Thursday, December 08, 2016

Womyn DUmmies Still Mourning Hillary Loss

I used to go to a really good sushi buffet in the Westwood section of Los Angeles. Nearby was the "Womyn's Bookstore." I can't tell you how much of a kick I got out of seeing that place since I found their artificial attempt to avoid the name "men" in their name quite amusing. Once in a while I would see a very angry woman, I mean womyn, enter the establishment but mostly the place was empty. I doubt it is still there but that whole "womyn" shtick still amuses me to the extent I am using it in the title of this DUFU edition. Also amusing is how "womyn" DUmmies are still mourning the loss of Hillary because she is/was/mightbe a female. The result is this DUmmie thread titled, No You Cant : Why Im Still Crying Over Hillary Clintons Loss. It starts out quoting a "womyn" comedy writer named Eirene Donohue. Nothing really comedic about her extreme grief except that it is so extreme as to be inadvertently HILARIOUS. So let us now watch the DUmmies grieve to the max over the loss of poor Hillary in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking this might be the funniest thing Ms Donohue has ever written, is in the [brackets]:

No You Cant : Why Im Still Crying Over Hillary Clintons Loss.

[Yes We Can: Whey We Are Still Laughing Over Hillary Clintons Loss.]

Eirene Donohue

[Check her IMDB profile. Worked on something unknown years ago and is still working on something like "I Was A Teenage Vampire."]

I am her. The words flashed through my head. And suddenly, there on the 101 freeway, I was down the hole again. Tears streaming, sobs choking, heart breaking. The realization hitting me. I am Her.

[You are Her? Did your butt suddenly break thru your pantsuits?]

And here was the root of my pain. This wasn’t just about the disappointment that my candidate lost. Or the fear of what Trump will do to this country. It felt like my very soul hurt and I realized that it was because of what this election said to me as a woman. It said no.

[No. You are now officially worthless all because Hillary lost.]

No, woman, stay in your place. No, woman, you are not good enough. No, woman, no matter what you do, you will not win, you will not be the boss of me.

[A tragedy if you are a womyn "comedy" writer in L.A.. For a woman harvesting rice with mud up to her knees in Bangladesh...she has bigger problems to deal with.]

It crushed a part of my female core to realize that yes, the world at large really does hate women that much. And while there are other reasons to dislike Hilary Clinton and disagree with her policies, misogyny and sexism are the gas that fuels the fire they burned her with.

[Hillary as Joan of Arc being burned at the stake? Naw! That scenario doesn't work for me.]

We are supposed to stay quiet and not ask for much. Stay in our place and say please and thank you and don’t challenge anyone. We must be perfect, ten times more perfect than the man beside us. And then we must wait for them to give us permission to follow their orders.

[Advice to guys. Avoid this womyn like the plague or you risk the loss of your bolitos. Now on to the the Drama Queen DUmmies mourning the Hillary loss...]

Tears are flowing... No Words


Until we stop being 10's or unless we're flat chested and thus automatically excluded because it's very hard to be flat chested and be a 10.

[Would you like a coupon for falsies?]

I feel let down Especially by the women who voted for that creep. It hurt me physically in a way, i'm tired, sore, have had three infections in the past month... I almost give up.

[And don't forget about that ingrown toenail you suffered all because Hillary lost.]

It's been hard. I've finally made it to the acceptance stage of grief, but I too have gotten sick, run a fever, and felt terribly depressed.

[Good news. You are now only one step away from the despair stage of grief.]

I'm still locked in anger, and lashing out at former family... former friends.. I have resorted to misogynistic insults, ageist insults, racist insults, and all manner of banter that before November 8th would have and did appall me.

[I bet you were a barrel of fun at the Thanksgiving table.]

I have called women who support trump a "4" and/or a "hag" and have told them they voted for him, they no longer have a voice because they are just women.

[So you are now treating women the same way that Eirene the mostly wannabee comedy writer is accusing Trump supporters of doing.]

I have told elders that supported him, whose profiles say they are retired that they should just off and die because they are beyond their years of being productive citizens in tRump's 'merika. That I hope theirs is the first medicare and social security to get cut out.

[Somebody needs to check if this DUmmie works in a hospital.]

I have used the most base and despicable insults against the wives, or children of men on social media who supported trump

[Keep going. The District Attorney is copying your own testimony to use against you for your impending internet child bullying trial.]

I have told school teachers who supported him that I hope they lose their jobs or at the very least have their income severely slashed.

[I guess you missed your rabies shot.]

I am disgusted with my behavior on social media, but fuck it, logic doesn't seem to sink in with these dipshits who have voted against their own interests, maybe some of the disgusting medicine that they supported being used against them and the ones they love will finally get through to them.

[Posted DUmmie Amimnoch from the Rubber Room. I repeat for the authorities, DUmmie Amimnoch.]

I flipped off and swore at a Bernie or Buster on the street. He was a complete stranger, but I overheard a phone conversation. Perhaps a break from social media would help?

[Perhaps but you obviously are experiencing a break from reality.]

Do not, at all costs, accept what has happened. Just have to live with it. If we get overwrought and have health problems from it all, then they have really won.

[Your hilarious Drama Queen angst means we have really won.]

I am having a hard time getting beyond denial... this is a crushing blow that not many men can understand

[Many men understood that crushing blow that Madonna offered for Hillary votes which is one reason why she lost.]

The fucking church and the Xian religion at its base is misogynitic, racist and bigoted. A patriarchal code set down by men for men, asserting that some supernatural being decided that's the way it is. Women are second-class cutizens. Property of men, in fact. Nope, religion is the problem. Your relatives would have had a better chance of voting for Hillary had they stayed away from church.

[Let me make a wild guess here and assume you are not a member of the Pastor Charles flock.]

The meaning of Jesus Christ? A fairly loathsome personage, at least as how he's depicted in the Buy Bull.

[Is that you, Jennifer Palmieri?]

I still cry. A couple times a week.

[And after being featured in this DUFU edition, DUmmie trueblue2007, make that a couple of times a day.]

I haven't really cried a couple of tears when I saw Kate McKinnon sing Hallelujah.

[I cried a couple of tears of laughter when Kate sang these lyrics: "I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you."]

I'm still grieving too and I will NEVER allow myself to call this situation normal. I wake up every morning with a pit in my stomach and an ache in my heart and head. But I'd rather live with that than to get to acceptance. I will always RESIST.

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]

I am not a woman but I also took this loss personally I am the father of two daughters and I will never forget or forgive this loss

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]

i'm hoping that when we go march in DC on 21 Jan, 2 of my sons will come along. My oldest son was mad because his wife and i went full speed ahead on the plans and he wasn't consulted enough. so i sent him an email with links to the march, and i said to him, I would love it if you came and marched with us. It has always been my belief that women's liberation is everyone's liberation.

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]

Everytime I look at her I cry and say what could have been. It hurts.

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]

I will never forget and I will never forgive ANY Trump voters. But white females are the ones who gave me the deepest cuts of all.

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]

I still cry . . . a little every day. I just can't believe that people I know voted for that orange ass! I want to call them on it but they seem to ok with a the shit he and his kids have done since he won! Nothing to see here . . . No conflicts of interest . . . No draining the swamp . . . who cares if Russia messed in our elections . . . Nothing seems to matter. I pray that the Democrats do not cooperate . . . stonewall - the way they treated President Obama and his family for the past 8 years is beyond disgusting! I want Hollywood to ignore him . . . Designers not to dress her . . . News and entertainment reports to ignore them - they beg for fame - we need to starve them out! But more than anything we need to find someone within enough money to help establish voting machines in minority precincts make sure the vote is properly counted - we don't lose elections they are taken from us!

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]

Male, here. And this post hits me hard. I've been a feminist since my teens -- I saw the Billie Jean King/Bobby Riggs match, listened to the crap that was being spewed all around me, and changed. She was going to be an EXCELLENT world leader. She was going to help. But the same forces that were spewing the same crap back in the 60's and 70's have hijacked reality yet again. There's going to be a significant body count this time, if we survive as a species. It was the worst possible decision for a nation to make. All because of deeply-held cultural misogyny. Misogyny so deeply embedded that it even sweeps up many women themselves in its dark primitivism.

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]

The loss will never be regained; the injury will never heal.

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]

I blew up at my husband about something trivial last night and broke down crying. It took me a little while to realize why.

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]

It has been said that depression is anger turned inward. I think it applies here. Depressed? Decide you are not going to take bullshit anymore. Call out every misogynist bastard, assert yourself. Not meanly, but firmly. Be demure? Get along at all costs? Be sweet? Kiss my ass demure, be strong, be yourself, call out inequities.

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]

Today is especially bad given the federal judge's reversal of the earlier ruling to recount in MI.

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]

I am her. Unfortunately, I'm a man. This election has made me decide that I am finally going to make the decision to become a woman!! I will honor Hillary for the rest of my life as a woman. I honestly can't stand being a man any longer if it means being anything like Trump.

[LOL!!! I nominate the above by Hopeless1 as the FUnniest DUmmie post of the year! Oh, and where will you be mailing your bolitos to?]

I am so stunned that this happened...that I have not even been able to cry yet. I wake up every morning and say to myself, "This cannot possibly be happening." It is all the more bitter that as fine an individual as President Obama is being followed by the worst of the worst of human dreck that is DFT (Donald Fucking Trump).

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]

I know the feeling. Took me 1 week to squeeze a few tears when I saw SNL Hallelluja opening. Floodgates still locked in though.

[WINNING!!! Thank you, President Trump!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump said we would win so much we would get tired of winning. I ain't in no ways tired!

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are these people really running around without their long sleeved jackets?

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Matthew Swain said...

They are loose...maybe when the health care system is restored to its former greatness they'll get the mental help they obviously need.

1:57 PM  
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