Tuesday, June 07, 2016

D Minus 9 To Bernie Ban Day

CALL IT SKINNER! CALL IT!!! Such are the cries today, nine days before the official Bernie Ban Day set for June 16. So why the urgent demand from the Brock-paid Hillary trolls? Because last night the Associated Press declared Hillary the "presumptive nominee" despite the fact that the Superdelegates don't vote until after the convention opens in late July. The Hillary celebrations by her Brock-paid trolls reminds me of a football player on the 10 yard line spiking the football and doing a touchdown victory dance yards short of the goal line. Meanwhile the Great Migration, soon to be the Great Stampede, out of DUmmieland has accelerated to one DUmmie leaving for the Jackals every 5 minutes or about 300 per day. Yes, Skinner selling his soul for Clinton Cash is leading to DUmmiedämmerung, the Twilight of the DUmmies. All that DUmmieland will have left after June 16 will be Brock-paid Hillary trolls and they will split once their paychecks from David Brock dries up.

First let us watch the Brock-paid Hillary trolls demand that Skinner "CALL IT!!!" followed by disgusted Sandernista reaction to the Presumptive Indictee (check Twitter for hashtag #PresumptiveIndictee). First we will see the Brock-paid Hillary trolls gloating in CALL IT, SKINNER!!!!!! in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if greedy green would be the most appropriate color for their Brock-purchased gloats, in in the [brackets]:


[Yes, CALL IT, SKINNER!!!!!!! We purchased your loyalty fair and square so start your Bernie Ban 9 days ahead of time.]

Seriously, step up to the bar and call your poison...

[Skinner will feel like swallowing that poison in a few weeks when he sees what a ghost town DUmmieland has become.]

I welcome all to fight for the Democratic nominee.

[Soon to be Democrat indictee.]

Time to unite against tRump. And leave those who cannot accept defeat gracefully to wallow in their self pity.

[While the Brock-paid Hillary trolls wallow in their Clinton Cash.]

Yes, pleeaase call it! Sanders supporters need to move to a new phase.

[Actually they are moving to a new blog, jackpineradicals.org aka Jackals.]

As a Hillary supporter I can wait until after tomorrow

[Is that when Hillary is indicted or is it when your David Brock paycheck for trolling services is deposited?]

We've got an entire week...after all, isn't the Indictment coming down?

[Perhaps. Check #PresumptiveIndictee.]

Just 24 more business hours!

[LOL! Hillary Clinton will be nominated in just 24 more business hours.]

Skinner is many things. Stupid is not among them.

[Really? Then what do you call getting into a situation where online FEC documents easily trace the Clinton Cash payments to him? The applicable word is most definitely STUPID.]

I think Skinner is aware of how many posters and how much money he'll lose when he "calls it".

[I'm estimating 90% of the DUmmies who are not Brock-paid Hillary trolls. And now another Sandernista FAREWELL to DUmmieland in a flood of such exits...]

Official "Goodbye DU" post

[Yet another Sandernista who can't abide Skinner's Clinton Cash Corruption along with the Brock-paid Hillary trolls flooding DUmmieland.]

Official "Goodbye DU" post. I was going to wait till the 15th, but it is clear that the wolves are howling at the door and the DU I knew will be pretty much toast after tomorrow, regardless of the results in CA. Better to just start settling into a new home now (that would be JPR of course).

[Goodby DUmmies, Hello Jackals.]

I wonder if Skinner is prepared for the declining revenue stream happening soon.

[He is hoping the Clinton Cash will tide him over until his wife can get a high-paid, low-work position in a Hillary administration.]

thanks for letting the most abusive stalkers loose on all of us

[Are those Brock-paid abusive stalkers earning $15 per hour minimum wage?]

As far as the money stream, I don't think Skinner needs it. If he did, all he would have to do is get the hundreds of new recently joining Clinton supporters to pay up. Although, I have a hunch they will be gone also.

[You actually expect the Brock-paid Hillary trolls to kick in a few bucks?]

I too will make my exit, without a final word. Knowing that I will see you and many others at JPR is a positive thought. Moving can be difficult but sometimes you find you like your new place over what you left behind.

[After the June 16 Bernie Ban day, DUmmieland will be almost entirely composed of Brock-paid Hillary trolls. And those will soon be gone once their paychecks stop.]

Yeah, I'm just about done with this cesspit.

[If you haven't already done it, don't forget to leave Skinner with your personal info on the way out so he can sell that with his mailing lists.]

I've decided I'm going to go out with a bang. I may do it tomorrow. I won't say how, except it will be worth watching.

[Will you be posting links to FEC documents listing the many Clinton Cash payments to Shelly Moskwa?]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

This is going just as I expected. I'm looking forward to the riots at the DSA convention next month. Unlike the hired thugs that will riot outside the GOP convention in Cleveland, the riots at the DSA convention will likely be on the convention floor itself. What's going on at Moonbat Central (aka DU) is a microcosm of what will play out on the floor of the DSA convention.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

Jesus fucking Christ, stinkwagon. You predict the same thing every election. Riots in the streets. Uprisings everywhere.

How many times have you been right? The answer is never! You're never right about anything. Truly.

PJ's post and your comment epitomize what's wrong with you fuckers - you're all insane. Your discourse has devolved into incomprehensible drivel. Your presumptive leader exhibits this on a daily basis. He sounds just like you jerk-offs.

I, troglaman, have a feeling this could be the nail in coffin for you idiots. I sincerely hope so.

1:34 AM  
Anonymous HoosierHemi said...

PJ, I really hope you do the responsible thing and start monitoring the Jackal Forum so we can all drink their delicious red-commie tears. The complete implosion of the political left has me almost giddy!

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Spare me your vitriol, Guttersnipe, you sorry pathetic coward.

You're just hacked off that your man Bernie is going to have the equivalent of having of having a red hot poker rammed up his ass performed in public at the DSA Convention and there's not a damn thing you and your fellow Troglaman Clones/Moonbats can do about it except to go third party or just suck it up and live with getting screwed like the good little brain-dead lemmings you've proven yourself to be the last 30-40 years.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

I like Bernie, he's crazy but he's honestly crazy, unlike Hillary who is shifty, nasty and unforgiving. One thing you can depend on with Her Nibs is her endless lies. So we're left with Trump, who combines the worst elements of Crazy Birney (and his thuggish camp followers) and Screaming J. Clinton.

This is the best America can do in 2016
How sad.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

You're right about Sanders krazy kat. He's insane but he's honest, he REALLY believes the madness he's talking about inflicting on everyone if he gets the chance. And the scary thing so do the Troglaman Clones who are committed to him.

Rodham is so crooked she needs a corkscrew to get her pantsuit on in the morning.

And Trump is not someone I'm comfortable with. Thing is I know what Rodham is and what Sanders wants so....

It is indeed sad.

12:37 PM  

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