Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Clinton Cash Payee Skinner: Bernie Ban Starts 6/16

Clinton Cash payee Skinner has just issued a directive. Starting on June 16, criticism of Her Thighness will no longer be permitted. This will effectively ban the Bernie supporters in DUmmieland. This will be especially fun if the FBI issues a scathing report of Hillary with a recommendation to indict. Therefore if Guccifer is telling the truth, that means Hillary's email server was hacked thus proving that her selfish desire to keep her email secret from everybody ironically means it was read by this nation's enemies. It is hard to see Skinner preventing criticism of Hillary at DUmmieland after that. A continued ban will mean an exodus of about 90% of the DUmmies. So why is Skinner issuing such a self-destructive ultimatum? $$$$. As we have shown here, Skinner is HIGHLY PAID by the Clinton campaign via his wife, Shelly Moskwa. In March alone they hauled in $14,000 of Clinton Cash. There is no denying that Skinner is completely corrupt and is BETRAYING his fellow DUmmies as anybody out there can see on the following FEC documents and scanning for the name of Shelly Moskwa as you can see HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. Since many DUmmies are aware of Skinner's corruption, how does he deal with it? Up until today he just ignored it. However, today he tried to slither out of it by JOKING about it:

Actually, June 16 is the date handed down to me by my Establishment paymasters. And I can assure you they have deep ties at the FBI as well. Everyone is on board with Operation 616.
Ha! Ha! Very FUnnie! And the fact is, proven by FEC documents that you do have an Establishment paymaster in the form of Hillary Clinton. And this is why you must obey orders and clamp down on the Sandernistas way before the convention as we can see in this thread, Skinner: DU switches to general election mode on June 16, 2016. So let us now read about the June 16 DUmmieland Purge in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Skinner is certainly earning his Clinton Cash Stash, is in the [brackets]:

Skinner: DU switches to general election mode on June 16, 2016

[Establishment Paymaster Bucks speak loudly.]

DU will not be waiting until the convention. Post accordingly....

[And here is Skinner's Bernie Ban directive...inspired by Clinton Cash.]

...we will announce that the primaries are nearing an end, and members will have one more week to "get it out of their systems".

The final Democratic presidential primary is Tuesday, June 14 in Washington DC. People will have one last glorious day of primary season on June 15, and then Democratic Underground general election season begins on Thursday, June 16.

[Now that we see what Clinton Cash buys in terms of loyalty, let us read the DUmmie response...]

For a certain sector, June 16 marks the day they either STFU or GTFO.

[Money talks, BS walks.]

DU will become an echo chamber unparalleled this election cycle. HRC is so feckless of a candidate that she's running even against TRUMP... any other candidate should be so far ahead of TRUMP at this moment it's stunning that HRC isn't able to beat the monstrosity that's TRUMP and GOP party. DU will be a become a joke trying to keep HRC on life support through this election cycle with the depth of her unfavorables that she can't clear or get past, that's on her, nobody else can take the blame for that... and every HRC supporter here knows that... But with the transition from primary to GE fully expect HRC supporters here to push banning and censor to the fullest extent

[Blog suicide due to Skinner's need for Clinton Cash.]

so much for this being a democratic site. I can't wait for the exodus. HEY SKINNER! BE READY TO REFUND THE SUCKERS WHO PAID TO RUN THIS PLACE! The democratic party as it always was dies on June 16.

[Methinks we will get a July 4 fireworks preview on June 16.]

I don't think he needs the money.

[Of course not when you are receiving monthly 5 figure Clinton Cash payments. Check the FEC documents!]

Skinner makes it all go away in 16 days. If it's not allowed on DU, then it's just not happening in real life.

[Skinner will take a June 16 trip to Fantasyland...especially if the FBI recommends Hillary's indictment and the DUmmies are forbidden from even mentioning it.]

I wish Skinner would hurry up and make the FBI and the media stop talking about all that email stuff!


I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the show. The level of denial regarding the severity of the email issue is going to make for some incredibly entertaining breakdowns.

[Break out the pizza and beer!]

he site all the Bernie holdouts are running to doesn't like dissent either.

[This DUmmie must refer to KOmmieland where little Markos is also cheerleading for Hillary. I haven't investigated him but years ago Markos was boasting how easy it is to bribe him when referring to Mark Warner treating the KOmmies to booze and sushi at the Stratosphere in Vegas.]

In an anti-establishment year, the democracts have run the MOST establishment candidate they could find. And in all this time, from 2008 until 2016, no one could come up with a message? No one could come up with an inspiring platform? She couldn't find her "moon" or "Manhattan Project" to inspire people for? She couldn't find a leadership direction to take point on and lead? The message in most people's minds are the following: "it's her turn", "I'm female", and "I'm not Trump"... This will absolutely NOT inspire those elusive "swing voters" who identify as independent to even bother voting! And with the e-mail scandal blowing up in her face, the democrats are going to lose the White House. president obama's legacy will be ruined.

[Thanx for that powerful incentive to vote TRUMP.]

Worse will be if HRC is indicted and cannot maintain "her crown." In that case then, there will only be HRC cheerleaders left here to praise and promote the sad carcass of a failed campaign. What an horrific, avoidable mess that will be. How can the DNC, and DU for that matter, think that voters will go along under these circumstances... hypothetically speaking, of course?

[How long will that sad carcass continue to pay Skinner?]

Skinner, it ain't over till it's over.

[It ain't over until Skinner's Clinton Cash is over.]

If Bernie people all leave and then HRC collapses under the scrutiny of this investigation, what then?

[DUFU Comedy Gold!!!]

So if there is news about Hillary's email problem after 6/15, we're not allowed to discuss it???

[Yup. TABOO!!!]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

A while back on this particular thread - - I stated the ultra corrupt Moonbat Skinner would commence TOMBSTONING all who opposed Rodham.

Now we have the date for when the purge begins.

There are times I love being right.

12:09 AM  

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