Monday, June 03, 2019

Meathead Rob Reiner Claims "Piles of Evidence of Collusion" in Mueller R...

Rob Reiner appeared on the May 31 "Morning Joe" show and made the absurd claim that there are "piles of evidence of collusion" in the Mueller Report. Really, Meathead? Somehow he has found evidence of Trump-Russia collusion in the Mueller Report that no one else has seen. I therefore challenge Meathead Reiner to SHOW THE EVIDENCE of such collusion. All talk show interviewers should never again allow Meathead on their programs unless he provides such evidence of collusion.


Blogger Svobodnik said...

I know that Adam Schiff was holding "proof" of Russian Collusion all this time. Mueller testified last week (July 2019) and the weak testimony forced Schiff to reveal his proof - it turned out to be that chick who wanted the meeting with Donald Trump junior. Sigh.

5:01 AM  
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Anonymous Henry said...

It's "binders," Rob. "Binders full of evidence." Get with the narrative.

5:12 PM  
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