Monday, January 22, 2007

Leftwing Greets Hillary Candidacy With Scorn

So Hillary finally made her long expected announcement about running for president over the weekend and the response from the Left is less than enthusiastic. They might be yawning now over Hillary but about a year from now they will be going BERSERK when it finally dawns on the Left that Hillary's money, smear machine, and backroom deals will make her the leading contender for the nomination. Already, we are seeing Barack Obama getting the smear routine. Of course, many are blaming the EVIL Republicans for "swift boating" Obama but the TRUE source of the attacks are from the Hillary camp. Read how the Hillary announcement was greeted by the Left in this HUffington Post THREAD titled, "Clinton: 'I'm Very Confident'..." To get an idea of what most people, even the Left, thinks of Hillary, watch this hilarious SNL VIDEO of her being interviewed by "Chris Matthews" of Hardball. So let us now watch the Leftwing HUffies greet Hillary's candidacy announcement with disdain in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, reminding everybody that all smears of the Left's beloved Obama will be coming from you-know-who, is in the [brackets]:

Clinton: "I'm Very Confident"...

["...that Barack Obama will be smeared."]

Hillary Rodham Clinton expressed confidence Sunday in her presidential prospects and said she awaits a spirited contest for the 2008 Democratic nomination.

[Hillary has the confidence that the FBI files and her War Room smear machines gives.]

"I'm looking forward to it. It'll be a great contest with a lot of talented people. And I'm very confident," she said after her first public appearance since announcing her candidacy Saturday.

[Start checking the news for those leaked stories about Obama's background. I am still waiting for the Hillary-leaked info about Obama working with the young Socialists when he was a student at Columbia.]

Hillary, like most of the other "top" Dems, is fake opposition in the one-party system that runs (ruins) our country. What a cruel joke she & her cohorts are playing on the American people! We voted in Democratic majorities to the House & Senate to END the war, & not only is it NOT ending, it's being ESCALATED!

[You have to be pretty far Left to consider Hillary a Republican.]

Only an anti-war candidate will win my vote. The same goes for the majority of Americans who now hate BushCo. Hillary is an elitist and intends to keep our troops there to steal Iraq's oil. Just enough troops to protect the oil and not enough to secure the peace.

[You need to have a "chat" with Hillary.]

Do I detect an overzealous and giddy contestant here?
Well hey, no matter. But so long as you're in the game maybe you'll consider a visual to back up your anti-Bush War policies? Remember, we Americans are basically a visual lot. We're not much into reading, you know. So give us a picture, why don't you, Contestant Hillary. Like maybe you could arrive at one of the contest sites - the arena where The State Of The Union Address is to be held wearing a black armband to show us how your 'heartbreaking' trip to Baghdad really wasn't anything more than ........pandering.

[A Simon Cowell of the Left gives the thumbs down to contestant Hillary.]

The Hillary Campaign: the best news to Republican party stategists in a long while.

[I've already put my '08 victory champagne on ice.]

There's no mystery behind her confidence. She has beaucoup bucks to make a run. The mystery is who the hell she thinks will vote for her. Good lord she's an idiot.

[She's smart enough to know she can buy and blackmail her way to the nomination.]

She must be stopped.

[We'll be hearing a lot of that next year when reality finally dawns on the rest of the Left.]

Something smells fishy here and I'm not buying into it.

[The stench will get even worse as the campaign progresses.]

Her politics stink, and she will NEVER EVER get my vote. PERIOD

[Leftwing implosion when Hillary is nominated will be FUn to watch!]

If HRC makes it to the ballot for pres, I will not be voting in that election.

[Will Al Gore run on a Global Warming Party ticket?]

It's a shame that Hillary's confidence is grounded in fantasy! Her chances of becoming president are slim to none. Her skeletons will come rolling out soon and her rep will be toast. They have way too much smut on her which proves that she's not as smart or as savvy as she'd like to think she is. Her confidence is a charade....masking a serious insecurity. Why else would she stand silently by while Monica cuckholded her? Total lack of personal confidence. If she was simply "pretending" to take it all so well (lying down), then this is someone to be very worried about as commander in chief. We now have one phoney - we don't need another. Pretending during the Lewinsky debacle that she was unscathed was a huge mistake becuase it illustrated the level of personal denial in which she lives. This is precisely what we have in denial and delusion. We don't need a Bush Redux in Hillary.

[It sounds like the Left is planning to "Swift Boat" Hillary.]

This is wonderful news! I love Hillary as much as I love Nancy Pelosi. They would make a great team. If women are in charge we will have world peace. Barbara Walters did a TV special on the women in the Senate and it was agreed that we would have peace if they were in charge. Hillary gets my vote! Do it for the children.

[Do it for the CHEEEEEEELDRUN!!!!]

the thought of hillary even being considered makes me sick. i am an african american woman, a lawyer and a mother of two young children. i will NOT vote for her!

[Hillary would say it is because you hate white people.]

If Clinton were elected the same privileged class would get richer while the poor would be left paying for the rich and their life style. She is doing the business of (Zionist ) minded christian politicians just like Bush which is not for the average American taxpayer.

[The Protocols of the HUffies of Zion element weighs in.]

Another AIPAC "Ho" who has no any idea what it's like to have a real job, pay a mortgage and find affordable health insurance. Her specialty is lying, fund raising and the "spoils system" a la "Travelgate" when she was OK with screwing over a group of career civil servants to pay off her Hollywood connection.

She and Bill have never had to pay a mortgage. The homes they own now came gratis democratic fund raisers or from her book advance, which was questionable in terms of Senate rules as I recall. Her book was all spin & lies, setting the stage for her candidacy, and I hope Horn Dog Bill is happily f*cking anything and anyone he wants to these days because their marriage has been phoney for a long time.

[The strange thing about Hillary's book is that I have yet to see ONE copy of it selling at the flea markets. See, whenever there is a best selling book, you always see used copies of it selling at the flea markets withing months of publication. Hillary's tome was supposedly the best selling non-fiction book of all time and yet NOT ONE copy has been spotted by your humble correspondent at any flea market or used book store.]

Hillary uses people for political purposes. If you don't believe me, ask Marian Wright Edelman and Lani Guinier.

[Or Juanita Broaddrick.]

Is her confidence because of the knowledge that she can steal the wote. Or because she has the biggest war chest.

[Petra Verkaik has the biggest war chest but Hillary can certainly steal the "wote."]

Millions of us are "confident" also, that you will lose and take the party down to defeat.

[And millions of us are "hopeful" of that same thing.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To paraphrase something I heard Dennis Miller say, Rodham wrote in her "autobiography" that she had no idea that her husband (William Jefferson Clinton - Lying, Cheating Reprobrate) was ******* other women. If she was too stupid to know that, she's no where near smart enough to be President. If she lied in her book, then she's too narcisstic and power mad to be President. Either way, my opinion has changed on this drastically and I now don't believe she's a mortal lock to win her party's nomination. I also don't believe she'll be able to continue blowing off the press and put on her phony act of being a reasonable and rational human being.

4:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hillary is an elitist and intends to keep our troops there to steal Iraq's oil."

We've been there for almost 4 years. Where's all the stolen oil? Imbeciles.

8:24 AM  

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