Thursday, June 16, 2016

Skinner CHICKENS OUT On Bernie Ban Day!!!

Well, today is Bernie Ban Day and guess what? At the last moment, Skinner has CHICKENED OUT. Yes, when staring straight into the face of site suicide, Skinner just couldn't pull the trigger. Instead he is "delaying" Bernie Ban Day until June 20...or so he says. Here is Skinner's incredibly lame excuse about why he couldn't kill off DUmmieland today as you can see in his thread, DU's General Election Season postponed until Monday June 20. The Brexit vote will happen in exactly a week but the Berexit (Bernie Exit) on DUmmieland has been delayed because of Skinner's lack of spine although in reality most of the Sandernistas have already left in disgust. Oh, and we shall see the Jackal reaction to Skinner's Berexit delay in this Jackal thread, Sadly, DU will be delaying "General Election" mode for a few days.... So let us now watch Skinner CHICKEN OUT on Berexit in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that almost all of the ex-DUmmies in Jackal Land are now fully aware of their former leader's utter corruption, is in the [brackets]:

DU's General Election Season postponed until Monday June 20

[And will Skinner delay it again on June 20 out of respect for the memory of Bugsy Siegel who was murdered on that day in 1947?]

Well, this is embarrassing.

[Yes, the destruction of DUmmieland to cover your corruption tracks is sure embarrassing.]

As most of you know, last week we began the seven-day transition period from Primary Season to General Election Season and announced that DU's General Election Season would officially begin on Thursday June 16.

[Until you CHICKENED OUT at the last moment.]

From the perspective of the Admins, this transition has been nowhere near as straightfoward as previous ones. For the past six months we have been planning and building out a new system to replace/upgrade/improve the current Jury system. Elad has been working his butt off to get it finished, and over the last seven days we have been testing the new software with the help of MIRT members.

[For the past few months you have been whipping DUmmieland into a GroupThink site suitable to your Clinton Cash paymaster.]

The new software is ready to go, but we have an unexpected problem -- Elad is not going to be fully available this weekend to monitor the site and make sure everything is running smoothly.

[Yeah, he still needs another 24 business hours to drain the swamp of Sandernistas.]

Therefore we have been faced with a choice: either go ahead and put up all the changes tomorrow -- but run the risk that something might go awry over the weekend and make DU unusable for hours at a time -- or wait until Monday when we can be sure that any (inevitable) bugs are identified and fixed quickly.

[Therefore we have been faced with a choice: admit we have been taking Clinton Cash via Shelly Moskwa or forgo those payments and allow limited free speech.]

I know some people like to buy into the fantasy that DU is taking million-dollar handouts from the DNC, but the truth is that this site is now and has always made money solely from member donations and advertising. If we could afford a whole team of programmers, that would be great. But as it is the entire burden of maintaining the database, and programming all of the ideas that EarlG and I come up with, falls to one person: Elad. If he's not available, then we don't have any way to bring the site back if something goes wrong.

[Way to deflect, Skinner. You know full well that most DUmmies are now aware that you have been getting Clinton Cash payments so you deny getting the money from the DNC rather than direct from Hillary.]

This was not an easy decision to make, but we have decided that the safest option is to wait until Monday. I know this will probably come as a disappointment to some of you, but we decided that being forced to wait a few more days before officially ending Primary Season was a better outcome than the possibility that a bug in the new software may shut the site down for the entire weekend.

[Perhaps Elad will put that bug in the software when he finds out how you have been stiffing him on those Clinton Cash payments. Since it totals hundreds of thousands of dollars, I figure Elad is owed at least a hundred thousand, not the chump change you have been paying him.]

Our apologies, and thank you for continuing to support and enjoy Democratic Underground. We'll post another announcement on Monday.

[We look forward to Monday's excuse for delaying Berexit. And now on to a few responses to the excuse.]

good time for Elad to ask for a raise, methinks

[Yup. He is due at least $100,000 of the Clinton Cash that Skinner has been holding out on him.]

Is Brian Pagliano available?

[He actually did score some Clinton Cash unlike Elad who has been stiffed by Skinner.]

I am just looking forward to a more civil DU ....

[Where GroupThink is strictly enforced after the Berexit.]

Elad is a hero in my book. He's the engine behind the clean, elegant and functional design of this cyberspace so many of us have called home for so long. He is worth the wait.

[Then why is he not being paid the YUUUUUUGE Clinton Cash that Skinner is greedily pocketing?]

Elad already works his butt off making this site such an awesome place.

[And yet Elad is being exploited by Skinner is is keeping that Clinton Cash all to himself.]

Where the hell is Elad going?

[To a lawyer to file a claim for his share of Clinton Cash.]

It's all good. Better a slight delay than DUmageddon.

[LOL! Gotta remember that. DUmageddon.]

As a Sanders Supporter, I am Leaving as of Monday. Just saying goodbye. I will miss commenting on this site. I cannot get behind Hillary, too much war blood is already spilled for my taste. Also I like honest, straightforward and transparent elections. I'm taking my ideals elsewhere. It will feel so good to not be insulted anymore.

[Another of the vast majority of the DUmmies splitting for Jackal Land. And on that note, Jackal Land is where we shall now go...]

Sadly, DU will be delaying "General Election" mode for a few days.... until the 20th. Seems their tech guy is unable to be available this weekend to respond to performance issues.

[As we shall see, the Jackals aren't buying this excuse.]

I think he's afraid of the drop in site traffic if too many Bernie supporters leave.

[He is already too late since Berexit has already happened for the most part.]

He has succeeded in exactly one thing: blasting his own feet off. Tuff noogies, Skinner.

[Site suicide is never pretty.]

That's a very convenient excuse. Maybe they are beginning to see the light when it comes to supporting a horrible candidate.

[Berexit will proceed because that is what Clinton Cash is buying.]

after the Berners leave and the Brockolis are no longer paid, what are they going to have left? A bunch of people with nothing to do but enforce speech codes against each other until they're all in perfect, hive-mind conformity?

[A reminder that most of the remaining Hillary trolls are paid by David Brock and once their paychecks stop, they will also be leaving. Hey! Brexit. Brock Exit.]

The Skinner family has received more than a half-million bucks from Clinton campaigns and PACs, and that's just what's documented on the Internet. I'm not sure he really cares about site donations. In fact, given the way that site's been administered the last year or so, it's extremely difficult to imagine that he cares about site donations.

[Don't you think Skinner should be a good progressive and share some of that Clinton Cash with Elad?]


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Wonder what the Jackals will do if their hero caves and throws support to Rodham?

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