woman flipped me the bird?"

[If the other driver is an undercover cop he must be thinking “How big of a ticket am I going to give to that middle aged homemaker nutcase?”]

What do the Bushitas say about....the torture in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where we have been holding people for over 3 years without any formal charges?

[I’ll tell you what they say. They say, “We are sorry we tortured the Gitmo terrorist prisoners with air conditioning. From now on they will be allowed to swelter in the humid heat.”]

I got into an argument with my girlfriend over her mom voting for Bush. Something along the lines of, "And you live with that stupid bitch?"

[You always have such a winning way with words.]

What I think is ignorant...Is people who are fighting for Democratic principles resorting to HATE Mongering. Are you REALLY trying NOT to HATE them Kentuck or are you trying to whip up a frenzy of hatred to make yourself feel better? A person doesn't necessarily have control of where there posts go, but look at what is happening here. Please. I gotta go. Be an adult and either get this thread under some semblence of Democratic principles or quit pretending to be holier than thou about it and admit your real agenda.


They did what they thought was right, we did what we thought was right. Simple as that. Bushevoters are not evil, they are just wrong. note bene that they think that we are just as dumb for voting Kerry as we think they are for voting Bush. America will survive, no matter who is right. It may suck for a few years, but we'll make out OK.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Any slight hint of rationality in DUmmieland will NOT be tolerated!]

It is now a cultural war and if you try to placate them they will run over you and laugh at your broken remains.

[At least you are correct in the “laugh at” section of your reply.]

I feel a lot of them voted the way they did out of selfishness and/or hatred. Vote away your chance at health care and send your kids to Iraq just to be sure gays can't ever get married...

[Look, mister. If you really want to marry your boyfriend, that’s okay by me. Just don’t expect me to be at the wedding reception trying to catch the garter belt.]

They deserve no sympathy. These people make me want to have an abortion just so I can throw MY OWN PRIVATE fetus right in their faces...considering how I feel personally about abortion, yeah I'd say thats hatred.

[Hatred, yes. But mere animosity?…No.]

We live in a representative republic, where people have the right to vote for whomever. Just because someone has a different political leaning than I do, does not mean I should hate them.

[Representative republic? LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]


Blogger Icarus said...

Note to the Republican National Committee:

Want the CHEAPEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to ensure Republican victories in every major race for the next 50 years?

Simple, kids: Print out 300 million copies of this lovely thread and send one to every single American.

It is ironic that Democrats claim both higher intelligence and moral superiority, ain't it? They couldn't possibly do their cause any more harm than they are by publicly talking like this (how brilliant!) and they seem obsessed with hatred, judgmentalism, discriminating against vast groups of people, generalizing about everything .... and, apparently, throwing their "fetuses" at people (how moral!)

I'm not donating to Republicans anymore - I'm giving my money to Democrat organizations. They are FAR more effective at helping Republicans get elected!

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