Saturday, January 28, 2017

DUmmies Angry Over Being Scammed by Jill Stein

DUmmies NEVER learn. That's why they are DUmmies. In 2004, the DUmmies got thoroughly scammed by BBV Bev Harris who happily pocketed lots of DUmmie bucks in exchange for the promise to overturn the election. Of course, BBV Bev never came close to fulfilling her laughable promise. When it was too late, the DUmmie scamees loudly complained about being so easily fleeced. Well, fast forward 12 years to 2016 and Jill Stein performed the almost same type of scam by going through the bare motions of challenging the election results in 3 states with the promise to overturn the election results. You would have thought the DUmmies had learned from their bitter BBV Bev experience but NOOOOO... They fell for the scam AGAIN as you can see in this DUFU EDITION of last November where they eagerly handed over their bucks to Jill Stein with the spooky smile (see pic above).

Now it finally seems as if the DUmmies suddenly realized they were completely scammed yet again as you can see in this DUmmie thread, Jill Stein got to keep over $4 million from the funds she scammed for her recounts. Gee! And I wonder how Jill so easily scammed the DUmmies...NOT! Truth is the DUmmies have been scammed over and over again since the beginning of their existence and will continue to be scammed as long as they exist. So let us now read of DUmmies griping about being scammed by Jill in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that PT Barnum said "There's a DUmmie born every minute," is in the [brackets]:

Jill Stein got to keep over $4 million from the funds she scammed for her recounts.

[Full title should be: "Jill Stein got to keep over $4 million from the funds she scammed FROM DUMMIES for her recounts."]

How many people gave money they couldn't really afford in the hope that they'd get fair recounts of all three states -- and possibly overturn 7the election?

[Do a census count on the total number of DUmmies and then multiply by 90 percent to get the answer.]

She knew from the beginning that she'd already missed the deadline for an automatic Pennsylvania recount, so that recount court petition was a Hail Mary pass.

[And yet you DUmmies fell over each other to send Jill money.]

So, between the money she never had to spend in Pennsylvania, and the $2 million in funds returned to her from WI and MI, she had quite a sum left over at the end of it all. She went from about $58K cash on hand at the end of the campaign, to more than $4 million cash on hand after the partial recounts of two of the states.

[A nice scam whose success was assure because she was dealing with DUmmies.]

But she kept pleading for more donations till the bitter end.

[And the DUmmies kept on giving and giving and giving until well after the bitter end when they finally realized they were easily scammed yet again.]

And now Jill Stein, the only candidate who had dinner with Putin in Russia last winter, has a big pile of cash to use to disrupt the next Presidential election. And desperate Democrats helped her get it.

[Desperate Democrats and desperate DUmmies. And now on to the other DUmmies angry that they were so easily scammed by Jill...]

No Surprise here

[Nope no surprise at all. Predicting the scamming of DUmmies is as easy as predicting that a rock thrown up into the air will eventually fall to the ground.]

I warned you here on DU...It didn't feel right..

[To quote from the incredibly gullible November DUmmie thread..."There's no downside as far as I can tell. Good on Jill."]

Screwed and used HRC, then made her getaway with the loot. Stein is a fraud.

["If she gets enough money for one state, she will do that, if two states, she will do that, and if three states, she will do that. Her goal is election integrity, exposing the problems."]

Yep. Stein is a tool of the right wing.

[Please don't expect a $4 million refund.]

she is dumb. She is so clueless

[And yet she very easily SCAMMED you DUmmies.]

I'd say it's pretty clever to go, in one month, from $58K cash-in-hand to $4 million. More clever than many of the people who donated to her cause.

[Come on, say it! "DUMMIES!!!" Say it! SAAAAY ITTTT!!!]

Nope. She's dumb like a fox, and she is playing American voters hoping for better. She should be ashamed -- but I doubt that is in her nature.

[So how much did Jill scam you for, Sucker?]

Is there any possibility that Jill Stein can be forced to return this money?

[No and don't expect a cent of your money back, SUCKER!!!]

When she was collecting her millions, she always said that if she had some left over it would go toward her party, i.e., her "voter integrity" work.

[I think BBV Bev used the same pitch.]

Jill Stein is a hero.

[Is that you, Jill?]

I wonder how she'd have paid all her bills if she hadn't thought up the audit money-maker?

[A regular Ponzi scheme? But that's not a sure thing like scamming DUmmies is. Works every time.]

Jill Stein did great in gathering cash by getting upset people to donate for recounts so they could all feel better about the did that work out?

[It worked out as well as all the other easily detectable scams perpetrated upon DUmmies.]

She had enough for her recounts with the first $2.5 million she raised, with a half million to spare. Interestingly, that was the original amount she asked for, that was supposed to pay for the three recounts. However, when she raised that much very quickly, she immediately saw the chance to raise a lot more money -- for her party. So then she asked for another couple million. And another.

[Which the DUmmies unquestioningly handed over to her each and every time.]

Plenty of us were calling this a shameless cash grab while it was taking place. She gets to keep the money? Of course she does! To be fair, she never had any intention of giving any of it back and made this perfectly clear while she was asking for donations. People need to read the fine print.

[Sorry but there is no Kewpie Doll award for retroactively having a very convenient moment of mental clarity.]

We tried to tell people here what was going on, but they still gave her money.

[What's this "We" bit, Kemosabe?]

Desperate Dems just helped to bankroll her 2020 campaign.

[Stein 2020! Drain those liberal votes away and assure the re-election of President Trump!]

Her recount was a scam from the begining. The manner in which she went about it has cemented in the minds of Americans that it was a fair election. What she did was horrid in every way.

[So how much did YOU fork over to Jill like a complete SUCKER?]

I understand why people wanted to believe. I hope this will be remembered next election though.

[Nope. Another scam artist can challenge the 2020 election results and DUmmies will AGAIN fork over their money like complete SUCKERS.]

She flat out scammed people.

[Let's be more specific and replace "people" with "DUmmies."]

And donators can almost certainly get their donation back.

[Still holding out hope for your refund?]

The caliber of Jill Stein's character will be sealed as we watch how the money is spent. Follow the money. It's always about the money.

[Follow the money. It will probably end up paying for 5 star hotel suites as the money to turned over to BBV Bev did.]

If you donated to Stein for the recount, call your credit card company for a charge back refund. My daughter did just that when she realized she had been scammed out of her money by Stein. Tell your credit card company that the charge was a donation solicited under false pretenses.

[Call your credit card company and just tell them you are an easily scammed DUmmie. Then cross your fingers hoping for a refund when the person on the other end of the line stops laughing.]

I did donate to the recount because I didn't want to look back and wish that we did do something as I don't think the vote was fair. I did go in with open eyes and had my doubts.

[And, of course, you were SCAMMED yet again!!!]

Stein helped get trump elected and then scammed donors with recounts

[I call that WIN/WIN.]

She's a great con artist. Not only did she net millions of dollars, many of them continue up to defend her, despite being bilked out if money they doubtless need that money more more than she. She's not the first and won't be the last.

[It is inevitable that there will be a BBV Bev III.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

And now everyone clearly sees why I not only identify the denizens of DU as Moonbats but as Troglaman Clones. Only individuals with an intellectual depth as shallow as Troglaman could fall for a scam like that.

2:14 AM  
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