Wednesday, January 18, 2017

DUmmies Deeply Depressed Over Trump's Inauguration

The DUmmies are now in a state of complete grief over the impending inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday. Of course, their gloomy extreme depression is going to make watching his inauguration even MORE enjoyable than it normally would be. As you can see in the picture above of the OUTGOING gloomy White House staff, DUmmies and their leftwing cohorts cannot hide their extreme sorrow. You can see just how depressed the DUmmies are just by the very title of their thread, "Is everybody here in as shitty a mood this week as I am?" Yeah, everybody in DUmmieland is despondent but for us normal folks on the outside it is HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!! WOO-HOO!!!! So let us now read the hilarious DUmmie depression in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, breaking out the beer at high noon on Friday for the first time since I caught a bad cold last month, is in the [brackets].

Is everybody here in as shitty a mood this week as I am?

[I'm sure they are which makes it that much more enjoyable to watch.]

I'm pissed and I'm in mourning.

[I'm happy and laughing at you DUmmies. Speaking of which, let us now take a hilarious look at your fellow depressed DUmmies...]

I am grieving. I feel very bereft.

[Only 2922 more days of the Trumpocalypse.]

Going to the DC March ... Will get some good energy there

[Not if you hang out with violent protesters. All you would get then is a broken skull while splayed out on the jail cell floor.]

I can't come out of my bad funk.

[You will snap out of it after the 2922 days of the Trump era. Then immediately return to your bad funk when you realize there will be 2920 days more of the President Pence terms.]

I'm gonna have this funk for a loooooooong time. Pretty much always.

[Forever funked.]

Last night I watched a documentary about Election Night and I just got really angry. For some reason yesterday I was the most angry I have been since this happened.

[That's strange. The same Election Night documentaries put me in an extreme upbeat mood from laughing at all the snowflake meltdowns. They are HILARIOUS!!!]

I've been in a shitty mood for the last 10 weeks. I don't expect it to get better in the near future.

[At least 2922 more days.]

Yes. Same with me and Mr. Gaia. I don't see any light at the end of this tunnel, nor any silver linings anywhere, either. It's dismal.

[This Is The End.]

I'm ready to get the next four years over.

[But will you be ready for another four Trump years after that? 2922 more days, baby!]

I'm sorry, but donald trump does not have the power to make my life shitty any more than Hillary would have had the power to make my life wonderful. Our day to day happiness is in our own hands and we alone have the power to make it shitty or happy. I do NOT give the trumpster the power to make my life shitty. I can do that all on my own if I so choose. I intend to go on being the happy successful person I've always strived to be. I am a little depressed this week, but not because of trump. ...AS far as trump goes, I hate him as much as anyone could, but I refuse to let him make my life shitty.

[Translation: Donald Trump has ruined your life and there is NOTHING you can do about it.]

This week, as I say, has been terrifically sad and depressing anticipating the hurt that is going to be brought down on people and the planet by trump ascending to the position of leader of the free world.

[Have you considered brick wall head bashing therapy?]

The first place to resist trump is by not allowing him the power to ruin your sanity.

[That ship sailed long ago.]

I am unable to function.

[Uncontrollable bladder?]

I plan to avoid all news sources this week, as I have been doing since 11/9, but even more stringently so.

[Better go into hibernation until Jan. 20, 2025.]

Not much is cheering me up - not interested in watching late night comedy - because it's just not funny what happened and what is about to happen. The news is a no no - no effing way will I torment myself like during the Bush years.

[You need to cocoon yourself until Jan. 20, 2025.]

I will never watch any news network ever again. I just can't bear the thought of that guy being called "president".

[Another DUmmie for extreme cocooning.]

I can barely work, I'm depressed and angry, sarcastic and deeply dark. I tend to take a global view of all things, but no matter what part or how much of the world I pay attention to, I see nothing but Trump-shit all over it for at least four years.

[At least but in reality eight years.]

Depressed, stunned, still not quite believing it's going to happen yet I know it will. This is a disaster of world shaking proportions. None of us is safe.

[I really would love to see a video of your Election Night meltdown.]

What do I do with this rage for the people I know who voted for him? Especially the ones who are supposed to be intelligent? I understand how he conned the deplorables with his lies, but these people I know who have done quite well under Obama-- I want to spit on them.

[Have you tried sticking your head in a bucket and screaming?]

I'm drained.. I wake up angry and go to bed angry. I have been trying to pace myself but there is something every minute and he hasn't been sworn in yet.

[Donald Trump has complete control over your tiny mind.]

I am . . . permanently pissed off with no intention to get over it.

[You will NEVER get over it for all eternity unto the end of time.]

a number of my friends report suffering from Trumpsomnia Last night fell asleep at 3.

[Their Trumpsomnia will last all the way thru the Trumpocalypse.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Glad to see the Troglaman Clones/Moonbats are taking things so well. Foaming at the mouth and howling like a mad dog while screaming bat-shit crazy BS really is a good way to go through life if you're a Moonbat it appears.

Looks like they'll spend the next 4 - 8 years with their heads permanently power-slammed squarely up their ass. Works for me.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Today (Jan. 20, 2017) I can picture Troglaman The Guttersnipe kneeling in front of his altar to The Obamassiah chugging a liter of EVERCLEAR and screaming like a two-year old child.

2:43 PM  
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