Monday, December 12, 2016

DUmmies Pray to Blue Fairy Obama to Stop Trump

Blue Fairy! Blue Fairy! Obama! Obama! Please stop Donald Trump from becoming President by any means necessary even if it is totally unconstitutional and would cause civil war.

Yeah, after all that lecturing during the campaign about the necessity of ACCEPTING the election results, the DUmmies and many liberals are NOT accepting the election results. So what to do to stop Trump? Anything! Anything! Anything! You can see the hilarious DUmmie desperation in this thread, President Obama can save this country. Your Blue Fairy will certainly save the day...NOT! So let us watch the DUmmies helplessly but hilariously pray for salvation from the coming Trumpocalypse in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, looking forward to getting his PredictIt money next Monday when the Electoral College verifies that Trump WON, is in the [barackets]:

President Obama can save this country.

[Naw! It would cut into his golf time.]

He needs to go on TV and speak to the nation. He has to lay out the interference by Russia in our democratic process, even at the risk of compromising sources and methods. He needs to go on to say an election that happened under the influence of such interference is a nullity. He should set a new election date. Then he should announce he has positioned troops around the country and called up the National Guard and he will not hesitate to declare martial law in the event of violence.

[You need to appear at your local Funny Farm and announce you are checking in for the next 2961 days of the Trump presidency.]

He will rank with Washington and Lincoln in the history of this nation if he does. If he doesn't we will have to fix things ourselves and it will be very messy.

[Is that a threat, DUmmie rzemanfl? I repeat for the Secret Service, DUmmie rzemanfl. Now on to his fellow desperate DUmmies...]

He will.

[Yup. And the blue tooth fairy will also leave money under your pillow for losing your mind.]

From your keyboard to some all powerful being's eyes.

[Goddess Gaia?]

I think they already said the results stand unfortunately.


I believe that if Mr. President knows information that the Russian's threw our election that he will do something about it. I do. He's a bad whammer jammer!

[At least we know your jammer got whammed.]

I wonder if he can recall all the Secret Service agents from NYC?

[I wonder if your mind lived thru birth.]

totally agree. He is putting every duck in a row, following rigorous legal procedure before he takes action. That's his track record in office. And I like it!

[I would love to see this DUmmie's face on 1/20 when he discovers that Obama never played three dimensional chess.]

This is Obama, to a T. And it is one of the many reasons why I have such confidence in him.


It's not too late until the electors cast their votes dont give up hope!

[A whole week to go and already one faithless elector and a whole bunch of Hillary electors who have pledged NOT to vote for Trump.]

EC should postpone voting until all votes recounted in MI, FL, PA, WI. What's with the date? Dates can be postponed for various reasons and we have good ones.

[I hate to break it to this DUmmie but MI & PA recounts have been dismissed, FL recount never happened, and Trump has increased his lead in WI.]

And I do believe he can be a real bad ass and won't be surprised if he instills martial law for a time being. A friend who spent her entire career in the army told me she thinks that is what he will do.

[And the rest of her time was spent in the Rubber Room.]

He can declare a national emergency under the National Emergency Act.

[He can declare your vacuous skull a national emergency.]

I believe in him. I believe he will do the right thing.


You know, i think anything is possible. And there is so much we don't know.

[The second sentence are the truest words you ever typed.]

we know enough that the EC should postpone voting til after the recounts and Congressional investig. into Russian hacks.

[DUmmie wordpix better wear a very durable diaper next Monday.]

It would also help to arrest Trump. And call for new elections at the same time. I expect none of this to happen.

[A refreshing burst of reality at the end.]

Time for a little Jedi mind trick!

[May the Farce be with you!]

There are no election redos under our constitution. And President Obama is not a dictator. He has no power to nullify a national election.


EC needs to postpone voting til after Congress'l investigation & recounts

[Enjoying your visit to Fantasyland?]

Why set a date for a new election at all. With the massive hacking of the votes he could simply say that he was the last president elected by the people in a fair election. That no new election would be set until a point and time where voting could be guaranteed "hack free". For the vast majority of us we'd not have a problem extending his term out 2, 4, or even 8 more years. Then declare martial law and if the red staters revolted we'd crush them with our military. Perhaps in the next election their votes really wouldn't matter. It would be a win win or our party and real America.

[A DUmmie in his sandbox fantasizing about President-for-Life Obama.]

Has DU lost its mind? You don't cancel elections that have been held and certified. Who even has the authority to cancel an election? Would be a constitutional crisis with lots of violence and people leaving the country. Everyone knows that canceling prior elections, where no constitutional provision exists, is the Pandora's Box to dictatorships.

[But to answer your question---Yes, DUmmieland has lost its mind.]

My prediction is that the President will say and do nothing. And I hope I am incorrect on this, but nothing in the past eight years gives me any hope that what you write will happen. Plus, I cannot see how the Constitution would allow for this.

[A cold depressing splash of harsh reality. See you next Monday, DUmmies, for the Electoral College vote!]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

This is perfect end to the rule of The Obamassiah. We finally get to see EXACTLY what the Troglaman Clones/Moonbats that make up the base of the DSA really are. If you weren't scared before by that you should be now because there are over 62 million of these howling mad raving lunatic idiots loose in the US right now.

2:17 PM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

Cancelled elections, martial law in Red States, generalissimo Obama ruling by decree. Castro is dead, long live Obama!

I used to think that the Dummies were just goofy, but now they've graduated to hair on fire lunacy.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Anonymous krazy kat said...

Cancelled elections, martial law in Red States, generalissimo Obama ruling by decree. Castro is dead, long live Obama!

I used to think that the Dummies were just goofy, but now they've graduated to hair on fire lunacy.

No joke...I think they've always been that way but it took having their private fantasy universe destroyed to declare it loud and clear. These people are insane. I'm hoping Trump follows through on ending illegals running free in this country and shuts down the borders. If he doesn't these lunatics will be back in power and after living through 8 years of that I think we realize how dangerously stupid and harmful they are.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

I was curious and went back to the first blog post here and found this little item.....

PJ-Comix - Or whatever your real name is, you have now taken this as far as can be permitted. The (DU) is a gathering place for progressive thinkers. It is not a joke and you are taking these posts entirely out of context. If you would take the time to look at the totality of DU, you will find insight, honesty and 100's of people who care about our nation and our planet. Any attempts to turn DU posts into a comic book will be met with swift action.


Two things....first "Skinner" still has yet to take his "swift action" after EIGHT YEARS and secondly, he drove the progressives out of the DUmp this year (they're now Jackals) showing he's really just another Moonbat HACK.

And by the way "Skinner" if you're STILL around here and your ilk ARE a joke.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous The Judge said...

Actually it's been TWELVE years, but who's counting when you're having fun?

3:54 PM  

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