Wednesday, December 15, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-15-04 AM Edition (Randi Rhodes vs Bev Harris)

The cracks are widening over in DUmmieland as we have seen the past few days: a tinfoil hat Dummie comes up with a fantasy of being run off the road, an online petition to arrest Ken Blackwell by a DUmmie Posse is hijacked in a most hilarious way by Freepers, and now Randi Rhodes has slammed the former heroine of Dummieland---Bev Harris. Finally Randi, after shilling day after day for Bev Harris, is waking up to the fact that maybe, just maybe, Bev Harris is noting but a sleazy con artist. Of course, if Randi were paying attention to the DUmmie FUnnies she would have seen that we exposed BBV Bev as a con artist weeks ago. Too bad for her gullible listeners that Randi urged them to send in their money to Bev but, as the saying goes, there is a sucker (and DUmmie) born every minute. Now that Randi has confronted Bev Harris on the air, will she make amends to her listeners by refunding their money? Don’t hold your breath. Hopefully we can soon post the audio archive of Randi’s confrontation with Bev Harris. It should make for hilariously FUnnie listening. You can read the DUmmie comments on the Randi vs Bev encounter on this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Bev Harris is talking live on the Randi Rhodes Show.” To lead off this edition of the DUFUs, we shall see a statement by Bev Harris originally posted on her BBV website and later pulled out of embarrassment but now available on a rival BBV site HERE which lists the reasons why she fired her close aide, Andy Stephenson. As usual usual the befuddled DUmmie comments are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

Update: TUESDAY, DEC. 14, 2004: NOTICE

The six-member Board of Directors of Black Box Voting has unanimously voted to terminate the employment of Associate Director Andy Stephenson, for:

- Repeatedly lying to various members of the board of directors

- Misrepresenting results of investigations

- Mishandling telephone communications and withholding information

- Temper tantrums and hanging up on members of the organization

- Outburst at the Florida Supervisor of Elections meeting, offending public officials

- Failing to assist, show up, or even call while Kathleen Wynne and Bev Harris repeatedly reached him to request assistance when they were accosted by Volusia County police

[Yet more evidence, in addition to the on-air confrontation with Randi Rhodes, of the BBV Bev crackup. You’re all heart, Bev, for firing Andy Stephenson while he was attending his sister’s funeral. And what a class act by PUBLICLY posting the reasons why you are firing him. On that note, you should fire yourself, Bev, since it was YOU who had that outburst at the Florida Supervisor of Elections meeting in Orlando when you leaped up on stage and served a phony legal document to Teresa LePore and then videotaped the angry reaction of the election supervisors for that documentary that you’re not making. But let us now view the DUmmie reactions to Randi Rhodes slamming Bev Harris on Err America Radio yesterday….]

Randi mentioned DU. And that people stated they were unable to get in touch with her

[Did Randi mention that the DUmmies were the biggest suckers of them all for the Bev Harris con game?]

I knew there were problems when DU banned her.

[Yeah, Bev Harris got banned from DUmmieland but only AFTER she scammed a big load of dough from you suckers.]

Randi said Andy said he wasn't working with Bev anymore?!

[Of course not. The BBV money train has dried up and Bev had to dump Andy and then smear him on her website so DUmmie folks would think that the lack of results by BBV were ALL his fault. It’s called creating a scapegoat.]

I've heard from multiple sources that he got the same poor treatment many of her previous helpers receieved.

[Look for mass firings soon at BBV. Bev has to hoard all that cash for herself.]

Randi is basting her... Next she's gonna fry her up...

[Gee! Maybe Randi should have done her homework weeks ago on what a crook Bev Harris is and she could have saved her listeners lots of money which they sent to Bev due to all the shilling by Randi.]

"We donated all this money, of course I'm gonna follow up." -- Randi

[Yeah, Randi. You do that. You follow up that money trail all the way to the 5 star hotel suites that Bev has been luxuriating in thanx to your shilling for her on the air.]

sorry if I'm shooting at the hip here, I don't mean to insult anyone, but Bev put the fricken E voting fraud up front when no one else before her was able to the extent she did. She has been working her arse off and getting incoming hostilities from all fronts.
but this is just my opinion, and wtf do I know, except you don't eat your own kind.

[Yeah. WTF do you know, except that Bev has been eating caviar thanx to all you DUmmie SUCKERS. Oh, and don’t forget to send even more money to Bev.]

IT IS NOT THE MONEY--it is the lost opportunity and lost credibility! Whatever went on in Florida may never be known if Bev is not following through, is over her head, and will not communicate with others nor delegate for help! This may not be the case, but all indications to me now are that it probably is. And I don't give a damn about the $$, even though I gave money I really could not afford. It is that we may well have lost an irretrievable opportunity and that may ultimately hurt our cause in a very real and very painful way.

[I’ll tell you what went on in Florida. Bev Harris was getting full body massages in 5 star hotel suites thanx to all that money you sent to her.]

Bev is not following through. Kerry hasn't either (as it appeared for a time), and I don't see quite the vitriole spewed in his direction the way Bev is getting it. Easier to blame the lil gal, I guess.

[That’s because Kerry is merely sitting on his $15 million campaign cash stash while stiffing his former campaign workers.]

I don't agree with the accusation that Bev is using the money to make a movie. I'm pretty sure she isn't making a movie, other people are following her and making the movie.

[Technically she isn’t making a movie. Her claim is that she isn’t making a DOCUMENTARY. BTW, I hope Bev includes an audio from her confrontation with Randi in that documentary she isn’t making.]

remember this gem from Bev posted right here at DU?

This was my work product, folks. My research. My time. My publicity efforts. My proofing. My structural editing (didn't get that, either). My fact checking. My Pulitzer-Prize deserving work.

[LOL! “….My con job.”]

Bev seemed surprised when Randi said that Andy was no longer working with her, but did not deny it, suggesting there is proably something going on. She was very coy about discussing Andy, but seemed to have been caught up in a less than truthful response when she implied Andy had been gone for some time with his sister's funeral and not available--and then Randi mentioned having spoken to him the very day he left for the funeral. The gist seemed to suggest that Andy's absence was being blamed for any confusion going on right now but that did not seem logical, when Randi indicated she'd been able to talk to him all along and not to Bev. ????

[Bev giving a less than truthful response? I’m shocked! SHOCKED!]

Bev's response was NOT bizarre. She said there was a death in his family. I think she also said he's still working with her. What's wierd about that?

[Nothing…except for the fact that Bev publicly fired Andy on her BBV website yesterday in a most humiliating manner.]

Randi: "We donated all this money to you, of course I'm going to follow up"

She doesn't seem to be coordinated with anyone in charge of the Ohio recount. I predict this will be Bev Harris' last appearance on the Randi Rhodes Show.

[Bev, We Hardly Knew Ye.”]

Bev is sounding very very evasive. Sorry, but she is dodging Randis questions right and left.

[i.e. Bev is sounding like her usual self. And how much money did she con from YOU?]

I don't think Bev knows what she's doing- or is she just scamming us?

[Scamming you? Where did you get such a SILLY idea?]

Wow, Randi is really tearing into her, and brought up that people at DU are upset with her!


and the freepers are lapping all this up like cream....


tough shit about what the damn freepers think

[We think you DUmmies are a bunch of suckers who got easily conned out of your money by a not-so-slick scam artist.]

"We've called you any number of times and haven't gotten anything." -- Randi.

"I haven't gotten any calls from you." -- Bev.

"Oh yes you have." -- Randi. "Get it together."

[LOL! I’ve GOT to get the audio of this encounter!]

Oh my, she's screaming! Called Bev a liar.

[PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Somebody out there send me the link to this audio! A GREAT radio moment!!!]

I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Bev. Randi mentioned Olbermann, DU. Randi chewing Bev out for not being at the hearings in Ohio.

[Have some compassion for Bev, Randi. Maybe there were no 5 star hotels in the vicinity of those hearings.]

Bev doesn't trust ANYONE which is why she tries to do it all herself. Which is Why she hasn't really accomplished anything since she blew her original team off.

[UGH! What a horrifying vision! Bev Harris blowing her original team off. YECCCHHHHH!!!]

Randi was obnoxious and repulsive today. I am shocked that she went ON AND ON AND ON AND ON. I did NOT like her show today at all.

[Randi was obnoxious and repulsive? So it was just a normal show.]

Randi asked why Bev was not at the hearings. Bev responded that she asked someone, "where do you want me to be?" Randi asked, "Who did you ask?" Bev evaded her question then Randi basically cut off the call. Wow.

[Bev couldn’t send anyone to the hearings. She has to hoard her ever diminishing cash flow.]

Randi has every right to be harsh. She drummed up lots and lots Of donations for Bev, and it seems as if Bev hasn't done very much for it. Not only that, but not getting back to Randi's calls.

[Sooooo….. When will Randi be refunding all that money that she shilled for the con artist?]

I was there and Bev Harris was NOT at the Ohio hearings.

[But perhaps Bev’s film crew was at the Ohio hearings to videotape for that documentary that she’s not making.]

I've wondered what's up with Bev Harris lately, I donated $ when Randy made her pleas a few weeks back. Bev has been pissing off people lately (Keith Olberman sp? last week) what's up with that?

[Why don’t you call up Randi Rhodes and ask if you will be given a sucker refund?]

Yup. She was unable to directly answer any question. Something is very, very wrong there. She acted like a teenage kid caught stealing and trying to cover it up.

[So all you DUmmies got suckered by someone acting like a teeniebopper?]

This is the end. Bev Harris is finished as a voting activist as of this moment.

[This is the end, Beautiful friend.

This is the end, My only friend, the end.

Of our elaborate plans, the end

Of everything that stands, the end

No safety or surprise, the end.]

Randi is ripping her a new one... she's being far too offensive Randi needs to take a couple muscle relaxers or something sometimes

[Ex-Lax should do the trick.]

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH RANDI??? There was a previous caller ....a man who was REALLY trying to make his point. He was polite but you could tell he was getting frustrated because EVERY TIME HE OPENED HIS MOUTH.......RANDI ROAD ALL OVER HIM. She did the same thing with BEV. I wanted to hear what Bev had to say......not listen to Randi Rant and Rave. Randi turned me off tonight BIG TIME. She was unprofessional and stupid.

[Somewhere deep in the swamp of Dummieland, a dim light ever so briefly clicks on above the tiny head of a DUmmie.]

I agree sometimes she goes overboard but that does not discredit her message. And the message today was, where have you been Bev and what progress have you made? Let us help you Bev... What do you need Bev?... If your duping my listeners Bev, I will find out.

[So now that Randi has found out that Bev was duping her listeners, will Randi offer refunds for all the money she shilled on Bev’s behalf?]

I was never clear as to why Randi was banging the donation drum for Bev's group, and unfortunately never heard her myself. It seemed to me that Randi got it in her head that Bev had something to do with the recounts . Meanwhile Bev seemed perfectly happy to soak it all up without bothering to set the record straight about who, exactly, was doing what.

[I’ll set the record straight for you on who was doing what. Bev Harris (the Who) was luxuriating in a 5 star hotel suite editing a documentary (the What) that she’s not making.]

Randi asked us all to donate money, and we did.


Randi Rhodes kicked Bev's ass because that is what is obviously required at this juncture. We need people like Randi, screaming really loud, because the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and everything, I mean everything is at stake here people, our lives, our children's lives, everything. Bev deserved everything she got.

Bev Harris is grandstanding at the wrong time in history, this is way too important. If there are people here, from what I read and hear, that were instrumental in her getting started or helping her get her efforts off the ground who are they? They need to step forward and take over if possible or find out what's going on. Bev herself is actually doing damage to this cause, and is using up whatever credibility she had left. She didn't even know Andy wasn't working with her anymore for f**k's sake. Tryed to tell Randi that he had a death in his family and has been away, when Randi talked to him the same day his sister died and knew he had only been away for the day of the funeral and was back to work. That's what I heard anyway. This is too soap opera for words.

Bev Harris had plenty of time in the interview before Randi got steamed,to answer a question, she was just evasive from the jump. Nobody can get through to her by phone or message, there must be something wrong with her phone, something wrong with her answering machine, CNN rings once and then hangs up..... and the dog ate my homework. What the f**k. This is a person who we were relying on to be a spokesperson for a vital cause, and she is screwing up. When 10 people are all telling you the same thing, I tried to reach you and no response, I think maybe the 10 people saying the same thing are telling the truth and the other person just might be the one with the problem.

Randi said Bev wasn't reachable on her email account either. KO says she wasn't reachable. People on this site who have gotten her on the phone say she is in a narcissistic snit half the time and doesn't want anyone else to help, and is verbally abusive to them to boot.

I didn't know her before all of this happened, apparently lots of people do, and perhaps she was once great, and groundbreaking, and reliable, but now.......... sorry, got to say Randi's right, she is a flake. I don't care about the money I've donated (although I sure could use it) as long as she was doing everything necessary and appropriate in the usage of that money to further the cause, which is exposing fraud in this election before it's too late, period. She disappears for days and weeks at a time, appears on DU, threatens to sue people who are helping her and have helped her in the past, misses out on getting information to the congress people conducting hearings. Says no one called to invite her to the hearings, she needed a personal invitation?

Randi is just asking questions any reasonable person would ask and she's asking them in a way that is true to her personality. Randi is from Brooklyn. Maybe some of you don't know people from Brooklyn, let me just tell you, when you get people from Brooklyn pissed off, watch out (no, I'm from Queens originally, similar feistiness) Brooklyn rocks.

Bev just tried to get around answering the questions in a straightforward manner, and was being evasive. Randi'a apparently been trying to reach her, with no luck, and is angry with reason. KO said Bev was abusive to his staff. Randi feels like she went out on a limb, out of passion for this issue, and got people to donate money to this woman, many of us who were not even familiar with Bev's background, and only did so because we trusted Randi's advice. When she flaked out, after being given any number of chances to come to the plate, Randi saw red. I don't blame her at all.

The news about the Diebold machines calling out to the IP address at some mystery company, instead of being hacked into, sounded promising. I hope she is really pursueing it, if she has posted technical info that she says she needs help with why doesn't anyone know about it, or do they? Why wasn't she trying to tell anyone about it. What was she waiting for, why didn't she take advantage in a positive, professional manner of the media outlets offered to her. Randi asked what she could do to help tonight, I heard her, and I just heard Bev prevaricating and avoiding answering again and again.

[And speaking of soap operas, this Randi Rhodes vs Bev Harris feud is way more ENTERTAINING than any soap opera on the tube!]

How many times do people have to get smacked in the head before they start wondering who's smacking them?
Bev was great friends with David Allen, then she wasn't. David became the enemy.

Bev was great friends with Roxanne, then she wasn't. Roxanne became the enemy.

Bev was great friends with Olbermann, then she wasn't. Olbermann became the enemy.

Bev was great friends with DU, then she wasn't. DU became the enemy.

Bev was great friends with Randi Rhodes, then she wasn't. Randi became the enemy.

And the topper - Bev had a loyal, supportive friend in Andy Stephenson. Then her most trusted associate became the enemy, at the time of his deepest grief.

Anyone who doesn't see a pattern here better get their head examined, IMO. It's too goddam obvious for all of these fine people to be wrong and Bev Harris, only Bev Harris to be right.

Who's been smacking everyone in the head here???

[And how many times did Bev smack YOU in the wallet?]

Randi in next segment- "Bev- if you're using our money to make your movie- we're gonna find out!" Randi's pissed and so am i.

[Bev Harris is NOT making a documentary. We have her word on that and we can believe Bev, can’t we?]

I think I just saw my $$ donation go down a black hole.....forget the blackbox. Ahhh Bev......are you naturally self destructive or a con girl?

[A self-destructive con girl enjoying that $$ donation you tossed tossed down a black hole…sucker.]

...Randi put the call out to the listeners and got thousands of people to contribute to the BBV fund - myself included - and if that were me, I'd feel responsible too - and really pissed off. Not putting words into her mouth, but... yeah. That was a lot of money.

[So will Randi be sending out refunds to everyone who got scammed due to her shilling for Bev? I’m not holding my breath waiting.]

Could Bev be a Rove plant? Set up to distract from the real election fraud? Just wondering...

[A Perfect Rovian Storm…. I just LOVE getting that phrase in!]


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