Sunday, November 28, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 11-28-04 AM Edition ("LA Times: Turk Compares U.S. to Hitler")

First we see an excerpt of an article in the L.A. Times by some Turkish official comparing the U.S. unfavorably to Hitler. What follows is general DUmmie concurrence with this article. You can read all about it in this DUmmie THREAD. Just when you think the DUmmies couldn’t get any loonier, they up and toss themselves off the cliff of rationality. As usual, the loony left DUmmie posts are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

ANKARA, Turkey — The head of Turkey's parliamentary human rights group has accused Washington of genocide in Iraq and behaving worse than Adolf Hitler, in remarks that underscore the depth of Turkish opposition to U.S. policy in the region

"Never in human history have such genocide and cruelty been witnessed. Such a genocide was never seen in the time of the pharaohs nor of Hitler nor of Mussolini," Italy's World War II-era fascist leader, Elkatmis said.

[That was the excerpt from the article and now for the DUmmie response.]

Please world speak out because we have no voice.

In Amerika, one of our Media whores had the nerve to say that they looked for a soldier to talk in a negative way about the war and they could not find one. I'm sure they could not find one to talk on TV.

This war has got to end and the rest of the world will have to speak out and say that we have broken every rule in the book.

The Hague is too good for this jokers!

[A DUmmie wants “revolutionary justice” for the leaders of “Amerika.”]

This is the start, I am afraid, of an avalanche of charges against us. We're screwed in the world period. But of course, we don't need the world, do we? Oh, no, not our allies, not "old Europe," not the only country in the ME that supports us. No, we're special or as they say, the voters support the notion of "American Exceptionalism."

[An example of “DUmmie Exceptionalism.” Exceptionally stupid.]

There're just too many things identical between the Busholinis and the Fascists of the 20th century to ignore. The Nazis and Italian Fascists exploited regional animosities. The Bavarians were the "South" of Germany; Sicily was the "South" of Italy. These regions were the heart of the "anti-intellectual" movement. The Nazis and Italian Fascists exploited religious animosities. Catholics were, in both countries, long habituated to a "siege mentality" as political control and societal control was eroded by Protestantism and secualrism. Both countries demonized homosexuals and Gypsies.

[This DUmmie has a hangup on the “South.” Too bad for his dopey “South” theory that Sicily was the most ANTI-Mussolini section of Italy.]

Since George W Chimp is now the Reich's Chancellor, we may be entering upon a new era of 21 Cent Warsaw Ghettos - so that Democracy continues on the march. Not since LBJ and Nixon have we inflicted so much death and misery abroad. Maybe we'll have a Stalingrad or two while we are at it.

[It is obvious that your brain has already had a Stalingrad.]

Bush may surpass Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini by the time he's through.

[Thus spaketh the Chairman of the Department of Hyperbole.]

The only thing missing in our case is the deliberate torturing. But all in all, it's not so farfetched that when all this is through, there will be more than or equal to the number of casualties resulting from Hitler's reign. God if only someone could say that to Bush. I really sit here and wonder, what the hell would he think if someone told him that?

[The only thing missing is your sanity.]

Yes, but Hitler could write a book, bush can't even read one.

[We can read your posts, DUmmie, and shudder at the illogic.]

At least Hitler was honest about what he was doing, the US "pretends" to be working for Iraqis' freedom and democracy. Of course, we have to kill most of them before they get the message and certainly it is really helpful to utterly destroy their beautiful architecture and infrastructure, make sure they have little clean water, little electricity, and few hospitals to care for their war wounded civilians. We are doing just great!!

[A DUmmie who prefers the “integrity” of the honest Hitler.]

"Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" opened my eyes to the reality that my government couldn't always be trusted to do the right thing and that it is every American's responsibility to see that justice prevails.

[I am looking forward to reading your autobiography: “Bury My Brain at Wounded Knee.”

The point is that you want to catch shrub before he descends into the lunacy that would eventually be on par with Hitler. He is fully capable of it and that is what people mean when they compare b*sh to hitler - only that he is capable of killing millions of people if he is not checked. He is steadily working on it.

[Your brain must also be buried at Wounded Knee.]

To compare b*sh to the full-blown genocidal Hitler near the end of WWII is patently ridiculous. To compare him to the early, emergent Hitler is quite appropriate, however.

[An example of DUmmie fairness. This DUmmie thinks it ridiculous to compare Bush to the later Hitler but perfectly fair to make the comparison to the early Hitler.]

prior to the war i was listening to a radio program about that area of the world, an interview with a long term journalist who seemed to have a detached, professional approach to the job....saddam was no more, or less, ruthless then he had to be to survive, and the same was true about most of the leadership in that area...the journalist went on to say, and this was quite jarring when spoken aloud, was that the local political gangsters who held sway in the area around iraq looked with amazement upon the west, britain and US mainly, because the level of western depravity was at times almost unlimited...they didn't fear or respect the west so much as consider it a mindless force that needed no reasoning to do anything, which sometimes was good but just as often beyond anyone's belief (i'm paraphrasing what the journo said, so you must take this with grain of salt) struck me that we think of ourselves as the height of civilized behavior, yet the 'hard men' as that journalist called the saddams of the area, thought we were so depraved even they were often shocked by what our people did...

[SNIFF! Saddam, we hardly knew ye. A misunderstood bulwark against Western depravity. Only in DUmmieland (and maybe the UN) is there this topsy-turvy view of the world. Bush worse than Hitler and Saddam Hussein a misunderstood soul shocked by Western depravity.]


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