Thursday, December 09, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-09-04 PM Edition (DUmmies Plan to "Freep" Larry King Tonight)

The DUmmies were all atwitter with their plans to “freep” the Larry King show tonight as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Effort to ask Edwards about irregularities on Larry King Live 9pm et.” Some might consider it in poor taste to call in to insert politics in a show that is supposed to be about Elizabeth Edwards’ battle with breast cancer but the DUmmies planned to push forward their tinfoil hat agenda despite this. Unfortunately, for the DUmmies, their plan has once again blown up in their face as you can see in the last Dummie post in the thread. As usual, the desperate DUmmie comments are in Bolshevik Red while the observations of your humble correspondent are in the [brackets]:

Senator Edwards and his wife will be on Larry King Live this evening and I think it might be a great opportunity for us to try and directly bring into question the integrity of the Vote specifically in Ohio on national TV.

First off i think we all need to fill out the web form located here:

Additionally everyone should attempt to call in to the show. Now I apologize ahead of time if this is offensive, but i think that the only way we can actually get through to Larry will be if we lie a little bit. The topic of course is Mrs. Edwards breast cancer and i think our best hope would be for some of the women from this forum to call in supposedly about the topic (probably saying that they are survivors) and once on the air actually talking about the election.

I have family that recently passed away from cancer and I do not by any means want to pretend like it is not a sensitive and important subject, but hands down the ends outweigh the means in my opinion

An outline of relevant possible questions/statements to ask:

- Conyers hearings?

- Rampant disenfranchisement in NC forcing a redo of vote similar to Ohio problems

- Statical analysis by various Universities citing impossibility of bush win

- Ken Blackwell partisanship politics while dealing with recount

- MSM ignoring this story out right

please post any additional important points which should be brought up tonight. Thank you.

[Yes. I would like to bring up the point that it is an incredibly tacky idea but I know that won’t stop you.]

I hate to admit it, but you may be right. It might be about the only way to get some real information.

[Yes. Let’s HIJACK a show about breast cancer in order to forward our tinfoil hat vote fraud theories.]

i know i feel morally corrupt for saying it

[Don’t let that stop you. It never has in the past.]

im just saying we tell the phone screeners that so they let us get through and then once we are on the air we discuss the election.

[The loony vote fraud agenda MUST be advanced no matter how much you embarrass Elizabeth Edwards.]

Well what if we asked Elizabeth what dress she plans to wear to the inaguration, after the recount shows that her husband is the next VP?

[What kind of dress do you plan to wear to your institutionalization after an exam shows that you are sanity challenged?]

I wouldn't have any hesitation about expressing my sympathy to Elizabeth about her illness and wishing them the best. You could also ask about the stress of the election and ask what their reaction is to the recount and Jesse Jackson et al.

[Yeah, spend like a half second expressing sympathy before you get into the election fraud rant for a few minutes running.]

I'll call in and say that I had advanced breast CA that became widely deseminated. After having worked for one of the most presigious academic medical centers in the country as dir. of an NIH funded center for medical research, I decided to choose a treatment not predicated on profit taking (ie, the Multi-billion $$ Cancer industry among others). To make a long story short, I went to a little hospital in Mexico and was completely cured in less than 5 weeks. That was 7 years ago. I'm going to remind her to consider all of her options, and let her know that I'm a DUer and we are all thinking of her and praying for her complete recovery....and, say that we are all watching the recount efforts going on in WA, OH, AK and wishing that she and John will be in the WH someday real soon!

[Why waste time? Just skip the phony sympathy bit and get to the retread recount rant.]

I see absolutely nothing wrong with lying to the screeners in an attempt to get on the air to talk about election fraud. Edwards will never win another election ever unless we fix the election system. His and our future depends on it. ASK THE QUESTION. I think there are two other guests as well. One is Andy Rooney and the other one is someone who may agreee with us as well. I forget who that is though.

[Yes, go ahead and LIE! It is SOP for DUmmies.]

I know the subject of her talk will be breast cancer. However, its still a news show. And John Edwards himself will be on. You can ask him the question instead of his wife.

[And you can tell which one is John Edwards---the spouse looking intently into a beauty compact while fussing with his hair.]

The show has already been taped...So you can't call in and ask questions.

[Oops! The Acme Co. package just blew up in the DUmmie Coyote’s face YET AGAIN. BEEP! BEEP!]