Thursday, January 13, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 01-13-05 ("Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?")

So what is Robert Scheer’s DUmmie screen name? I have to ask because I came upon this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?” I thought it was just another kooky DUmmie conspiracy theory until I found out that it is the title of Scheer’s recent Los Angeles Times ARTICLE and the DUmmies were merely reciting from Scheer’s talking points. So let us lead off with excerpts from the Scheer article followed by the echos from his fellow DUmmies. As usual, the tinfoil hat DUmmie theories are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

Is it conceivable that Al Qaeda, as defined by President Bush as the center of a vast and well-organized international terrorist conspiracy, does not exist?

[In Dummieland, anything is conceivable. But continue with the Scheer article…]

To even raise the question amid all the officially inspired hysteria is heretical, especially in the context of the U.S. media's supine acceptance of administration claims relating to national security. Yet a brilliant new BBC film produced by one of Britain's leading documentary filmmakers systematically challenges this and many other accepted articles of faith in the so-called war on terror.

[BBC is like a government owned version of a DUmmie broadcast site.]

"The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear," a three-hour historical film by Adam Curtis recently aired by the British Broadcasting Corp., argues coherently that much of what we have been told about the threat of international terrorism "is a fantasy that has been exaggerated and distorted by politicians. It is a dark illusion that has spread unquestioned through governments around the world, the security services and the international media."

[According to the BBC the TRUE Axis of Evil is Bush-Cheney-Rove.]

If Osama bin Laden does, in fact, head a vast international terrorist organization with trained operatives in more than 40 countries, as claimed by Bush, why, despite torture of prisoners, has this administration failed to produce hard evidence of it?

[Two missing towers in New York City is pretty hard evidence of it. And now for the DUmmie commentary although I consider the Scheer article itself to also be Dummie commentary.]

Life isn't fair most of the times. I think a headline like this (not criticizing YOUR post mind you but the column) leaves the impression that the writer is out of touch with current events (and I'm not talking about Iraq).

[The column also leaves the impression that the writer is out of touch with reality, you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL.]

My question is, did the MSM really believe this shit in the first place? Or are Rove and company so weakened that no one's afraid of them any more?

[The power of A Perfect Rovian Storm NEVER weakens.]

To me it's always been a bogeyman. The MSM are beginning to discuss this now - which is good. Unfortunately they are only discussing it AFTER civil rights have been restricted all over the western world. And now - even if it would be proved that Al Quaeda was a Rove invention - they would never go back on it.

[The loss of our Civil Rights since 9-11 is TERRIBLE. If you are a terrorist, you can expect to be prevented from freely flying in a passenger jet. I mourn the loss of this civil right. DAMN YOU, ROVE!!!]

The Bushies want neverending war, whether it's necessary or not, and they're determined to scare the hell out of the public to keep that perpetual war going. Without that scare tactic, the public will see them as they are--a bunch of greedy, ideologically-driven assholes using the public for their own purposes.

[Thank you for your input and we will seriously consider your application to become a BBC producer.]

The War Machine needs a focus of evil...often former allies. It's scary being friends with America when it runs out of villains.

[And you should consider becoming a BBC reporter.]

Osama bin Laden in the Bronx??? My husband, who is the most grounded person I know, truly believes that the Bushies captured bin Laden and just trot him out to read the scripts they give him every once in a while. Let's be honest - bin Laden's appearance on Oct 30 won Bushie the election, right, so I have to wonder if he's right.

[Yes. They made Osama read the Oct. 30 script which was taped in the backroom of Sal’s grocery in the Bronx under the L.]

OBL is like the Immanuell Goldstein out of 1984 by George Orwell. He is alive, he is every time there, when he is needed, he can not die.

[Immanuel Goldstein ordered the destruction of the Twin Towers?]

LA Times will be smeared... just like CBS got its ass handed to it for reveal Abu Ghraib.

[…Helped along very slightly by the fact that Dan Rather used forged documents to support a phony story.]


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