Friday, November 25, 2016

DUmmies Place Faith in Recount Blue Fairy

Bev Harris, I mean Jill Stein, is only $10 away from making Hillary Clinton president. If that sounds familiar it is because the DUmmies are now falling for the same scam as Bev Harris performed after the 2004 election when John Kerry was supposedly only $10 away from being elected president. Only substitute Jill Stein for Bev Harris and Hillary for Kerry and you have the 2016 update. The end result is that the DUmmies will become just as disappointed now as in 2004 which is why it is so great they they once again have their hopes up. Of course, this recount is going NOWHERE as you can see in the Washington Post ARTICLE by Philip Bump who is actually very anti-Trump. However, even he can see how absurd the current calls for recounts are.

Meanwhile the typically naive DUmmies are worshipping the Recount Blue Fairy as you can see in their THREAD, "BREAKING: Green Party's Jill Stein to Seek Hand 'Recounts', Forensic Tabulator Audits in WI, MI, PA." This is but one of a number of similar Recount Blue Fairy threads in DUmmieland. The great news is that the inevitable disappointment by the DUmmies of being scammed once again will provided yet more comedy gold. So let us now watch the DUmmies pray to the Recount Blue Fairy in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering what Jill Stein will do with all that new disposable cash she is scamming from DUmmie suckers, is in the [brackets]:

BREAKING: Green Party's Jill Stein to Seek Hand 'Recounts', Forensic Tabulator Audits in WI, MI, PA

[BREAKING: DUmmies falling for SAME scam again.]

The Green Party's 2016 Presidential candidate Jill Stein is announcing her intention to seek a "recount of votes in the battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania." The campaign's press release, posted in full below, cites "a multi-partisan effort to check the accuracy of the machine-counted vote tallies in these states in order to ensure the integrity of our elections."

[Jill Stein is only $10 away from making Hillary president so send more money NOW!]

If Stein has extra money, she should request a Florida recount too. Early voting reports showed a shift away from Trump. I don't believe the results.

[Oh, Jill Stein is going to have extra money alright but the only way Florida comes into it is to pay for her luxury resort vacation in the Keys.]

I wonder what will happen If hacks can be proven, but vote totals aren't actually confirmable?

[It means you must send MORE money to Jill Stein. More! MORE!]

I'm surprised by the number of people on DU that are suddenly Jill fans

[No surprise that they have become Jill suckers.]

Agree, no fan of Jill Stein, but glad her org is leading this recount effort... ...I donated $20 to the cause. Best this single mom can do.

[Jill Stein is only $10 away from making Hillary president so you must give $20 more.]

I want a recount. If donating to a fundraiser organized by Jill Stein that aims to do this will get us to that goal, then I will do it, and hope for the best. I'm not giving Jill Stein my support, nor my vote. I'm giving her recount efforts a few dollars. I am reminded of that old saying: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

[I am reminded of that old saying: "A sucker is born every minute."]

There's no downside as far as I can tell. Good on Jill

[No downside to the comedy gold you DUmmies will be providing via your inevitable disappointment in a few days.]

I came to this thread to say the same thing: What about Florida? I have no faith in their vote count

[Too late. Vote count already certified in Florida. But...another $10 might change things there.]

No one can get a FL recount, period. The returns were certified this past Tuesday.

[KILLJOY!!! But send more money.]

All money raised goes toward recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. We hope to do recounts in all three states. If we only raise sufficient money for two, we will demand recounts in two states. If we only raise enough money for one, we will demand a recount in one state.

[All money raised goes towards a recount of Jill's bank account.]

Does Stein know that unless a recount is done in all 3 states, Trump will still be POTUS?

[Of course, that's why she is going thru the MOTIONS of filing for recounts and all leftover money goes to her account. You don't actually expect refunds?]

She is willing to file for recounts in all 3 states IF Americans donate enough money, but said she will take it on a state-by-state basis. If she gets enough money for one state, she will do that, if two states, she will do that, and if three states, she will do that. Her goal is election integrity, exposing the problems, NOT necessarily changing the outcome. That would seem to be a side effect from her point of view.

[Her goal is raising money. PERIOD.]

I donated

[And another sucker was born.]

I want to believe in Jill Steins efforts, but tell me you don't feel that continued gap in your stomach. There was so much resistance to giving things a second look in 2000 and 2004 and now we are headed for a recount at breakneck speed. We are getting what we want and it still doesn't feel right.

[That familiar sick feeling in your stomach that you are being scammed yet again.]

Whatever happens we are in new and dangerous territory. I am glad, if worse comes to worse, that I am a 4-5 hour drive to Ontario. Hope it never comes to that but the future is as fuzzy as ever in the US.

[If the recount doesn't pan out, then pack your bags immediately and drive due north to Ontario.]

I'm calling it. PA flips blue.

[PA is just $10 away from flipping blue.]


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There a lot of lunatic asylums that should look at the membership of the DUmp for missing or future residents. An overwhelming majority of the people on that site have no problem qualifying as lunatics.

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