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DUmmies Blame Bernie for Victory of Mango Mussolini

The DUmmies, now in extreme grief mode, are looking for excuses as to why their inevitable winner, Hillary, LOST the election. As a result they are now lashing out at Bernie Sanders. They now blame him for the victory of the "Mango Mussolini" as one of them so creatively labeled Donald Trump. If they want to play the blame game they should also blame Bernie for completely discrediting DUmmieland. His candidacy caused a huge rift in DUmmieland where over 90% of the DUmmies enthusiastically supported him over corrupt kleptocrat Hillary. As a result, Skinner, who was paid off with Clinton Cash via his wife and Hillary campaign treasurer Shelly Moskwa, banned the Bernie supporters thus stripping DUmmieland of most of its lunatic base. All he had left were mostly Soros-paid Hillary trolls but since election day even those shills are gone. The really serious leftwing DUmmies have long since split for aka Jackals.

Meanwhile the the few deflated DUmmies that are left in DUmmieland continue to blame Bernie for their woes as you can see in this thread, How Bernie's campaign contributed to Trump's win. So let us now watch the DUmmies blame their electoral woes upon Bernie Sanders in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering how Skinner will make house payments now that his Clinton Cash pipeline has been shut down, is in the [brackets]:

How Bernie's campaign contributed to Trump's win.

[And Skinner's yuuuuge financial loss.]

He didn't intend it that way, but that's how it turned out.

[Thank you, Bernie Sanders! Will he be invited to the inauguration of the Mango Mussolini?]

Bernie correctly identified many of the economic problems facing this country. The problem is, his diagnosis was wrong. He blamed it on "the establishment", whereas the actual blame lies with the GOP.

[Yeah, the establishment is always good when run by Democrats.]

Bernie had a very progressive campaign platform, but what he didn't mention is that most of what he was advocating were things that Obama has been pushing for for the last 8 years, but were blocked by the GOP. Instead of focusing on who the actual enemies of progress are, Bernie made the enemy the "establishment," blurring the lines between the GOP, the Dems, Goldman Sachs, etc.

And it was a very good campaign tactic. Other than Obama himself, few people were more easy to tie to the "establishment" than Hillary. If Bernie had been honest, and said that Hillary, like Obama, has been fighting for progressive causes for years, but with the House in GOP hands there is an inherent limit on what can be accomplished, he wouldn't gotten nearly the votes that he did.

[Fighting for progressive causes by charging $300,000 a pop speaking a few minutes to the Wall Street crowd.]

So instead he went for the simplistic and inaccurate anti-establishment message, which played perfectly into Trump's hands during the general. The main thrust of his message and Trump's were basically the same: everything is wrong, and it's the "establishment's" fault.

Beyond helping Trump become president, crude "anti-establishment" messages are problematic for Democrats in broader ways. The federal government is the "establishment", and the Democratic Party wants the federal government to do more, not less, to help people. We want more environmental and financial regulations. A stronger social safety net. Expanded access to education. If the "establishment", and therefore the government, is made to be the enemy, then these government programs end up being smeared by association.

[At least this DUmmie identifies the federal government as the establishment. An establishment which along with the Democrat party rewards pay for play crony capitalism. Now on to more Bernie bashing from the rest of the DUmmies...]

"crude "anti-establishment" messages are problematic for Democrats in broader ways. The federal government is the "establishment", and the Democratic Party wants the federal government to do more, not less, to help people. We want more environmental and financial regulations. A stronger social safety net. Expanded access to education. If the "establishment", and therefore the government, is made to be the enemy, then these government programs end up being smeared by association."

[How dare the Inner Party be challenged!!!]

I think he knows he was part of why we have President Trump. Sure, in interviews he says that he had nothing to do with Trump winning, but he knows he did. What else is he going to say? He was the one who turned young (white) lefties against Hillary, with his empty anti-establishment rhetoric.

[Thank you, Bernie Sanders!!!]

We do know the DNC played a direct hand in his loss of the nomination. Bernie's intentions were to win, and he may have had the deck not been stacked against him.

[That would have gotten you Tombstoned before election day but now Skinner desperately needs any DUmmie to stay and not defect to the Jackals.]

Kaine was such a bad choice. Reinforced the message Hillary represented the old guard, and business as usual. She should never run again.

[Don't worry, she won't run again unless Dr. Frankenstein can bring new life to that walking corpse.]

I thought Kaine a very odd choice. Maybe she thought she needed a saintly man to balance Bill. Being bilingual really wasn't necessary. Finding someone youthful and engaging might have helped. But who? Who is out there?

[How about former governor Abs of Maryland? He is still working out on the barbells. And there is also Pocahontas and Giggles waiting in the wings.]

She wanted a moderate white male. That he spoke Spanish was a bonus. I was disappointed with her selection. I wanted her to pick a relatively young person of color.

[Such as Julian Castro who does NOT speak Spanish?]

Weaver went negative and made Bernie go negative. Unfounded personal attacks. He insinuated she was corrupt. He said she was not qualified to be President.

[And he was RIGHT! FUn Fact: Jeff Weaver owns one of the best comic book collections out there.]

And you are still wondering why we lost??? How about accepting the weakness of our actual nominee, instead of finding any lame excuse to blame her primary election opponent, like blaming him for having an "inaccurate" message?

[Yeah, nominating a corrupt klepto candidate under FBI investigation for revealing the nation's secrets is not a particularly good idea.]

Had it been Bernie vs Trump in the GE... would we be having a President-Elect Sanders right now?

[No. Mango Mussolini would have won by even more electoral votes.]

Democrats chose to run an establishment candidate while the Republicans did not. The fact that Bernie was anything more than a fringe candidate should have set off warning bells at the DNC, but instead of listening to what was going on they kept putting their thumbs on the scales for Hillary. Now they wonder why the anti-establishment wave of voters who were excited to support Bernie weren't excited to vote for Hillary? On top of that, as qualified as she was, she had way too much baggage as evidenced by her dismal approval ratings going into the election. No it wasn't fair and was from years and years of baseless smears, but there was no way that was going to be rectified in a single election season. I think Biden could have won even though he'd be considered "establishment", simply because he didn't have her negatives.

[Plugs has too many embarrassing videos out there of him "handling" young girls for him to have won. Oh, and he also supported the TPP which is a big vote killer.]

Where did the 650K cash come from for their new home after finally conceding the election? Hm?

[Bernie's Beach House came from supporting Hillary in the general election.]

Bernie worked his butt off trying to campaign for Hillary. Near the end of the campaign trail he was going to 3-4 places all for Hillary. He truly did everything he could do to help Hillary win.

[Bernie definitely earned his Beach House.]

We blew the best chance we've had in 2016 to right this country and now we wonder if we'll ever recover.

[On the upside, Bernie now has a nice Beach House. Would you like to spend a Weekend At Bernie's?]

Hillary is to blame too. Too much baggage, not enough stage charisma. Which is too bad, she would have been a great president.

[We pause here for an incredible FUn Fact. Do any of you out there wonder why Hillary's large Magic Pen guy who hovered around here all during the campaign suddenly disappeared after her speech in Daytona Beach in towards the end of the campaign? Well, your humble correspondent is the reason. I was uploading pics of the Magic Pen Guy appearing next to her on Twitter and after a while I think they got embarrassed about the attention I gave him. Check out #MagicPenGuy.]

The DNC corrupted the process and the results are now evident for all to see. The DNC poisoned them selves without any help from Bernie. Now we can all rot in hell for it with Trump at the controls.

[All bow down to your new overlord, the Mango Mussolini!]

Circular firing squad is so...typical. It's blame Bernie here, who's next? Anyone but Hillary, her campaign, and the DNC, apparently.

[I blame Skinner who was corrupted by Clinton Cash which completely discredited DUmmieland in the eyes of the left.]

The problem is capitalism. The Democrats are a pro-capitalist party.

[More accurately, the Democrats are a pro-crony capitalist party. Pay to play, baby!]

who let all the pinebaggers back in here?

[A cheap shot at the JackPineRadicals aka Jackals. Those are mainly former DUmmies who were exiled from DUmmieland by Skinner who was paid off to do that by Clinton Cash.]

Bernie had nothing to do with her defeat. It lies solely on her shoulders

[I'm also blaming Clinton Cash recipient Skinner.]

The polls were wrong, as proved by Hillary losing. She was ahead in nearly all of them.

[And the DUmmies completely believed in Hillary's "inevitable" victory due to those wrong polls.]

It's about the woman who won the primary and lost the election. What we needed was a bigger back bench and more options. But we didn't have that because as soon as Hillary lost the 2008 primary, the DNC had no focus other than getting Hillary Clinton the Democratic nomination.

[It was her turn, DAMMIT!!!]

I walked around not thinking that HRC was part of the establishment, but thinking she was brillianthard worker, uniquely qualified, and awesome in many ways!

[Was that you sobbing at the Javits Center on Election Night?]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Love watching Moonbat America turn on each other like the rabid vicious hate-mongering mad dog fools they are.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I dont understand is that they had the "Messiah" in charge of the country for 8 years. So why complain about the sad state of affairs the country is in.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

According to The Obamassiah and his minions the country's in far better shape now than when he took office. And I have some excellent oceanfront property in the Nebraska Panhandle for anyone who believes that line of bilge.

3:21 PM  

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