Saturday, June 11, 2016

D Minus 5 To Bernie Ban Day

Today is D Minus 5 and counting until Bernie Ban Day on June 16. So guess who else is doing the SAME countdown? Brock-paid Hillary trolls in DUmmieland who are counting down the days until NO CRITICISM of Her Thighness will be permitted, effectively banning all the Bernie folks. You can see their countdown in this thread, New Hillary Scandal Checks All the Boxes on the Clinton Controversy Bingo Card. Such "heresy" as indicated by the title will no longer be permitted in DUmmieland starting June 16 as you can see in the joyous but ominous countdown following the original post. As for the Bernie folks who have now mostly exited from DUmmieland, you can see they are fully aware of the extent of Skinner's corruption in this Jackal thread, Clinton expenditures point to Mrs. Skinner. Let us first start off with the Brock-paid Hillary trolls in DUmmieland counting down to Bernie Ban Day in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Skinner collects a head tax from David Brock for every Hillary troll sent to his domain, is in the [brackets]:

New Hillary Scandal Checks All the Boxes on the Clinton Controversy Bingo Card

[HERESY! And not permitted starting June 16. Skinner has been paid plenty of Clinton Cash to put a stop to this.]

"Hillary Clinton had an undeniably great day on Thursday, but Friday brought a stark reminder that as the presumptive Democratic nominee looks ahead to the general election, there will be plenty of people justifiably looking into her past.

Thanks to a newly released batch of State Department emails, ABC News was able to revisit the story of Rajiv Fernando, a wealthy securities trader who gave heavily to both Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and the Clinton Foundation—and who just so happened to land himself a plum spot on a sensitive government intelligence advisory panel after Hillary became secretary of state.

[Okay, DUmmie NWCorona continues with a loooong quote from Slate, hardly a "rightwing" site. So here is the first response...]

6 days. Thursday.

[Bernie Ban Day.]

They're going to use every day to keep pounding at the scandal beat.

[A scandal a day is the Clinton way.]

We're in this together... 6 days and counting...

[Chanted the Brock-paid Hillary trolls.]

After that, we'll never know what will hit us.

[Enforced GroupThink is what will hit you.]

5, and counting...

[Your countdown is up to date. D Minus 5 and counting to Bernie Ban Day.]

June 16th...enjoy while you can.

[Threatened the Brock-paid Hillary troll.]

She's a disaster. I cannot support this. We can wait another four years for our first woman prez.

[June 16. POOF! You're gone!]

The Hillarians can posture all they want. The Reich will be using all of this crap, and more. PReventing democrats here from commenting on the corrupt shit won't even slow it down. It wil simply allow some to stick their heads in the sand, pretend it isn't happening, and point and shout 'tin foil hats' over there.

[Look at the picture above. Skinner keeps his Clinton Cash stash hidden in tin foil.]

This kind of stuff is really disturbing and there is so much of it. Her supporters have to know at some level that it isn't all just made up.

[Please! Please! June 16 hurry up and arrive so we no longer have to listen to this heresy!]

This shit stops on the 16th.

[SAY IT, Brock-paid Hillary troll!]

You think you can post attack article but you can't and will soon find out. This is a Democratic website...head over to Jack sprat or whatever it is called.

[It's called "Jackpine Radicals" aka Jackals and they have some verrrrry interesting things to say today about Skinner's wife collecting Clinton Cash as we shall see.]

here's a scary one: emails show approved drone strikes with cell phone:

[You mean that infamous Blackberry connected to a private server and hacked by Guccifer as well as the intelligence agencies of many countries?]

Five days of this shites. Enjoy yourself while you can.

[Oh, this countdown to DUmmieland suicide is quite enjoyable.]

Thursday, June 16th

[Do we celebrate the DUmmieland funeral that day?]

The Clinton's are always in the center of bullshit

[June 16.]

Should HRC and her family divest themselves from Clinton Foundation?

[June 16.]

pay to play... speaks to leadership. speaks to influence of $$. this all leads into increasing HRC historic unfavorables, if you choose to ignore or dismiss this you're part of the problem, not working to decrease HRC's unfavorables

[June 16. And now over to the Jackals who are fully aware of Skinner's Clinton Cash Corruption...]

Clinton expenditures point to Mrs. Skinner

[Mrs. Skinner with the crooked hubby.]

Under "Top Vendors/Recipients", #5 is Mrs. Skinner. $33,232 in 2010. No telling how much more since then, which no doubt has increased in an election year.

I apologize if this has been reported here before, but it explains a lot about why a certain site has been the way it has been.

[You just found this out? Welcome to cruel reality.]

I've known about Skinner and his DLC background from the very beginning he opened up. I researched him, found out about it, and just watched. As expected, DU went out of control, and Skinner has no clue on how to stop the bleeding that is going on, and he's already making people "buy" jury access, and literally started his own fiefdom. Well, I'm outta there of that fiefdom, and haven't looked back.

[Although paid a lot of Clinton Cash, Skinner is unable to maintain control over his domain. The Dummies are revolting. They stink on ice.]

Wish I could say yikes but nothing suprises me about someplace so "underground " that is so overtly troll laden .

[Chock full of Brok-paid Hillary trolls.]

This link says 49 payments totaling over $185,000 for '09-'10 election cycle. Since Hillary wasn't officially running for any office then, I'm not sure what Mrs Skinners services were for. Future 'delivery' of DU perhaps?

[Check more recent links because there are many more buckets full of Clinton Cash paid to Skinner funneled via his wife.]

Jesus. That's a lot of money.

[Mere Flash Cash compared to what Mr. & Mrs. Corrupt subsequently received.]

Anyone else think that King Thief Skinner has a place in the Killary Klinton administration should she finish the theft?

[Nice easy easy low work high paid jobs for King Thief & wife. And when they leave their plush jobs they can look forward to even more big bucks as lobbyists.]

She was still SoS then, not running for Pres. I read a couple of mentions that Mrs Skinner is getting neighborhood of $500,000 for this campaign. If we extrapolate the inbetween years, mrs Skinner has received in the ballpark of $1,000,000. That kind of money is to buy something...either silence, or delivery of an online asset and thousands of account info.

[That money is buying June 16.]

Their NYC home was purchased for over $250k.

[Must be a sweetheart deal for that amount in NYC. The Skinners can now turn around and sell it for at least a couple of million. Who set up that sweetheart deal? Someone at a certain headquarters in Brooklyn?]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

It's going to be a colossal crash and burn when Skinner The Corrupt runs the denizens from Moonbat America out of DU. I wonder if Guttersnipe will become a Jackal once he's been run out of DU.

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