Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DUmmies Discuss Trump Era Withdrawal from Reality

Many DUmmies have now come to the acceptance stage of grief. Yes, they have accepted that Donald Trump will be president but, as a result, they will now withdraw from reality. Of course, will Trump utterly dominating the news, this will be quite a task so it will be fun to see how they can accomplish this. In the meantime we get a comedic sneak peak at how they are hilariously coping in this DUmmie thread, Seriously, it's just unbelievable how my friends are handling the day to day developments. So let us now watch the DUmmies cope with very unpleasant Trump reality in Boshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, predicting delectably delicious DUmmie tears on 1/20, is in the [brackets]:

Seriously, it's just unbelievable how my friends are handling the day to day developments.

[Screaming helplessly into paper bags?]

I follow their posts on Facebook (For the ones I haven't unfollowed) and even the enlightened ones are going into deep denial or withdrawal from reality. I have one woman friend who is left-leaning who is withdrawing into Yoga zen, wishing away all the negativity from her life and focusing her attention on the positives of life. My military friends are suddenly praying to God to keep "toxic" people out of their lives. And one of them said it all with just one sentence on her timeline: "I just don't know."

[Dearest goddess Gaia...Make the Trump victory just a bad dream I can wake up from...NOW!]

How is everybody else coping with this calm before the storm?

[Yes, we need to also laugh at the comedic coping of your fellow DUmmies.]

The mountains are high and the emperor is far away. Old Chinese saying.

[I'll file that away with another Old Chinese saying: With six you get eggroll.]

Meditating and reading up on Canadian immigration policies.

[You will discover that Canada is pretty much frozen over except for the narrow strip near the U.S. border.]

Thinking seriously about Mexico. Cuts to Social Security and Medicare will make the final decision for me.

[Don't even think about working in Mexico because they strictly enforce their immigration laws as we are about to do starting 1/20.]

Well, if we all end up in Mexico, we can work make Mexico great again!

[Try working in Mexico and you will be immediately DEPORTED.]

I'm not allowed to mention Trump to my mother. Following the election she decided she would stop watching the news and told me that I shouldn't talk to her about what he's doing. She's in her 70s now and I think this election was the last straw for her. She just wants to check out of politics.

[Just like this DUmmie wants to check out of reality.]

Same with my 75 year old mother. She will not allow anyone to mention He Who Cannot Be Named and won't let my father turn the news on. Which is a huge lifestyle change for both of them.

[Perhaps they should consider entering a fallout shelter for the next 8 years...only to emerge in the Pence Era.]

I've watched the news once a couple of weeks ago. It was actually the first time I had watched network news in many years and only because I was at a neighbor's house. I learned that it makes you less informed than if you had not watched it at all. Pure "Everything is normal with Trump's transition" propaganda.

[The Electoral College vote this Monday will be very tough for you. Except more withdrawal symptoms to follow.]

Kroger has some good buys on canned beans, so I stocked up a few dozen cans, on top of what we already have. And, of course, more rice since it lasts forever in storage and the two together make a complete protein.

[A diet of beans and rice to last you through the eight years of Trump. I'll be thinking of you as I dine on steak tonight.]

making hurricane candle holders, decorating my house like never before. Cleaning, organizing. Watching the Hallmark channel instead of the news. If I started writing about my worries, I don't think I could stay sane.

[I think you long ago crashed thru that sanity barrier.]

I think yoga and meditation are needed now, but not as a way to withdraw or wish away all negativity in the world. It 's more like a way to try to participate in reality without being swallowed up by fear and rage. Helps to figure out what really needs to be done and how to proceed.

[Incomplete unless you wear one of those dopey safety pins on your diaper.]

My wife and I have started to have discussions about moving to Australia or New Zealand. It's a remote possibility but one we've opened up.

[Or you could join the penguins in Antarctica.]

I am a bulldog. I will not give up. Even if it cost me my life. Via heart attack or whatever. Because so many of my friends and relatives have died and been wounded in combat fighting fascism. Their graves are being spat upon by the GOP. They are also spitting in the faces of Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton. I can safely say that 2.5 million more people plus the others who voted for Hillary are pissed. That is the majority. It's Theocratic corporate fascism we are facing. Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker, Lamar Alexander and all of the other GOP actors are treasonous cowards for letting this happen. Mitch McConnell was paid back by having his wife appointed to the cabinet. He blackmailed Obama by saying he would frame the situation with the CIA pronouncement that Russian hacking was involved. Rex Tillerson is even worse. Screw it all. I will not stop I will not give up. I don't care if it takes 4 years are 8 years are 200 years. I will never stand for this.

[Posted DUmmie Lint Head from the Rubber Room.]

Doing what I can emailing electors and such

[Are you one of those loons sending them death threats?]

Yeah it's gonna suck for at least four years. In the meantime pray for as little permanent damage as possible and focus on the next steps. It does little good to fantasize about revolutions, coups or impeachments that aren't going to materialize. Keep calm and know that this too shall pass.

[Try EIGHT years. And after that you will enter EIGHT years of the Pence Era.]

These problems are going to haunt us for the next century and it'll be because of four damned years of Trump.

[Again, EIGHT years.]

The only good news is that a presidency is only 4 years. No way is he getting another 4.

[The Democrat lineup for 2020 is Pocahontas, Plugs, Abs, and Giggles. No way it won't be 8 years.]

How much will Orange Julius destroy in 4 years?

[Half as much as Mango Mussolini in 8 years.]

Back to 7,000 for the market is my prediction.

[As good as your prediction of the inevitable Hillary victory.]

it's becoming an opportunity to enhance my Photoshop collage skills.

[But how are your Photoshop paintbrush skills?]

My wife and my Dad both have decided to ignore the news; she believes I'm obsessed, and he thinks I'm losing my sanity.

[They're both right.]

Panic attacks and a nervous twitch in the corner of my mouth.

[And on even number days...Drooling fits and a twitch in the corner of your tush.]

First few weeks I was emotional eating a ton of sugary stuff until I came down with bad cold/flu, so that was bad idea. I am now still recuperating from that on couch by fire watching lots of series and cheesey Christmas movies.

[Try gobbling down lots of Jelly Bellies and bingeing on "Gilligan's Island" reruns.]

Watching a lot of Star Trek and chanting "this too shall pass".

[Wouldn't the proper chant be "Live Long and Prosper?"]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Maybe the Troglaman Clones of Moonbat America will crawl under rocks and leave the rest of us alone to fix what they destroyed and tried to destroy over the last decade. It won't be easy but it can be done.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

Moving to another country, yoga and meditation, big bags of weed, bongo drums, howling at the moon. The DUmmies will do whatever it takes to avoid

Personally, I think the Jim Jones kool-aid solution would solve their problems.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you have something there with the Jim Jones solution.

3:42 AM  
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