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D Minus 8 To Bernie Ban Day


That was the Presumptive Indictee proclaiming victory last night and declaring that because her Bill done her wrong and she had to endure years of humiliation by ruining the lives of the women he boffed, it was at last HER TURN. Tears must have come to the eyes of Skinner and his Clinton Cash wife, Shelly Moskwa, while watching that claim of nomination despite the actual nomination being weeks and a big indictment away. Yes, at last DUmmieland would all join hands in a show of unity while singing kumbayla and all past differences would be forgetten. Only one problem with this very hopeful scheme. Bernie Sanders. When it came time to speak last night, instead of obediently falling in line behind Hillary he declared he would go ON TO THE CONVENTION to continue his fight. Smart move, because it ruins the plans of Obama to insert Joe Biden into the nominee slot if/when/when/when Hillary is indicted. And because of this, it is causing YUUUUUUUGE problems for Skinner as the countdown proceeds to Bernie Ban Ban Day on June 16. In fact, today Skinner had to reiterate his Bernie Ban Day rules as you can see in his thread, DU General Election Season Begins on June 16: What You Need To Know. I was also going to DUFU a Bernie Sanders Group thread about yet more Sandernistas leaving but I was in for a shock. Most of them have already left and only a few recent threads remain so instead I shall DUFU this Jackal thread, When online forums have a mass exodus, the event is always given a moniker... 

So let us now watch the DUmmies commit ever more rapid suicide in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the Jackals really do need a major site redesign to handle the flood of former DUmmies, is in the [brackets]:

DU General Election Season Begins on June 16: What You Need To Know

[I need to know how much you and your wife, Shelly Moskwa, received in total Clinton Cash payments. I know it is in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars that you never bothered to tell your fellow DUmmies about but I want an exact total. Oh, and please include the DUmmie info mailing list fees you received in rentals.]

Last week I wrote an announcement providing some broad information about General Election season here on Democratic Underground. Now that the primary voting is almost done and it has become clear that Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, we are sticking with our plan to transition to General Election season on Thursday, June 16.

[As the Presumptive Nominee transitions to the Presumptive Indictee you are stubbornly sticking to your plan to commit blog suicide on Bernie Ban Day, June 16.]

This formal transition to General Election season is not a new thing for our website. For every presidential election since this website was founded in 2001, we have expected our members to support the Democratic nominee. It has been written into our Terms of Service for nearly as long as the site has existed, and all of you agreed to it.

But this year's transition is a little different because during the switch-over we will also be instituting some big changes to the way we run the site -- including software changes. We have two main goals with these changes:

[Keep your Clinton Cash payoffs secret and allow free reign to the Brock-paid Hillary trolls.]

DU will have rules again

[Folks, I'm not going to copy and paste the rules. This is something that you really need to SEE to be believed. It is in the gray section of Skinner's post and is more byzantine and legally self analytical than most intensive part of the Talmud. I know many of you hate to take a look at DUmmieland but you really need to see it for yourselves.]

We will expect all DU members to follow these rules when posting, and enforce them when serving on a Jury (Note: All alerts sent on rules in the "Legal/Administrative" section will be handled directly by Admin. Alerts sent on the rule "Don't start threads in the wrong forum or group" will be sent to Hosts).

[Note: The alert of the first part in the Legal/Lobotomy section will be referred to the Administrator of alerts before committing suicide in the thread of the forum of the third part. Oh, was there a second part?]

Serving on Juries should be as straightforward as it was before -- in fact, we've streamlined the process to make it even simpler. You do not need to know all of the technical details below in order to serve on Juries -- they are provided merely for people who are interested in exactly what changes are taking place. Please note that we're tried to make the list below as comprehensive as possible, but it's possible that there may be further changes or additions as we go forward.

[Yeah as streamlined as a maze in a cave. This is another bit you have to SEE to be believed. Okay I will give you just ONE sample of this "streamlining."]

There are still certain triggers that will flag your account for review, and we are adding some new ones to put the brakes on people who repeatedly break our rules. When flagged for review you will not be able to post or use other site functions. (This is a stop-gap measure: We have a number of changes planned in this area that we aren't ready to implement yet; we'll have more to say about this at a later date.)

[Why not just get it over with and simply PIN the DUmmies to a board so they are motionless? Okay, another sample of the "streamlining."]

Previously Jurors had two options: "Hide it" or "Leave it alone." Now Jurors have four options: "It clearly breaks the rule"; "Close call, but it breaks the rule"; "It doesn't quite break the rule"; and "It clearly doesn't break the rule."

[Four options: "Breaks the rule"; "Rule the breaks"; "Not quite rule the breaks"; and "Who's on First?" Okay, one more insanity for the road before we go on to the other DUmmies...]

If you can't bring yourself to enforce a particular rule when serving on a Jury, you can object to that rule and you'll never be asked to serve on a Jury for that rule again. The Admins will keep a tally of objections which will give us useful feedback about the rules.

[I can't bring myself to believe I am actually reading the micro-management sludge. Now to the DUmmies...]

Also, want to thank you for adding in sexism. means a lot to me and I am sure many women here.

[Affirmative Action Byzantine rules.]

And I am happy that trolls will now need to pay if they want certain site privileges.

[So far the only trolls are Brock-paid Hillary trolls.]

How about reading the rules

[To cure insomnia?]

Excellent. A lot of effort and thought went into this.

[About as much effort as put into the wall scribblings at an insane asylum.]

Will there be monitoring for abuse of this? For example, if someone alerts on a post for a rule and gets shot down, then goes through every other rule trying to get a hide. If there is nothing built in to the system, may I suggest that if someone alerts on a post for a specific rule violation and the jury rejects the alert, that particular user should not be allowed to alert on that post again; another user would have to alert.

[For alerts on posts that don't quite meet the party line, how about a Gestapo wagon alarm sound that gets louder and louder?]

I'm also seeing your new rules as being stacked against a certain segment of 'dissenters' that don't properly fall in the Establishment lines, thereby driving even more good, long time, thoughtful DU'ers away. Making this place more echo chambery as a result. But it is your site and if that is what you want... But thinking like that is why other political sites are popping up, drawing people away from this site.

[Even the slightest deviation from the myriad of byzantine rules MUST be punished! And now a question to Skinner...]

May I ask, why will we not receive a notification after jury service is complete? I like to know how it went. Obviously, it's not that important, but I genuinely do like to know how others voted and whether my views are out of step with the majority.

[To which Skinner answers...]

Because we have come to view it as a catalyst for forum drama. Someone serves on a jury. Makes their choice. Finishes the process. Forgets about it. Fifteen minutes later they get a notification about the jury decision. Then they immediately post it in the thread, and the thread goes off the rails. What the notifications do is interrupt somebody who has already forgotten about jury service, and then hands them a nugget of info that they can post in order to disrupt the site. The admins believe this place needs less forum drama. A lot less.

[Forum drama needs to be avoided at all costs! Rules are needed to maintain a steady humdrum ennui so all be too bored to think about all that Clinton Cash I have been getting for betraying all of you.]

Skinner, if the posting of Jury Results was alert-able violation - we'd quickly learn not to do it. Seeing the results of our Jury Results strengthens the community. I think that removing the privilege will lessen involvement.

[And Skinner's Clinton Cash Corruption and absurd rules pretty much DESTROYS whatever involvement is left.]

So "BernieBros" and "BoB" meets a welcome demise on the 16th.

[Along with the DUmmie DEmise on June 16.]

A lot are leaving and going to be leaving too after the treatment they've gotten here by...supposedly fellow Democrats.

[Gee! Ya think? This intensive micromanagement of the rules goes on and on and on and on until I am getting bleary eyed so now on to the Jackals, When online forums have a mass exodus, the event is always given a moniker...]

When online forums have a mass exodus, the event is always given a moniker...

[How about The Great Stampede?]

I've been active on a lot of online forums over the last two decades, and it always happens. It will probably take a while but it always comes, people will quickly tire of saying "back in 2016 when everybody left after the primaries". A name will emerge, and for years the old timers will reference and refer to whatever event led to the defection, and even newcomers who were not around at the time will pick it up and use it as well.

I've seen generic labels like "The Purge", "Meltdown 2005", "Modgate", as well as more specific ones that don't make any sense to outsiders like "Inkygate" and "RWRPL".

[The Great Navel Gaze Byzantine Rule Book.]

Any ideas on what name the people who stick around DU will refer to this years defection as? It probably won't be flattering to us, but it definitely won't disparage themselves. I thought "Berniegate" may have some potential, maybe "The JPR Revolt".

[Day of the Jackals!]

I'm liking D words, Debacle, Deluge, that kind of thing. But let's see.


The great migration, as in like birds do.

[As in like birds do-do.]

My prediction: The Bern Out

[My prediction: Skinner's Clinton Cash Ran Out.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

"If you can't bring yourself to enforce a particular rule when serving on a Jury, you can object to that rule and you'll never be asked to serve on a Jury for that rule again. The Admins will keep a tally of objections which will give us useful feedback about the rules." - a sampling of the new rules at Moonbat Central (aka DU).

Who the hell wrote those rules? That looks like something Troglaman The Guttersnipe would have devised.

7:36 PM  
Blogger GeronL said...

Free Republic has moved far enough to the left to sycophantically and cultic support the Pimp named Trump that it would have no trouble merging with Democrat Underground.

Free Republic has been very busy banning hundreds of the tradition conservative posters to make way in the future for Bernie supporters.

10:07 PM  

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