Wednesday, December 08, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-08-04 PM Edition ("So What's Up With Rove?")

The biggest bogeyman to the DUmmies is none other than KARL ROVE. To him they have ascribed superhuman powers in the art of political manipulation whether it was being the genius behind setting Dan Rather up on the Texas Air National Guard fraud letter or arranging for massive vote fraud in Ohio. The DUmmies believe that Karl Rove is everywhere and anywhere so when he disappears (most likely on a well-deserved vacation) this puzzles the DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD titled, “So What's Up With Rove?” The answer to that question, most likely, is that Rove is resting calmly on a Caribbean island while using his notebook PC to surf the Net and laugh his ass reading the DUmmie FUnnies. As usual, the DUmmie paranoia is in Bolshevik Red while your humble correspondent's comments, watching this Perfect Rovian Storm (as a DUmmie earlier described it), are in the [brackets]:

What's Up With Rove?

Has he been on vacation?

Guess he is not too worried about all the buzz regarding his stolen election.

He is way too quiet. All the Republicans are WAY to quiet.

Their usual MO is to hit back fast. I have not heard a peep. Did I miss something?

[Yes. The election results.]

The devil ain't EVER on vacation! He's working hard on some sneaky plot. Whatever it is. My thoughts: counter-vote fraud. It's filling his days.

[My thoughts: He is laughing at the paranoia of you DUmmies while he enjoys his tropical island vacation. It’s filling his days.]

He's been busy feeding everyone False information. But I do agree that it seems that ALL of the Republicans have been way too quiet...not nearly enough bragging going on.

[You mean not enough gloating going on like you DUmmies did on the afternoon of Nov. 2 when you thought you won the election due to phony exit polls?]

Maybe he doesn't know which ass to cover. Facts, rumors, speculation, whistleblower, data coming out the wazoo, committee meetings about fraud, it's all over the internets, in newspapers, on the t.v. (select shows). It's not just one story to refute, it's 57,000 of them. Hope he has been overwhelmed.

[Karl Rove is so “overwhelmed” at your vote fraud alternate reality fantasy that it has sent him into spasms of yawning.]

He's still lurking around. You can be sure that KKKarl and his minions already have a set of spin points in stock and ready to use if the FRAUD stories get up a real head so steam. Betcha' he's already laying the groundwork to smear Curtis as a tin hatter only out to sell a book.

[Karl Rove is probably as aware of Curtis as he is of the sand flea he just crushed underfoot somewhere on a Caribbean beach.]

What are the Freepers saying? Are they quiet too? Nothing on their websites? They know they stole it!

[Stand by. You WILL be DUFUed! Oh, and it was FUN stealing your election. How did we do it? You must send money to Bev Harris for the answer.]

I checked the freeper site last night and didn't see anything about Curtis on there..not a word. What's with that?

[Maybe the arcane vote fraud theories of Curtis, Arnbeck, etc., just bore the crap out of us.]

The only thing I have seen on FR is the sick schmucks having chuckles about all of the folks on DU whining that the election was stolen.

[Welcome to the DUmmie Funnies! May I add you to the PING List?]

Rove is doubtless laughing as he watches Democrats scramble to figure out how they were beaten so soundly in this last election. He is waiting for our leadership's next move and he has already prepared responses for several possibilities. He is going to be working behind the scenes to get Bush's agenda enacted.

[Rove CONTROLS the agenda! Resistance is futile! Drop your cigars and raise your hands in the air! ALL your votes belong to us!]

He has done the "after fix" to make sure that the vote stories get lost in wonder land. He doesn't have a care in the world. 'bout time for him to make a slip up.

[True. Rove never took into account that Bev Harris would trademark the letters “BBV.” That is the slip up that will bring down the whole Rovian Empire.]

It just seems as if we are living in 1870. Riding on a train going the wrong way and we can't do anything about it because the conductors control everything~ There has got to be sunshine for all these cloudy days. We must stay positive.

[What’s that train station up ahead? Why, it’s Rove Junction!]

He scares the be-jesus out of me...I keep telling myself - "he's just a man, he's just a man, he's just a man".

[Are you sure or is he UBERMAN!!!!]

Don't be scared...He is nothing more than a big fat bully and ALL bullies are COWARDS. Eventually, he will get caught and you will see that he is NOTHING but
smoke and mirrors. He has done HORRIFIC things, destroyed
lives and he WILL be exposed some day.

[Mommy! Mommy! I’m fwightened of the Big Bad Wove!]


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