Wednesday, June 15, 2016

D Minus 1 To Bernie Ban Day

Tomorrow is Bernie Ban Day.

This is not what Skinner wanted. He was hoping that Bernie would come together with Hillary and pledge his support for her as all get together, Socialists and Corrupt Crony Capitalists, for a giant kumbaya. Although Skinner was most likely praying fervently yesterday to Goddess Gaia for this outcome, the news has come out that Bernie is TAKING IT TO THE CONVENTION!!! This means Bernie Ban Day tomorrow will drive out most of the Sandernistas who comprise about 90% of the DUmmies, leaving only a few Brock-paid Hillary trolls. Should you doubt the Great Schism is about to take place tomorrow, then I urge you to read this thread posted by a Sandernista exiting DUmmieland's door, How to become a star-member without paying Skinner a single dime! So let us now watch soon to be ex-DUmmie Bubzer bid farewell to Skinner's Scam in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting Skinner is sticking to the suicidal plan dictated by his Paymaster, is in the [brackets]:

How to become a star-member without paying Skinner a single dime!

[No pay to play? Isn't that contrary to the Hillary wing of the Democrat party?]

Leave. Go to another website that isn't going to enforce pay-to-play rules on you.

[Leave. And take 90% of DUmmieland with you.]

Let's be clear about something: Skinner is not, and will never be, who makes this community what it is. Not him nor any other admin. This site continues to exists solely because of the sheer volume of content brought here and created and consumed by it's members.

[You think Skinner cares when he is counting his Clinton Cash?]

Whether you knew it or not, all of you are content creators... and now, you're going to be charged for the "privilege" of having a say in the community YOU established.

[Money Talks, BS Walks.]

Anyone can throw a website together (it costs very little... I have several of my own)... and anyone can arbitrarily determine whatever rules they want in their own personal little fiefdom... and set whatever charges and fees they want... but without YOU, this site is nothing.

[Without you, DUmmieland will be comprised of Brock-paid Hillary trolls starting tomorrow.]

Over the last 15 years, this site was THE Democratic Underground. With the transition to pay-to-play on key community-determining mechanics of the site, it is truly embracing the most corrosive aspects of what is wrong with politics... it is reduced to a fee-based service.

[Pay to Play is the basic philosophy of the Clinton Democrats. Skinner was PAID and is now PLAYing Hillary's game.]

On that note, this will be my last OP on this site. I may respond to replies... though, after today, I'm done with DU.

[Gone by Bernie Ban Day.]

If you're looking to find me, I'll be at

[Ah! The Jackals. And now on to the other soon to be ex-DUmmies...]

I never minded chipping in a few dollars. The servers do cost money. I will be leaving because I cannot, in all good conscience, support Hillary.

[Did you mind chipping in your personal info which was rented out on Shelly Moskwa's email lists?]

You can rent server space very cheaply these days.

[How much to rent server space stored next to Hillary's server in the bathroom?]

You'll have to donate in order to be able to participate in the jury process. Oh, and you'll need to have been here at least a year... but you're good on the time front.

[Brock Bucks will pay for Bernie Ban jury duty.]

I liked DU because of the sane democratic people here discussing important issues. Now with Clinton and her Third Way/republican/oligarch positions and her supporters here, how can one had a sane intelligent conversation?

[Um... I don't think DUmmieland ever reached that "sane intelligent conversation" level.]

Not just websites: the Democratic party itself is 100% pay-to-play now. If you can't afford to pay, then you are just a vote to exploit and pander to. Nothing more.

[Pay to Play. That's how the Clinton Foundation raked in all those bucks. ...Well, tomorrow will mark the END of an era thanks to Skinner's insatiable greed for Clinton Cash which has caused him to commit Site Suicide. It will be FUN to watch the self-destruction!]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

"Well, tomorrow will mark the END of an era thanks to Skinner's insatiable greed for Clinton Cash which has caused him to commit Site Suicide. It will be FUN to watch the self-destruction!" - PJ"

Indeed it will, PJ...the Troglaman Clones/Moonbats have been given a harsh lesson. I doubt they learn anything important from it but at least they know the so-callled "Democrat" Party doesn't give a damn about anything but their money and their vote.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Braddie G said...

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