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Countdown Until Bernie Ban Day

It is D Minus 10 and counting. Yes, just 10 more days until Bernie Ban Day in DUmmieland on June 16. That is the day that Skinner has decreed that no more criticism of Hillary shall be allowed which effectively bans the Sandernistas. The problem for Skinner is that the Sandernistas, who at one time composed at least 90% of DUmmieland, are leaving. Right now it is estimated they are leaving DUmmieland at the rate of one every 7 minutes or just over 200 per day. However, the closer we get to Bernie Ban Day, that rate is expected to increase exponentially with a Great Stampede out on June 16. All that will be left in DUmmieland will be mostly PAID Hillary trolls as described in this Los Angeles Times ARTICLE. And once those Hillary trolls cease receiving their Brock paychecks, they will exit DUmmieland leaving it to be a shell of its former sell. The only comfort Skinner can get will be that he betrayed his fellow DUmmies for substantially more than the 30 pieces of silver that his spiritual ancestor received. A check of FEC documents reveals that Skinner, via his wife Shelly Moskwa, was paid off to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. One victim of the Skinner betrayal is DUmmie TM99, host of the DUmmie Bernie Sanders Group, who yesterday ANNOUNCED he was leaving. So let us now watch the Great Schism in DUmmieland in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Skinner greed has led to blog suicide, is in the [brackets]:

Thanks y'all.

[It's been nice posting here as long as I believed Skinner was honest but now I must split for obvious reasons.]

It has been a real pleasure and honor serving as a host of this group. As of this afternoon though I am stepping down from this role.

[Sniff! Another victim of the Bernie Ban purchased by Hillary.]

Skinner's continued attempts at amnesty and unity are only making things worse here. Perhaps he knows this and doesn't care? Perhaps he does care? I don't know. I am not a mind reader.

[Or perhaps Skinner is just a flat out IDIOT that didn't realize his wife left a Clinton Cash paper trail pointing directly at his corruption.]

But this I do know. When an OP that calls Sanders supporters insane and in need of psychiatric care is allowed by both hosts and a jury to stand, and my post telling one of those in that thread that agree with this sentiment that they are low information voters is hidden then I know now once and for all nothing is going to change.

[Perhaps a DUmmie Rubber Room Group could be set up for those many insane in need of psychiatric care.]

Nothing magical is going to happen on Tuesday. Nothing magical is going to happen on the 16th either. Sanders and we the people are going to fight this all the way to the convention. The left is too divided this primary season. The establishment Democrats are too scared or unaware or both to know this. We don't have two candidates that are basically the same corporatist neoliberals like we had in 2008 with Clinton and Obama. We have instead two candidates that could not be more opposite in their policies, history, or positions. FDR progressives versus neoliberal New Dems.

[You have one candidate willing to shell out big bucks to buy the loyalty of Skinner. Money Talks, BS Walks.]

What is insane is doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting a different result. The future of the left is with Sanders and his supporters. The youth that support him in such high numbers are our best chance in the immediate future to wrestle back the Democratic Party and the left from the finalized encroachment of conservatism in the form of neoliberal and DINO's. Sanders is an outgrowth of the Occupy Movement. So many thought we were gone. We are not. We have only just begun.

[For some strange reason, I seem to be hearing a Carpenters tune in the background.]

DU used to be a place, whether it intended to be or not, where the progressive underground discussed, debated, and fought against conservatism whether it was in or out of the Democratic Party. With Clinton sycophants here, this is no longer the case. Entitlements are now 'free stuff'. No more new taxes and hooray for insurance mandates are the mantrams now.

[Those Clinton sycophants are only there for the money. Once Brock quits paying them, they will be Gone With The Wind.]

DU was once a place where the majority of the members were against neocon illegal invasions, the surrendering of liberty for security, and the privacy of our citizenry. With the Clinton sycophants here, this is no longer the case. A blustering neocon foreign policy speech about terrorism and the Russian threat while surrounded by more flags than I could count is the new normal here and this is cheered on as somehow 'strong' and 'presidential'.

[Of course the DUmmies have no problems with REAL illegal invasions like across our actual borders.]

DU was once a place where social justice was actually discusses, debated, and fought for. Now identity politics are used by Brock puppets to smear the progressive left as sexist, racist, 'Bernie Bros', while a candidate with an actual history of civil rights activism and support is ratfucked. The same voices calling for a president because she has the right body parts are the same ones that told the gay community to not be all uppity with Obama in 2009. The same white Clinton supporters crowing about the black votes she has try to justify 'bring us to heel' and putting down BLM. These people and this candidate are not our friends. They will give us lip service to wrangle our vote. They will give us false promises to insure our support. And like most Americans, we willingly accept their lies and give them what they want.

[Skinner isn't a Brock puppet because he gets paid directly from Hillary.]

DU was once a place where we did care about the law and transparency of our government. We cared about the shenanigans of Bush Co, their illegal wars, the outing of CIA operatives, etc. Now, we are told we are insane for caring about a SoS who ran a dark homebrew server off the books in her f***ing home. We are told we are praying to the 'indictment fairy' because this behavior was illegal, inappropriate, and unprofessional and if not punished, at least don't allow the person who did this to have MORE f***ing power.

[Hey! Are you calling James Comey a fairy? Be careful because at 6'7" he is probably a lot bigger than you.]

*spoiler alert for House of Cards*I watched the episode of House of Cards today where Francis and Claire were both chosen at the convention to be the presidential and vice presidential candidates. I watched the nastiness behind the scenes and the manufactured consent on the stage. This metaphor is reality in this election primary if you have the balls and will to see it.

[Kind of like how David and Shelly were chosen to receive oodles of Clinton Cash.]

Sanders' revolution is the future. JPR will become the new home of the progressive left. DU and the Clintons are the past.

[JPR meaning or Jackals where the DUmmie Sandernistas are now flocking in the leadup to Bernie Ban Day. And now on to the other DUmmies disgusted with Skinner's corruption...]

I guess it is time to bail out out of here.

[How about if we schedule your exit for this 7 minute allotment?]

I am sick of the bullshit. Even with the hell that is life sometimes and the real political battles that we face, I like to smile and be a peace. That is impossible here any more.

[Said the soon to be Jackal.]

very shortly i am out of here.and i hope all bernie supporters aband DU.leave it to clinton supporters who are enemy of everything progressives stand for..

[Go to the back of the very long line of Bernie refugees exiting DUmmieland.]

I am so proud of him and us for fighting all the way to the convention and beyond. The Democratic Party will change or it will die.

[I like that die part.]

history shows us that if change does not occur and we continue down the road we are, we may unfortunately see an actual violent revolution in our near future.

[Don't forget to nationalize that Clinton Cash Stash in Skinner's bank account.]

This is coming for a lot of us. I won't be sad and I won't say goodbye, I'll see you at home where we belong.

[Verily I say unto thee, today shalt thou be with Bernie in Jackal paradise.]

Sometimes we just need a new home. And we have found one. Hell, we are making one!

[Your new home shall be just over the mountains by the Great Salt Lake.]

Yeah we are making a home. Just so you know, your passionate anger is my joy. Now go home and get ready, we got more family coming over. Soon.

[Now go and sin some more.]

Heading to the test site as we speak!

[Ironically Dummies flocking to the test site. St. George, Utah?]

I'll be over in the morning

[Shall we gather at the river?]

Hi Autumn, I'm over on our new home also but haven't seen the... test site.

[You'll love it. A tropical island setting at Bikini Atoll.]

We are an amazing group of progressives. We have been maligned, insulted, kicked, bullied, lied about, and frankly abused. No more!

[Home? I have no home. Hunted... despised... living like an animal. The jungle is my home! But I will show the world that I can be its master. I shall perfect my own race of people... a race of atomic supermen that will conquer the world!]

There is nothing "underground" about supporting Hillary Clinton. You can't get more establishment than that.

[All those years when Skinner scammed you into thinking you were part of a cutting edge underground when in reality it was just a hidden agenda setup to support his paymanster, Hillary.]

It's painful to think about leaving, but leave I will in the next few weeks

[Will the last Sandernista leaving DUmmieland please turn off the lights?]

I will be along very shortly. I'm taking my $ me. Not a lot but everything helps. I'm sure the good ppl at JPR can put it to better use. The thought of corporate boot lickers receiving my hard earned money is distressing

[Almost as distressing as finding out that your personal information is probably being rented out on a mailing list used by Hillary.]

I haven't completely decided whether I'm going to flame out or just stop coming around, but it's getting really tiring dealing with the asstrolls who resemble teabaggers and they've turned it up to 11 ever since Skinner decided democracy isn't really that important.

[Skinner decided democracy was for sale.]

Love you man...see you in paradise!

[I SWEAR I did not see that paradise line when I wrote earlier about being with Bernie in Jackal Paradise!!!]

DU and DailyKos are not long for this new age where decentralized social media like Facebook and Twitter allow instant communication instead of the slowness of forums. And when we want to be on forums, damn it, we want to be someplace where we are respected, feel safe to communicate, and can engage with like minds.

[I might have some explosive material to write up about KOmmieland soon. Ever wonder why KOmmie KOs like Skinner has been hyping Hillary in a big way? Well, follow the money. Hee! Hee!]

The Democratic party and DU are supporting a candidate under criminal investigation by the FBI! I can't even imagine how that insanity has come to pass.

[How? Just look at your fellow Democrat enablers starting with Skinner.]

I think the masks have fallen off. The truth has been revealed.

[The truth has been revealed in a myriad of online FEC reports documenting the Clinton Cash flow to Skinner's wife, Shelly Moskwa.]

I will be joining you at JPR on the 17th. Until then, I intend to stay here and try to counter some of the bullshit.

[The 16th. That is the day the Bernie Ban begins. Until then...D minus 10 and counting.]


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