Monday, April 01, 2019

DUmmies Defend Joe Biden

Can you believe it? A woman has accused Joe Biden of groping her. How can that be? I mean who could have suspected such Biden could possibly have done such a thing?

Of course, there is plenty of evidence "hidden" in plain sight such as dozens of videos and photos. The most recent accusation comes from a Democrat politician, Lucy Flores, who accused Biden of groping her, smelling her hair, and kissing the back of her head... Just as we have seen in numerous videos and photos. And yet... Joe Biden has his ardent defenders in DUmmieland such as on this thread, "Biden and Lucy Flores: Daily Beast has reviewed old correspondence backing up Flores claim."

So let us now watch the DUmmies defend gropin' Joe in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thanking Joe and his antics for putting the DUmmie FUnnies YouTube Channel over the 1000 subscriber mark (and now approaching 3000 after less than a week, is in the [brackets]:

Biden and Lucy Flores: Daily Beast has reviewed old correspondence backing up Flores claim.

[Right. Because without that valuable piece of information we would have no clue that Joe is a serial groper.]

In her piece for “The Cut,” she said that she told a few members of her staff what had taken place after the event. However, she said that she did not have permission to share personal information about them. The Daily Beast was able to view correspondence between Flores and another individual discussing the alleged incident in Nevada years prior to the New York Magazine article. The exchange gives credence to Flores’ claim to the extent that it shows it was an incident she talked about before going public this Friday.

[Well, Biden did say he would wait until Easter to make his decision to enter the presidential race. What he didn't tell you is that now it looks like it will be Easter, 2023.]

Biden seems to hug a lot of people and it doesn’t seem sexual. He needs to back off for sure. But the last time I saw him give a speech I wanted to give him a huge hug.

[Yeah, all Biden has to do is back off a bit and everything will be fine and dandy with his campaign.]

Republicans have been trying to make "Biden is a Perv" a THING for a while now. It hasn't worked for them, because it’s just more of their typical filthy sleazy innuendo.

[Absolutely NO proof...except for those scores of videos and pics on the Web.]

She's been exposed as a Sanders supporter trying to spread Whataboutism about other campaigns because Bernie has massive exposure from his 2016 harassment claims.

[Bernie's fault! Is that you, Hillary?]

"A Big Sloooooooow Kiss" .... oh Jeez, This is another hit job on A Democratic Candidate !! Stop bashing Joe Biden.

[LEAVE JOE BIDEN ALONE!!!!! Okay, there are plenty more threads with the DUmmies defending Biden. And since it has been soooooo long since your humble correspondent has done a full DUFU...let's go for it as we also DUFU "Biden says he never "acted inappropriately" in first statement after Lucy Flores accusation."]

Biden says he never "acted inappropriately" in first statement after Lucy Flores accusation


"In my many years on the campaign trial and in public life, I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort," Biden's statement said. "And not once — never — did I believe I acted inappropriately. If it is suggested that I did so, I will listen respectfully. But it was never my intention."

[I guess Joe never watched all those videos of himself that are all over the Web.]

I'm sick of so-called Democrats doing hit jobs on our Democratic finest. Al Franken, Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax and Joe Biden know what I mean.

[And don't forget Jussie Smollett.]

seems like a political hit job. Thats just me... ymmv...

[Just you...and all the other clueless DUmmies.]

me too, i agree with you. You called them so-called Democrats doing hit jobs .... CORRECT
we have to stop the mean-ness !!!!! Please people: Love is the answer.

[This is a DUmmie #MeToo moment as in #MeTooStupid.]

Biden is a good and decent person. He doesn't deserve this. I believe Joe.

[Biden is wonderful. It's just his groping hands that got him in trouble.]

This morning is my first comment on any of these threads. I gave Ms. Flores due attention but... I find her lacking in credibility.

[So much for that "always believe the woman" shtick that we heard endlessly during the Kavanaugh hearing.]

I'd be happy to vote for Biden should he become the nominee. If what Flores described- Biden touching her shoulders and kissing her head- occurred, I don’t see it as disqualifying.

[Because...DEMOCRAT. But still disqualifying for nasty evil Republicans...... Well, welcome back everybody to the OLD DUmmie FUnnies which will serve to complement the new DUmmie FUnnies YouTube channel. Now you can have the BEST of both worlds!!!]


Anonymous JEROME GOOLSBY said...

Ignoring the fact that Biden's a perv, I see no one addressing the REAL reason he shouldn't be President....HE'S A COMPLETE IDIOT.

9:25 PM  

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