Sunday, June 19, 2016

Brock-Paid Hillary Trolls Gloating Over Bernie Ban Day

Tomorrow is SUPPOSEDLY Bernie Ban Day in DUmmieland. I say "supposedly" because Skinner chickened out at the last moment and delayed Bernie Ban Day last Thursday with the new target day being tomorrow. In any event, the Brock-paid Hillary trolls are already gloating over this shut down of any criticism of Hillary or any other elected Democrat politician. In effect, this bans Bernie supporters since their rights of free speech will be ABOLISHED in DUmmieland. The problem for Skinner is that he will be left with mostly Brock-paid Hillary trolls who are currently posting in DUmmieland strictly for the money. How do I know? Because David Brock himself boasted about paying such trolls to post in social media. At the start of the year, you could almost count the number of AUTHENTIC Hillary supporters in DUmmieland on your fingers. At least 90% of the DUmmies were strongly pro-Bernie. So what happened? My guess is that Skinner whined about the situation to his paymaster and Brock was called into action to checkbook Hillary support into DUmmieland. A few months after almost NO Hillary supporters on that site and suddenly it was SWARMING with Hillary supporters. The only answer is $$$$. There are plenty willing to sit on their butt all day and post for Brock Bucks from their keyboards. Of course, once those paychecks stop, the Hillary trolls will disappear leaving DUmmieland empty which is why delay from Skinner since he CHICKENED OUT from committing website suicide last week.

Assuming he follows thru on orders from his Clinton Cash paymaster, Skinner will shut down criticism of Her Thighness tomorrow which has caused this gloat thread from a Brock-Paid Hillary troll, One more day! Ya better get it all in today because tomorrow--bye bye. So let us now watch the Brock-paid Hillary trolls gloat in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting again that Bernie is heading to the Democrat Convention, is in the [brackets]:

One more day! Ya better get it all in today because tomorrow--bye bye.

[Unless Skinner CHICKENS OUT again.]

I am so happy for you! You can alert on every perceived slight and ultimately have DU all to yourselves. Then you can only talk about perfect Hillary. The Hillary with no flaws, the Hillary of your dreams! That will make for an awesome "political discussion" site! Enjoy your gloating!

[Hillary Clinton is the kindest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.]

Pat each other on the back and Hillary lovefest. It will be one big boring Hillary group. I think I will take a vacation as they do not want any constructive criticism or discussion.

[On the upside, Skinner's Clinton Cash payments via his wife, Shelly Moskwa, will continue.]

Bye bye Bernie. History will not be kind.

[I think David Brock should pay that Hillary troll a bonus for that.]

They seriously think they can go it alone without Bernie supporters? Good luck with that!

[Skinner will still have the Brock-paid Hillary trolls...until the checks stop.]

The true BernItDowners? Eh.... not convinced we need them for much of anything.

[You give good gloat.]

One thing is for sure, Bernie has pulled back the veil of who the real progressives on this site are and who are not.

[And exposed just how corrupt Skinner is. All those years when he pretended to sympathize with the far left when all the while he was in Hillary's pocket.]

Bernie is not a progressive. He's an angry old white man from a lily white state with mostly white supporters. Progressives have minority support.

[That was DUmmie rjsquirrel and contrary to ugly rumors that is not my DUmmie troll screen name earning EASY Brock cash by pretending to be a Hillary troll. Got that? I am NOT DUmmie rjsquirrel. PLEASE BELIEVE ME!!!]

So tell us, what did Hillary accomplish as SOS? Hmmm? What, taking dirty money for weapon deals from Saudi Arabia? Condoning our troops to go off in some far away land to kill other people kids? Sorry I'm not supporting that and millions won't. She will lose the GE because she is flawed and this is on her and only her.

[Tick-tock! That's what we, uh, I mean the Hillary trolls often say when approaching a Skinner Bernie Ban deadline that he probably delays.]

This is not "Progressive Underground." This is Democratic Underground.

[Bought and paid for.]

Bye Bernie.

[$8 per hour isn't great pay but you don't have to leave your home and you get bonuses. Oh, and instant PayPal payments which is convenient. Thanx David!]


Anonymous The ULTIMATE Man said...

Skinner didn't chicken out this time...guess his overlords had a talk with him.

1:45 PM  
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