Thursday, June 09, 2016

D Minus 7 To Bernie Ban Day

It is now exactly one week until Bernie Ban Day in DUmmieland. It is the day that Skinner's greed for Clinton Cash funneled to him via his wife, Shelly Moskwa, has been leading him all these years. Yes, many years of pretending to be "Underground" when in reality he was secretly just a shill for the establishment. Bernie Ban Day will mark the END of DUmmieland as we have known it. Gone will be the Sandernistas leaving Skinner with mostly Brock-paid Hillary shills who will soon be splitting the moment there are no more paychecks for them.

Okay, so were you completely bored with yesterday's DUFU EDITION? If you were, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a normal person. I meant for you to be bored to tears because by showing you Skinner's incredibly byzantine set of rules it demonstrates the insanity that has overtaken that site. Of course, the purpose all those rules and regulations is to protect Hillary from criticism and so as to allow the cash flow from her into Skinner's pockets to continue. The Sandernistas are also not fooled by Skinner's rules. They know full well how corrupted he is as we can see in the Jackal THREAD, "Insulting ANY Democratic public figure is no longer allowed at DU." So let us now watch the Jackals laugh at Skinner's insanely detailed rules and regulations in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the exit from DUmmieland has increased to one Sandernista every three minutes, is in the [brackets]:

Insulting ANY Democratic public figure is no longer allowed at DU

[Money Talks, BS Walks.]

Today Skinner posted the new rules for Democratic Underground and this passage in particular stood out at me...

["Do not ever mention that I am profiting to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in Clinton Cash funneled to me via my wife, Shelly Moskwa. Our corruption is sacred and must forever remain secret."]

Don't bash Democratic public figures
Do not post disrespectful nicknames, insults, or highly inflammatory attacks against any Democratic public figures. Do not post anything that could be construed as bashing, trashing, undermining, or depressing turnout for any Democratic general election candidate, and do not compare any Democratic general election candidate unfavorably to their general election opponent(s).

[Okay, that is what Skinner really posted but almost as stupid. Why should ANY Democrat officials be sacrosanct if they are as corrupt as Skinner & wife?]

It should be no surprise that the supporters of the establishment would like this rule as it bans attacks on Democrats who are public figures but does not restrict attacks on grassroots Democrats who are trying to change the party. This is what the new "Underground" looks like, it is an underground bunker for the establishment figures who can do whatever they want while being insulated from any sort of attacks. Sure they say "constructive criticism" is allowed, but anytime anyone engages in criticism they will be subject to a jury that will punish them if they don't consider the criticism to be constructive. If you think DU is overrun by the establishment Democrats now just wait until this rule takes effect on June 16th.

[June 16 aka Bernie Ban Day when the North Korean type rules go into effect.]

It'll be a ghost town in a bit!

[Yup! Subtract the Sandernistas and all you will have left there are Brock-paid Hillary trolls and they will also be gone the moment their paychecks stop.]

Damn! DU's going full DNC stooge now? I thought this wasn't possible but it's looking like it's even trumping DK. (sigh) I'm now so glad I've left that site. Get ready for the flood JPR, 'cause it's coming-especially after 2.0 arrives.

[I believe 2.0 refers to the Jackal site redesign. Yeah they will need it because right now their site is hard to navigate plus they will be overwhelmed by the Great Stampede OUT of DUmmieland.]

That is disgusting. That is insane. That is bunker mentality. Indeed a good fit for the incredibly shrinking Democratic Party coming soon. Fits with what the DNC has been doing.

[Without Bernie the options this year are Green or Smoking Green in the form of the dope smoking Libertarians.]

Why is he always posting 'new rules'? What does he have over there now, a bunch of pre-schoolers? There's an old saying, 'Too many laws are the sign of a Failed State'.

[In Skinner's case, a Failed Mental State.]

The reason is he deceived FDR Dems for years into thinking his site was for Democrats, took their money and their content, since without them no one would have gone near the place. Then he tried to control them, allowed all the right wing trolls to wander around attacking people who were only trying to use the site for what it advertised itself to be.

[Skinner was a Hillary shill all those years but kept quiet about it in order to keep collecting money both from DUmmies and Her Thighness.]

So, he has to keep adding rules because when you run something as deceptive as that, when you try to control people who responded to your false ad, who paid you money, provided free content, they are not going to accept it. Best thing now is for FDR Dems to leave him with his mess. He will have to keep making more rules, and the place is now so nasty and uninteresting, why waste any more precious time there?

[Something is wrong when a forum supposed devoted to an open discussion has to have layers upon layers of byzantine rules in order to prevent those very discussions.]

I agree. I'm also and FDR dem and he took advantage of us.

[All documented online by those many FEC reports showing payments from Hillary campaign to one Shelly Moskwa.]

Well, he's finally shown his true colors - he's a dimestore Goebbels.

[I always thought of him as a retail Quisling.]

Under the "old rules" there was an embarrassing (to him) lack of Clinton support on the site.

[Almost none until David Brock handed out paychecks to trolls to shill for Hillary over there.]

Now that the jury system is only available to donors, it is EXACTLY like the Democratic party now: if you don't have money, your opinion means nothing.

[Greenbacks mean a lot to Skinner.]

I look forward to watching DU sink into oblivion.

[June 16. Bernie Ban Day. Be there. Aloha!]

Honestly, we should soon consider DU solely for the comic value they provide.

[A source of comedy gold mined by the DUmmie FUnnies for a dozen years.]

Yeah. Bernie winning multiple preference polls last summer with numbers like 85-15 and 90-10 could not be allowed to stand.

[And all that time Skinner, greased by Clinton Cash green, was plotting to overturn that preference to favor Hillary.]

All Hail Kim Jong Hill!!

[LOL! Kim Jong Hill. Gotta remember that!]

How democratic of you Skinner you turd maggot punk scumbag candy assed sell out shallow materialistic twit .

[Don't hold back. Tell us what you REALLY think.]

Basically the same rule is in effect for North Korea with their leaders.

[Even the HINT of criticism is not allowed.]

They are like members of a cult who blindly obey a leader and have lost all capacity for critical thinking. If Hillary asked them to physically drink the kool-aid, they'd do it in a heartbeat. They must be in the throes of ecstacy that Skinner is cracking down on dissent like some third world strongman. Now they can wax poetic about Hillary without fear of some mean Bernie supporter ruining their fun. "Isn't she great? A true leader. It's her turn. I'm so proud of her. My hero." Projectile vomit. Wait until November rolls around and they're gobsmacked to find out that millions of others don't share their enthusiasm. That's what happens when you live in an echo chamber. You only hear one perspective that everybody agrees with, and you start to believe your own shit. It will be a thing of beauty to lurk and watch the after the fact whining and cry baby blame deflection by the remaining few DUers.

[Skinner will next demand that all DUmmies will be required to change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside so he can check.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

The best thing out of this whole election is that one way or another the Troglaman Clones/Moonbats are FINALLY gonna get what's coming to them after 8 years of trying to destroy everything and anything that wasn't under absolute government control.

3:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you liked Tricky Dick Nixon, you'll love Kim Jong Hill.

9:15 AM  

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