Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Berserk DUmmies Want $$$$ to Stop Trump

Despite the pleadings of President Jed Bartlet, the Electoral College actually showed a net GAIN for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. As a result, the DUmmies have melted down even more than previously. They are in flat out BERSERK mode. Not only that they are demanding money for an effort to continue stopping Trump as you can see in their deranged thread, I don't fucking care where the money comes from - as long as it's legal. We are at war with the GOP. As you will see deranged DUmmies are also very FUnnie DUmmies. So let us watch the DUmmies in going full out BERSERK in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the next 8 years of DUmmie angst looks to be quite hilarious, is in the [brackets]:

I don't fucking care where the money comes from - as long as it's legal. We are at war with the GOP

[Why don't you check with Skinner? Perhaps he can turn you on to some Clinton Cash.]

for the future of democracy, and that will take EVERY legal tool/weapon at our disposal.

[That's for the public record. In reality this DUmmie would have absolutely NO problem with taking illegal bucks.]

I want legions of lawyers, ones who will use every trick in the book.

[So how did that Faithless Electors trick work out for you?]

I want private detectives if we need them.

[Sherlock Holmes doesn't do idiotic politics.]

I don't fucking care if the money for it comes from Soros, Gates, "Big pharma," or whatever.

[How about Koch Bros?]

I don't fucking care if it's 'tainted' with corporations. We are not, repeat NOT going to win this thing on $25 donations, especially if people at risk aren't going to have it to spare under Trump.

[Inflation. Not long ago you were just $10 away from stopping Donald Trump.]

If we unilaterally disarm financially out of 'disgust' we will lose this country. Appearing to be an "oligarchy party" won't matter if we are under fascist leadership.

[Please report to your local Walmart detention center.]

As Barney Frank said of taking corporate money for his campaign, then passing regualtions on Wall Street, "Someone can take you to dinner, and you don't have to sleep with them, even if people think you did."

[Someone took Barney to dinner and franked him. And now to the other berserk DUmmies...]

there used to be some good Irish Democrats who got things done.

[Then they got honest jobs and became Republicans.]

I hope the Mark Cubans of the country will put their money where their mouths are. I can donate a few bucks here and there but nobody listens to a few bucks.

[I hate to break it to you but Mark Cuban is now making nice with Trump. Oh, and so is Carlos Slim.]

I am going to be majoring in forensic investigation. I will use whatever tools are at our disposal to be able to fight GOP corruption.

[CSI DUmmieland.]

There are plenty of examples of someone outspending their opponent and losing.

[Case in point: 2016 election when Hillary spent over double that of Trump and still LOST.]

It is a depressing night tonight, with the EC votes in. Next month it begins with the probable fascist state.

[The party begins 1/20.]

By less than 80,000 votes in the Electoral College. If Comey hadn't dropped his two letter bombs she would have won.

[Or if Wikileaks weren't released. Or if Hillary didn't campaign on a vacation schedule. Or if she had at least visited Wisconsin. Or if she didn't insult working class voters with glitterati showbiz performers on stage with her. Or if.....]

It doesn't matter what you bring to a "gunfight" if you can't find your butt with two hands.

[That sounds like a requirement for becoming a registered DUmmie.]

Where do you stand on setting people up with hookers?

[Market rate in Venezuela is only 100,000 Bolivars a pop. Cheap!]


Blogger Unknown said...

Trump was right. Winning is sweet.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous The Ultimate Man said...

Damn straight.

2:50 AM  
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