Saturday, November 27, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 11-27-04 ("Alright - Am I the only DU'er who thinks Kerry actually lost?")

The most entertaining thing about the DUmmies since the election is the fact that most of them CAN’T accept the election results. So desperate are the DUmmies to overturn the election results that they gladly pour money into the coffers of a con artist who is using their dough to stay at plus hotels and pay for the filming of her own vote fraud documentary which she plans to market for buku bucks. Take a look at the DUmmie “Voting Issues” section of the forum and you can see how the DUmmies are doing everything to avoid reality by organizing “vote fraud” task forces with all kinds of projects for the busy DUmmie Worker Ants under the aegis of “DU VOTE FRAUD TEAM TASKS FOR…” Then the various tasks are assigned: “Crunchers…Statistical Analysis,” “Legal Eagles,” “Web Wizards,” Hounders…e-mailing letters, etc.” Plus MANY other such tasks. Talk about an exercise in futility but perhaps it serves the purpose of keeping the DUmmie Worker Ants too busy to face the horrifying reality of the impending Bush Inauguration. However, there are a few DUmmie skeptics to such activities such as DUmmie liberalpragmatist who has pragmatically posted this ?THREAD titled, “Alright - Am I the only DU'er who thinks Kerry actually lost?” Suprisingly there were a few fellow DUmmies who actually believed this heresy. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacle of DUmmies arguing if John Kerry actually lost the election. As usual, the DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the comments of your humble correspondent are in the [brackets]:

Alright - Am I the only DU'er who thinks Kerry actually lost?

[Probably not, DUmmie liberalpragmatist, but you are the first DUmmie to actually admit to such a bizarre heresy.]

I'm a huge Kerry fan and there were definitely irregularities in Ohio. Still, while I fully favor a recount and the full counting of provisional ballots (what's the harm in counting the votes) as well as investigating allegations of fraud, frankly, I just don't think the votes are there. BBV definitely should be investigated and we need to get a verifiable paper-trail in place.

[I agree, DUmmie liberalpragmatist. BBV should definitely be investigated. Bev Harris filed that organization as a non-partisan, non-profit organization with the IRS and yet she is using the donations to film a documentary about “vote fraud” that she hopes to market for Buku Bucks.]

It's also very possible that more Ohioans intended to vote for Kerry but were turned away b/c of lines that were too long.

[Obviously you are lacking in proper respect for DUmmie Holy Writ, DUmmie liberalpragmatist. An intent to vote is the SAME as a vote. Let ALL the intentional votes be counted.]

All this being said, nothing I have read indicates to me that the outcome can change. It will not. At the end of they, I'm sorry, I have to believe, as heartbreaking as it is for me, that George W. Bush got more votes that John Kerry in Ohio and Florida. This isn't a 538-vote difference; this is a 130,000-vote difference. I'm sorry, the numbers just don't bear our a Kerry victory.

[The bigger the vote margin the bigger the vote fraud perpetrated by Karl Rove. The numbers bear out a vote fraud of huge proportions.]

I'm getting a little annoyed at the constant carping on any strategy thread about how Kerry didn't lose - we will destroy ourselves if we singlemindedly keep telling ourselves he didn't. Yes, there were serious problems in voting that need to be corrected, but those alone will not win us an election.

[And I am quite amused at the constant carping on any strategy thread about how Kerry didn’t lose. Are you trying to destroy my entertainment source, DUmmie liberalpragmatist?]

There's no justification for a suicide campaign - and that's what a defiant Kerry nonconcession would be. We would probably STILL lose, and we'd be branded sore losers. The Democratic Party would be destroyed. The country would be even more against us.

[My mouth is watering at the prospect, DUmmie liberalpragmatist.]

I do agree with your point that is totally different from Florida in 2000 though and with that, I do see your point about Kerry being right to concede.

[And another DUmmie agrees with DUmmie liberal pragmatist. This heresy in DUmmieland MUST BE SUPRESSED!!!]

I was really looking forward to a Kerry presidency and I still find myself often just shaking my head in disbelief. But I can't be in denial. I would love to believe all the theories about Kerry actually winning, but while it interests me and I read all that I can about it, I just in the end, cannot bring myself to believe that he actually won. None of the math adds up.

[The math DOES add up, DUmmie liberalpragmatist. See, a professor at UC Berkeley used statistical equations to PROVE that Kerry won in Ohio. That’s good enough for me!]

Barring an Ukraine-style protest movement, we're STUCK with that smirking, strutting Chimp, for the next 4 years. So it's absolutely NECESSARY to know what we're up against --- and plan suitable measures with the means available. That's OUR Mandate.

[That’s your NIGHTMARE, DUmmie pnorman.]

I think he lost unfairly, but I can't prove it.

[AHA! The fact that you can’t prove it just shows how cleverly Karl Rove perpetrated vote fraud!]

The Exit Polls were right and the vote was rigged.

[And everybody knows the exit polls always take precedent over the actual vote count.]

The level of denial enforced around here is pretty amazing.

[True but it sure makes for some great comedy material.]

The provisional count in OH has given me closure. This election is over for me at least.

[But those provisional votes are only actual votes. When the intentional votes are counted, Kerry WILL win because more Ohio voters INTENDED to vote for him.]