Wednesday, November 23, 2016


DUmmieland is up and running again after being offline for a couple of weeks. The official excuse is that the site was hacked but the real reason is that Skinner, newly deprived of his Clinton Cash, used the hack as a lame excuse to collect Star Member fees until the hack was supposedly fixed. Poor guy. Election night had to hit him like a ton of wet cement. Skinner and his fellow DUmmies went into Election Night absolutely certain of a Hillary victory only to have it all taken away from them. For Skinner it means no more behind the scenes Clinton Cash scams. Unfortunately for him, the unhypnotized DUmmies not buying into his Clinton Cult split and they won't be coming back. Also not coming back are the Soro-paid Hillary trolls they kept his site going after the Bernie walkout last June.

The good news is that in defeat, the DUmmies are now providing EXCELLENT comedic entertainment again starting with the hilariously desperate Hillary, for GODS SAKE CHALLENGE THE ELECTION RESULTS! Yeah, the DUmmies now thing they could be only 24 business hours away from overturning the election results IF ONLY Hillary would help. Sorry, DUmmie, but help is NOT on the way. Therefore expect another huge DUmmie meltdown on December 19 when the electoral college cast their votes to enter the Trumpocalypse. I'm expecting great things from the DUmmies at that time. Meanwhile, let us now watch the DUmmies agonize in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets].


[Only the Pantsuits can save us now!!!]

We never gave up on you; please do not give up on us! This election smells fishy to everyone! Wisconson, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are showing some serious signs of election tampering! Two of those states had senate seats that were guaranteed to go to Democrats!

[Yes! Those always reliable exit polls showed it was guaranteed!]

Those fuckers are stealing this election, do not let them do it! For America's sake, even DU was hacked! Fight, fight!

[More like DU was hucked by huckster Skinner scamming for money to replace his lost Clinton Cash. And now to the rest of the DUmmies...]

Did you send this to her? If you have her email address I would love to have it. I want to send her a similar letter.

[Maybe you could have it delivered to her via bike messenger in Chappaqua?]

Can the Justice Department call for a recount if they suspect improprieties?

[A reminder: Justice Department soon to be headed by Jeff Sessions. How's that for change?]

President Obama, Hillary, Sanders, Biden etc have...privately looked at this, in my opinion. What they need would be some solid evidence, local lawmakers to follow suit, and media attention. Republicans are very much in charge, so the battle would be uphill and they would delay anything until after Trump is sworn-in. Still, this is worth investigating. The hacking of DU, where people would be following issues of tampering, is suspicious.

["Trump is sworn-in." That will be another great day to watch the DUmmieland meltdown...AFTER I attend the Coral Springs Wings Plus Trump Inauguration Party.]

We already have proof of election rigging in Wisconsin with the federal courts decision that republican gerrymandering here is unconstitutional. Specially saying it, the gerrymandering, is designed to ensure one political party's dominance over another. That IS rigging in its most obtuse form. So, yeah, lets go. We need to get not only our heads out of the sand, we need to get our asses in gear.

[A DUmmie too stupid to know that statewide presidential election results have absolutely NOTHING to do with gerrymandering.]

I have defended Democrats strongly. Those in the Senate now will be put to the test. They must filibuster every single thing and do all they can to block and obstruct the Republicans. It is time to quit being gentlemanly. Surely they know that from the last 6 years.

[Should they also hold their breaths while jumping up and down?]

Weimar Democrats may doom the world to another enormous body count.

[I think a certain Weiner Democrat already doomed you.]

It is not just a election,between climate change and nukes at that madmans fingers the fate of the planet literally is in question.

[Skinner's bank account has already been targeted.]



Unfortunately, Hillary is not going to challenge the election results. Heck, most Democratic Politicians seems to think it is business as usual with Trump and don't seem to understand that the next fascist/nazi has been elected. And they have a horrible history of caving to the Republicans.

[Kneel before Zod!!!]

Do we deserve the destruction of a Mango Mussolini 4 years? Do we really?

[Mango Mussolini. LOL! I gotta remember that one.]

I had really hoped this place would be a little more introspective and realistic about what went wrong once it was back up, but it's pretty clear we are back to "Hillary cannot fail, she can only be failed."

[You are completely unrealistic if you ever thought the DUmmies could ever be realistic.]

Support, foster, encourage, and nominate candidates who are so inspiring that it couldn't even be close enough to steal

[Nominating a corrupt candidate under FBI investigation wasn't exactly a great idea]

When there is real evidence, then we can do something.

[Until then you must kneel before the Mango Mussolini.]

They stole it and all we need is to expose it.

[Hey! Real simple.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same trash we heard years ago when Bush was elected?

10:57 PM  
Anonymous The Ultimate Man said...

Sure SOUNDS familiar....

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