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DUmmie Awakening: Rise of the Jackals

The DUmmies have AWAKENED to Skinner's Clinton Cash Corruption. There is NO DENYING the ugly truth since it is documented in a myriad of FEC reports showing that Skinner's wife, Shelly Moskwa, has been pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars of Clinton Cash. And this isn't even counting the money they have earned from renting out mailing lists. One wonders if Skinner's corruption has extended to the point where he has used personal information provided to him by the DUmmies in compiling those mailing lists.

In any event, many of the Sandernistas in DUmmieland have become aware of Skinner's BETRAYAL and have set up a rival website, Jackpine Radicals. Therefore, these former DUmmies who have awakened to the abuses of Skinner shall henceforth be known as Jackals. And as Jackals, they shall all receive a group Kewpie Doll for having more than a moment of mental clarity for finally realizing how Skinner has been betraying them over the years by playing them for suckers by pretending to support their agenda while secretly working on behalf of the Mistress of Wall Street, Hillary Clinton. To see just how aware the Jackals are of Skinner's betrayal, let us look at the first of hopefully many Jackal threads, Skinner jumps shark-calls Bernie supporters "stupid, self-serving partisan jerks". So let us now watch the Jackals rip Skinner apart in bloodly Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if the conservative version of the Jackpine Radicals should be called Joepyne Radicals, is in the [brackets]:

Way to recruit Democrats, Skinflint, whose wife, Shelly Moskowa is a Hillary Campaign treasurer and earns at least 500,000 for her work.

[Skinner sold out...but only for money.]

I'm delighted to see Skinner lose it like this - indicates Hillary's internal polling shows her tanking worse and worse in California and suffering negative impacts from the myriad of legal developments involving her SOS/Clinton Family Foundation pay to play chicanery, AND that DU posters have really gotten under his skin by pointing out how far up Hillary's ass his nose has been firmly planted. If anyone has proven to be self serving it is the Imperial Skinner.

[His Highness is totally OWNED by Her Thighness.]

Skinner is having a hissyfit...poor, poor Skinner...he does have a very peculiar memory given all the abuse he's visited on so many good people. Tough titty Skinner!!!

[The ultimate abuse could be the use of personal DUmmie information that was rented out in mailing lists.]

You allow Monsanto shills, NRA lobbyists, Bush Crime Family disinformation agents, Wall Street flunkies, and most recently, paid slander trolls from the Brock sewer to operate openly on your board, and then refer to those who still hold actual Democratic values and principles as "(having) lost their freaking minds and their humanity". Seriously dude?? What kind of a paycheck is Mrs. Allen getting from Camp Weathervane anyway? For your children's sake, I hope it's enough, because you damn sure ain't going to be making much money from DU after this purge.

[Will they be forced to sell the Chevy Chase mansion?]

So Did Skinner & wife sell DU Addys in mailing lists? I just googled her name along with hillary & treasurer, and came up with this post from a year ago from Free Republic. I haven't looked at that website in many years, but find this info about Skinner & wife relevant.

[Check that FR post for yourselves because you will see a source with whom your humble correspondent is verrrry familiar. Someone who first laid out the extent of Skinner's corruption in exact dollars and sense as documented in online FEC reports. I would name that source but I am much too (blush) humble.]

Skinner sounds a bit confused about descriptions that have probably already been used to describe himself and in his frustration of losing money and friends he's using the same words to go after us! DOESN'T WORK bud to recruit more to your site bud. Maybe you should get out of that business. Perhaps the Hillary campaign will pay you enough to retire and sell of your site to someone that is more interested in doing a REAL "underground" site to restore its progressive values that once made it a great country almost a century ago from now. But I'm guessing they are holding back on making that offer until after they've found a way to corrupt the country in to putting their "chosen one" in to office to screw the rest of us to benefit themselves.

[Hmmmm... The big question is will Clinton Cash payments continue after the FBI recommends Hillary be indicted?]

Boy, isn't he going to have egg on his face when Clinton ends up not being the nominee.

[Perhaps Skinner could still somehow earn bucks from the Joe Biden Insertion?]

He treats decade+ members who made his site what it is like crap and plays victim because someone's said something about him? Yet he allows bullying, bigotry and, who he must know - are paid trolls to treat others worse than dirt, day after day, as long as they're on the right side.

[Correct. DUmmieland was about 90% pro-Bernie but after David Brock announced they were paying Hillary trolls to post in social media such as DUmmieland, the number of Hillary $upporters mysteriously jumped to about 30%.]

Hard to interview for gainful employment with egg on your face! He and his wife will both be on the job market at once! They'll be competing with a lot of Clinton Family Foundation folks. Once the threat of Hillary being in a position to exact revenge from all the folks on her revenge list, and once her threats become empty, resume entries referring to working for her in any of her various capacities would be like the kiss of death. Well, unless one wanted to hire someone with zero ethics who will do anything for cash. Then the Skinners are top of the list.

[Perhaps they could go to work for the Saudis like the Clintons.]

Just thought of all the Big Wall Street types who will withdraw the millions they invested in Chelsea's husband's hedge fund. LOL!

[Wasn't much of that money already involuntarily withdrawn when hedge fund of Chelsea's hubby stupidly invested in Greek bonds? About as wise and investing in Venezuelan bonds.]

If he's freaking out this badly, the wheels on the Clinton bus must be coming off. He's seeing all those lovely dollar signs and possible positions in the administration pulling away like a black hole sucking in the universe.

[Or like that giant sucking sound caused by NAFTA which Hillary supported.]

Ah, poor Skinner and his lil fee fees. Frack you. YOU are the partisan JERK. You tried to set it up for your wife's employer and your additional income from the Hillitary Industrial Complex. It's was only about money for you and your kind, and now that things don't look so good for Queen SuckyWallStTitty you are getting nervous because you drove away such a large percentage of your audience by being... wait, an asshole! A partisan one. And maybe a much much poorer one now because of your amazing business acumen and your amazing ability to read the writings on the wall.

Who is this guy kidding?

[Only the few remaining DUmmie suckers. The ones who finally saw the light and left and became Jackals.]

When you deceive people for years, ignore people who have helped build your site, showing so much disrespect to longtime members, while the trolls and operatives roam free, it's ironic to see this outburst. He's got his trolls and operatives left, his new system won't be seen by most former members. The Third Way is dying and so is their Noise Machine. And Thanks To Bernie, they are finally all being exposed. Not that many of us ever had much doubt after watching the unfairness of how that site was run.

[I could mention who originally shined the light in terms of facts and figures on Skinner's corruption but humility forbids me from doing so.]

Skinner is clearly being paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign to serve up Democratic Underground to the Third Way.

[Yup! It's all laid out in dollars and cents in FEC documents. Just scroll down to the name of Shelly Moskwa.]

I just changed my email address over to a bogus, throw away one. No way do I want him to make money by selling my real email to the Turd Wayers.

[Shhh! Don't complain so loudly about Skinner selling/renting private DUmmie info for email lists. That could get him in some legal hot water.]

DU was the center of progressive voices online this last decade, even if it never intended to be so given the pedigree and owners financial connections to the New Dems. They will not tolerate that to occur any longer no matter how this election turns out. JPR 2.0 is on the horizon. We need JPR to become the home of progressivism, and we are off to a great start!

[It seems almost inevitable that the Jackals will supplant the DUmmies. I mean just how DUmb do you have to be to tolerate betrayal by the DUmmie Master who sold out for Clinton Cash?]

The people who built his website, who attracted readers and clicks, will be here and on other modern sites, the Third Way is dying and all those who bought into that brutal system, will be left to their own devises, as Whisp said like the site Skinner created for the Hillary people, no one was interested. That is the future of DU. We have moved on, once the real goal of these Third Way sites became clear.

[Skinner designed a Hillary website last year,, which died at birth.]

They have a shitload of credit card data too. Not that Skinnerd would Ever do anything untoward with that... I mean, he's a Clintonian, after all.

[Yeeesh! You turned over your credit card info to Skinner? Bad move!]

When he first put up HillaryMojo, I said to him (as one of my many socks) that it won't even rise to rat's piss, and I was proven correct. Tumbleweeds, indeed (I did check a few months after the fanfare, and it was deader than a doornail). I hope Hillary Campaign paid for that joke, and see it written off as a bad idea, among many.

[As long as Skinner was PAID for setting up that website, that is all that matters.]

When the Sanders supporters leave, Skinner will find himself with FAR less revenue in the next few months, and will find ways to get us to come back. Nope, damage's done.

[Come Back, Little Sheepa.]

Every day for the last month or so I see the names of more DU e-friends posting here. There will be a tsunami once JPR 2.0 comes on line in the next 2-3 weeks, as Manny has indicated it will.

[Rise of the Jackals. Coming soon.]


Blogger Mr Mannn said...

After all the bridges Skinner has burned down, he may end up having to get REAL job. The Horrors!

12:17 PM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

Another corrupt Democrat for Hillary, she attracts criminals like shit attracts flies. Hillary's big supporters are criminals but Bernie supporters are plain crazy and apt to violence. What's a working class Democrat to do?

Hey Troglaman, do you know the way to San Jose?

4:21 PM  
Blogger GeronL said...

It is kind of funny to see DU and FR doing the same thing. Instead of being forums for discussions they want to become propaganda rah-rah sites for personalities.

Both sites deserve to lose big time.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Hope Skinner The Idiot and his moronic wife have been banking all the payments from Rodham. Mr Mannn is right - Skinner The Idiot may have to find REAL work and soon.

And you're spot on krazy kat....Rodham seems to easily surround herself with criminals and other ne'er do wells.

Speaking of which - I see Troglaman The Guttersnipe is in hiding. He must be power-slamming his head up his ass in search of a clue again.

9:37 PM  

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