Wednesday, December 15, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-15-04 PM Edition ("Anti-Bev folks, please explain...")

Sorry for having yet another edition of the DUmmie FUnnies on the subject of Bev Harris following on the heels of the previous edition on the same topic but that con artist fascinates me. One thing about Bev Harris that I find so interesting is that she is not even a very good con artist. A really professional con artist would still be working the vote fraud scam undetected as to the nature of her true objective. However, Bev Harris is so nutty that she went overboard last month threating to sue various DUmmies for (gasp! shock!) typing the sacred letters “BBV.” A normal con artist would NEVER have alienated her marks like that. Also Bev just hasn’t developed the slick con artist demeanor. I heard her interviewed a couple of weeks ago on the radio by Steve Kane and her every word just dripped with dishonesty. A good con artist would have sounded completely believable. Therefore it is my premise that Bev Harris, being such an unprofessional con artist, could ONLY have scammed the incredibly gullible DUmmies desperate for the Ohio election results to be overturned. And yet, despite being generally acknowledged as a complete fraud, Bev Harris still has her defenders as you can see in the DUmmie THREAD titled, “Anti-Bev folks, please explain…” As usual, the gullible DUmmie fantasies are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent watching them being set up to be scammed yet again is in the [brackets]. And we open this edition now with a defense of Bev Harris by DUmmie Must_B_Free who should rename himself Must_B_Nuts:

Anti-Bev folks, please explain:

1. If Bev herself is a crazy fraud, why did the collectibe board of directors of BBV decide that Andy Stephenson was to be ousted? Are they ALL in on the conspiracy with Bev?

[You act like the board of directors of a scam outfit like BBV is composed of a bunch of folks with high moral character. They dumped Stephenson on Bev’s orders because that means they can divide the money cut among fewer people. BTW, it will ultimately turn out that all of the “board of directors” will be dumped by Bev so she can keep all the dough to herself.]

2. Why did Randi Rhodes say that Andy was no longer with BBV before either Bev or Andy knew this? Where did Randi get this information?

[Maybe Randi got the info from Andy himself who probably also recommended that Randi cop a plea so she won’t end up as an indicted co-conspirator in Bev’s upcoming fraud trial.]

3. Will you work to discredit the work of this organization when it is finally released?

[The work of that organization has only one real goal---the enrichment of Bev Harris.]

No work whatsoever is needed to discredit your protegee.

[Correct. No work whatever is needed to detect that Bev Harris is a sleazy con artist. Anybody with half a brain knew that from the get-go which is why you DUmmies were so easily conned by Bev.]

Embezzling thousands of DU-ers stealing people's work and threatening lawsuits, sliming many (by projecting her own vile traits) - a long list including Skinner, Olberman, Randi. DU in general - all this stuff doesn't seem to make an impression on you.

[She embezzled thousands of DUmmies? In that case, Bev can’t be all bad.]

Had Bev answered a single direct question regarding how much money had been collected or how it was being spent I might agree its too soon to call out possible embezzlement, but as she felt those on DU that helped raise the money don't deserve answers we are free to think and say what we like.

[By law Bev is REQUIRED to reveal how much money she suckered from you DUmmies. Since she hasn’t done this, it is only a matter of time until Bev is frog walked to the jailhouse door.]

You are new here Jamboi, I understand if you might have missed a lot of the history of Bev claiming she was $10 away from producing THE SMOKING GUN that would expose election fraud in the 2004 election.

[Bev is only $10 away from overturning the election? OMG!!! Send in that $10 NOW!!! The evil Bush regime is only $10 away from being toppled thanks to Bev Harris!]

I dont need o tell anyone here of whats at stake, perhaps a reminder of the enemy... We'll sue or praise Ms. Harris starting on the 21st of January.

[Methinks that the sue bit looks more and more like the likely option.]

Maybe We Should Change the name of this forum from 2004 election results and discussion to "hey, let's all talk about a big-boned attitudal unprofessional fraudulent greedy woman some more!"

[I must admit that it does sound like a very catchy forum title.]

So sorry she isn't up to Ann Coulter's beauty standards. Bev looks like an average American cuddly grandma. That's why it feels so surprising that she has such a crusade going.

[Actually it feels surprising that that “cuddly grandma” has such a scam going.]

This is tearing us apart, and that is making someone very happy.

[And that someone is everybody on the DUFU PING List.]

Bev is like DU's own LaToya Jackson. I have learned to trust my lying eyes and what I saw on Bev's site in regard to Andy closed the deal in my mind. If she can provide solid evidence that Bushco stole the election I am sure her champagne glass will never go dry! Until then, I will just watch her keep running into walls at full steam and then wondering why she has a headache.

[And Bev will be running into walls quite frequently in her new jail cell.]

I have not seen anything from her yet. She's always investigating but never seems to bring forth any proof for her allegations. Those Volusia county tapes she supposedly found in the garbage a few weeks ago should have been turned over for safe keeping to Conyers or Kerry's people, a long time ago. What pray tell, is she waiting for, if she is so concerned about preventing or prosecuting election fraud??????

[She is waiting for MORE MONEY of course.]

Many of us gave money we don't really have. All we wanted was some proof of her work. I am new to this, (but have read many of the posts detailing the past) put my faith in Bev, got most of my extended family to donate to her over Thanksgiving. It upsets me that she is reacting like she is. All I want is straight answers. That's all.

[How about wanting your money back, sucker?]

What's the deal with her? She will take all the help and money she can get from people but the second questions are raised she starts an all out smear campaign against them. I'll sit back and watch this bs play its self out.

[Watch Bev as she tries to hop a flight to Brazil to escape the rap.]

If she is helping then all you attacking her are the hinderance... if she IS a mole for Rove (which sounds like freep rummors to divide us) then SHE IS A DECOY...

[A Perfect Rovian Storm….WOO! HOO! I get to use that phrase again!!!]


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