Friday, December 16, 2016

Skinner Finds Trump Alarming

Goniff the Thief aka Skinner aka David Allen aka Mr. Shelly Moskwa finds Trump alarming. What is really alarming is Skinner's outright deception and thievery. Mr. Even Handed spent years running DUmmieland in which the vast majority of the DUmmies were adamantly opposed to Hillary. And during all that time Skinner was secretly receiving campaign cash via his wife, Shelly Moskwa, who also acted as the treasurer for Her Heinous. In previous DUFU editions I provided links and documentation of FEC information revealing those Clinton Cash payments funneled to Skinner. Of course, NOT ONCE did that craven thief own up to his corruption. After the Election Day/Night shock, DUmmieland went down for a couple of weeks, supposedly hacked by the Russians or evil rightwingers. In fact, it was another Skinner Scam to raise cash to replace his losses due to the Clinton Cash pipeline being shut down. He really needed that money since with no more Clinton Cash and having stupidly caused most of the Sandernistas, the majority of the DUmmies, to go into permanent exile with the Jackals, Skinner is now desperate.

His desperation for $$$$ hasn't kept him from hypocritically getting up on his moral high horse. In this case he claims to find Donald Trump "alarming." You can see El Lobo expressing his deep concerns over Trump in his thread, NYT: Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy? No, Skinner, he isn't but he is sure a threat to your wallet. So let us now watch Skinner the Thief and the other DUmmies pontificate about Trump in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering how long DUmmieland will be shut down for another cash scam following the 2018 elections, is in the [brackets]:

NYT: Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy?

[NYT: One of the big purveyors of FAKE news.]

This op-ed on the New York Times does a good job explaining why I find Trump so alarming. Worth reading the whole thing...

[Maybe you can convince Pinch Sulzberger to send you cash to replace the Clinton Cash you kept secret from the DUmmies all these years.]


Donald J. Trump’s election has raised a question that few Americans ever imagined asking: Is our democracy in danger? With the possible exception of the Civil War, American democracy has never collapsed; indeed, no democracy as rich or as established as America’s ever has. Yet past stability is no guarantee of democracy’s future survival.

[Democracy isn't collapsing but the NYT credibility certainly has.]

We have spent two decades studying the emergence and breakdown of democracy in Europe and Latin America. Our research points to several warning signs.

[Such as corruption via paying off leaders of blogs to secretly favor a certain candidate?]

The clearest warning sign is the ascent of anti-democratic politicians into mainstream politics. Drawing on a close study of democracy’s demise in 1930s Europe, the eminent political scientist Juan J. Linz designed a “litmus test” to identify anti-democratic politicians. His indicators include a failure to reject violence unambiguously, a readiness to curtail rivals’ civil liberties, and the denial of the legitimacy of elected governments.

[Hmmm... And WHO is now denying the legitimacy of an elected government by trying to convince presidential electors not to vote for the candidate (Trump) chosen by the citizens?]

Mr. Trump tests positive. In the campaign, he encouraged violence among supporters; pledged to prosecute Hillary Clinton; threatened legal action against unfriendly media; and suggested that he might not accept the election results.

[Again, WHO is not accepting the election results? Now on to the DUmmies still idiotic enough to remain in DUmmieland after Skinner's betrayal...]

He's already showing the world that HE is in charge and going to do whatever the hell benefits HIM. I expect a major threat to democracy.

[Yup, Trump is showing the world that he is already in charge. That just has to irk Obama since Trump as President-Elect has done more in a month than he ever accomplished in 8 years.]

I can't cite the source, because it was something I heard on a podcast (best of the left) but the same uncertainty was pervasive about Hitler. I'm not saying Trump is Hitler, it's just chilling to me that it was so unclear to many Germans what he intended. We know that Trump has no regard for his own words, how can he possibly have any regard for the constitution?

[Actually you are saying Trump is Hitler. And I'm saying that Skinner is Thief.]

tRump scares me and I'm not easily scared but his cretin has the hair on the back of my neck sticking straight out

[Assume fetal position and suck thumb!]

I have not been able to really relax since election day, it's never far from my thoughts. I'm hoping something can still happen to block him, but If His Idiocy actually is inaugurated, my retiring husband and I are seriously cconsidering leaving the country, at least for a year, to see how things shake out here, politically..I don't want to live under this guy..Like Michael

[Don't move to Mexico and expect to work since they actually do strictly enforce their immigration laws down there and foreigners are PROHIBITED from working.]

Elections hacked..this is the only way they won - They are ALL illegitimate - and the traitor Dems in congress..are you shitting me..from Mccaskill to manchin - I hope those who have the backbone sue the shit out of it out...every day - enough of the PC crap - I wonder, if we, the American people with a conscience, could bring class action suits at every turn....

[Yeah, class action lawsuits will make it all better for the Twilight Zone.]

YES He Is! Donald Trump, the Family of Donald Trump and the Presidency...of Donald Trump are CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGERS to the United States FOR MULTIPLE REASONS.

[Certainly a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to Skinner's wallet.]

This last election and the hacking of DU should show w/out a doubt that democracy is over for now.

[Newsflash for clueless DUmmies! DUmmieland was purposely shut down by Skinner in order to replace some of the cash no longer available to him from Crooked Hillary.]

This was and is a coup and Comey, Trump, and McConnell committed treason.

[While Skinner committed larceny?]

The fascist republicans with help from a foreign fascist government and a compromised radical FBI stole this election. They own all branches of this government post January 20 2017.

[On 1/20/17 all DUmmies at 12 noon must bend over, grab their socks, and hold that position while waiting for further instructions.]

The entire Republican Party is a threat to democracy. Not only that, a threat to our freedom and physical well-being.

[Will you break out in hives as Lena Dunham did on Election Night?]

It will not take much to turn us into the fourth Reich.

[This DUmmie is going to have a hard time surviving the 16 years of the Trump/Pence era only to find out that Obama was the LAST Democrat president.]

Whether we like it or not but we are gonna have to go high and work with trump because otherwise we would be inflicting even more damage upon ourselves.

[Somebody has to say it so I will... LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Col. Von Staffenberg, where are you?

[A not very subtle call for assassination from DUmmie muntrv? I repeat, DUmmie muntrv? Are you watching, Secret Service?]

And even the tech CEO's have nothing but silence.

[I bet that meeting yesterday at Trump Tower between You-Know-Who and all those tech titans had to have been painful for you to watch.]

Is any President who ignores the Constitution a threat to democracy?

[Ask Pen & Phone Obama.]


Blogger Mr Mannn said...

Skinner doesn't know what Democracy really means...or he would never have worked for Hillary.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Matthew Swain said...

You are correct.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Mr Mannn said...

Skinner doesn't know what Democracy really means...or he would never have worked for Hillary.

That stupid smile on his face proves you're right.

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We the people find Skinner VERY alarming.....

7:38 PM  
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