Monday, September 04, 2006

Joe Wilson & Valerie Plame Enter Their Handmade Hell

Welcome to the personal Hell of Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame. They are about to permanently suffer the fate they fear most---nonentity. For Joe and Valerie, there will be no more invitations to trendy Georgetown parties as part of Washington's A-List. In fact they won't even be on the Z-List. People who until recently hailed them as heroes in the battle against the EVIL Republicans will now treat them as if they don't exist. No more smug smirks as you enter White House Correspondents dinners as special guests because those same liberal correspondents are now wishing you never existed. You see, you caused the liberals to crawl out onto a limb for you and now the branch has been sawed off in the form of a newspaper editorial. Had the newspaper been some rightwing sheet out in the sticks, you would have welcomed such an attack because you could pose as martyrs once again. Unfortunately, you can't pose like a couple of drama queens for yet another laughable photo shoot oozing with phony histrionics. This time you have been thrown under the bus by none other than the liberal Washington Post in the form of a scathing EDITORIAL calling you a devious liar. So say goodbye to the celebrity highlife as Washington's IT couple. Say hello to an eternity of nonentity. You see, The Shunning has begun. And when you notice that your "friends" are looking the other way or crossing the street to avoid running into you, at least you can take solace in the one true friend who will also be there to console you---Mr. Bottle. When all others shun you as an embarrassing reminder of their own gullibility, Mr. Bottle will be there to tell you that you are still players. Hit Mr. Bottle hard because you will be needing him more and more, Joe and Valerie. Welcome to the Land of the Nonpersons.

One good indicator of just how far Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame have fallen since their slap in the face by the Washington Post is how they responded to that scathing editorial...via a bitter e-mail sent to a pompous non-entity desperate to be taking seriously as an important political player. Apparently places like Hardball have already written off Joe and Valerie despite months on end of Chris Matthews turning his show into Plamegate Central. So instead of even holding a press conference that reporters would be embarrassed to attend, Joe Wilson sends an angry e-mail to a Transparent Sock Puppet named William Rivers Pitt who posted it in DUmmieland as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Joe Wilson responds to WaPo hatchet job."

Of course since the source of that thread is the credibility challenged Pitt who assured us that Karl Rove was indicted last May, one wonders if this e-mail is yet another figment of his self-serving imagination. In this case, however, I am inclined to believe the e-mail purportedly from Joe Wilson is authentic for two reasons. First of all, ever since Pitt's interminable NON-APOLOGY in early June over Hoaxmas, the one subject that he has avoided like the plague was Fitzmas. Therefore, Pitt would never bring up anything having to do with Plamegate unless he really did receive a message from Wilson. Apparently Pitt's urge to have a "scoop" overrides his embarrassment about being a chief enabler of the Hoaxmas fraud. Secondly, the Wilson e-mail sounds like it was sent out to numerous recipients. If Pitt had forged such an e-mail, his overinflated ego would have made it sound much more personal than what was posted. Therefore, assuming that the e-mail is authentic for the reasons stated above, let us now analyze Joe Wilson lashing out angrily in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, hoping to someday make the Georgetown Party A-List so he could "accidentally" spill some champagne on Norah O'Donnell's blouse so he could gallantly offer to dry it off with his handkerchief, is in the [brackets]:

Joe Wilson responds to WaPo hatchet job

[As we shall see, it is really a non-response.]

Via email:

[Sent to William Rivers Pitt and probably a couple of dozen other nobodies.]

You may have seen this morning's editorial in the Post. It manages to recycle pretty much every lie and smear over the past three years in a last ditch effort to divert attention from the facts, and the role the Post itself played both in the march to war and in the leak (see Woodward).

[The WaPo is hardly a conservative newspaper which makes the fact that they just tossed Joe Wilson under the buss even more unbearable for him.]

I know many of you are better versed in Plamegate than either Valerie or I and I also know that some of you will be addressing the editorial.

[Most of the Plamegate junkies, like Chris Matthews, will now be furiously forgetting that you even existed, Joe.]

I want to let you know how much Valerie and I continue to be buoyed by your support and your dedication to getting the truth out and holding the administration and its lackeys accountable for the terrible policies they have foisted on our country and on the world. We must keep fighting.

[I want to let you know how much I continue to be amused by you AVOIDING a rational response to the WaPo's charges that you are a devious liar, Joe.]

As you think about this, our website ( has a copy of the letter I sent to the SSCI when its report first came out, challenging some of its conclusions. The LeftCoaster has a terrific study by eriposte on the whole Niger forgery case from beginning to end. Firedoglake and the Next Hurrah both have highly informative analyses of the case by skilled researchers and former prosecutors. I recommend them all as resoruces to jog memories. by this afternoon, I expect that our own team will have an updated set of talking points to distribute for your use as well.

[You actually need to wait for talking points to answer the WaPo's charges? Will those talking points be arriving in 24 business hours?]

Each of you in one way or another has contributed to the public's (and in many cases our own) understanding of the issues from the beginning. Thank you for continuing to do so.

[Thank you for your continuing non-response.]

Joe Wilson

[Soon to become a very special friend of Mr. Bottle. And now on to the DUmmie responses to Joe Wilson's non-response...]

I think something is about to break on this story... or else, someone wishes to use it as a diversion?

[Karl Rove wants to use it as a diversion from the John Mark Karr confession.]

and I am a pessimist I think it's over.

[A pessimist...possibly. A realist...certainly.]

Civil suit is coming up its not over, the civil suit may reveal much more information.

[It's not over until Candy Crowley sings.]

I think something is about to break also. At least I hope so. Fitz, I'm praying for you baby!

[Good news! Fitz is announcing the impending arrival of the Great Pumpkin.]

Hang in there, Joe and Valerie!

[Hang in there, Joe and Valerie! Your Central Liquors order will soon be delivered.]

That WaPo editorial was pure horseshit wearing a coat of wishful thinking.

[Strange how Joe Wilson never even responded to what the editorial actually said.]

the last thread of credibility the Whorington had was lost with that ed

[Too bad it was still credible enough to get Joe and Valerie disinvited to all the trendy Georgetown parties where they were previously the toast of the liberal crowd.]


"I know many of you are better versed in Plamegate than either Valerie or I and I..."

No offense, but aren't he and Valerie two of the principal actors in this whole thing?

[And DUmmie Sammy Pepys WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

They are two people. We are hundreds of people reading and collating every bit of data.

[Answers William Rivers Pitt who personally collated the data about Karl Rove's indictment last May 12.]

You can see see the sweat on the brow of this editorial. My guess: anonymous guest editorial from everybody's sweaty pal Karl Rove.

[Karl Rove the Renaissance Man. Not only does he fax letters from Kinko's in Texas but he also finds time to write editorials for the WaPo and a THOUSAND other simultaneous activities. Oh, and thanx for the OBLIGATORY Rove referral which must appear in every DUmmie thread.]

I love the Wilsons. Thanks for posting Will.

[And Will is more than happy to oblige by acting as Wilson's Transparent Sock Puppet...when he is not posting as a Temporary Sock Puppet.]

Joe, you're a hero

[Is that you, Valerie?]

Say It Ain't So Joe?

[Clueless Joe Wilson is unable to respond.]

Well, I'm ready to come out swinging for them/YOU Joe and Valerie. I didn't spend a year of my life researching all of this Plamegate info for nothing, even made a two DVD set with the history, boiled it all down so that people could cut though the media lies and chatter - I was happy to send three copies of the DVD to Joe Wilson during Xmas last year, even giftwrapped it and told him I would be happy to send FREE copies to anyone in the House or Senate that wanted the FACTS to do battle with the Media and help Joe and Valerie.. even added a little goodie to the end of the DVD set, re-recorded "Secret Agent Man" and made it "Secret Agent Plame"..

[We regret to inform you that you completely wasted your time and won't be getting that year back.]

We've got your back Joe and Valerie, sorry I can't contribute. Money right now, but like I said, I've got that dual DVD set that offers a YEARS worth of research and it's all yours, as many copies as you want to hand out, just let me know, I can absorb those costs for this.

[Joe and Valerie are just ten dollars away from getting back on the Georgetown party A-list again.]

Is Fitzmas finally over??

[Yes but the good news is that Hoaxmas is still going on.]

Say it aint so Fitz!! What a disappointment Fitz has been. He played his cards close to the vest , never said anything which hurt the Republicans. He found nothing but a 2d rank player and chatrged him with a low level crime that had nothing to do with the original charges. Best guess: Libby, if convicted, gets pardoned by Bush on his last day. And he kept it all quiet so that it never interfered with the Republican domination of the elections. Mission Accomplished Fitz!! Youve spent millions to produce..... almost nothing. NOw just go away!!! Youve done nothing for the American people so far and they can count on more of the same. Anybody who renamed their holidays for Fitz can now name them back

[I was growing kind of fond of Fitzoween and Fitzgiving.]

(You can now access the DUmmie FUnnies simply by typing "DUmmieFUnnies.Com" into your address bar.)

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Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

As perhaps Oscar Wilde said about the Little Match Girl, or some other hopelessly deprived literary character like Little Nell, anyone who couldn't laugh at this has a heart of stone.

11:11 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Ah. "Little Nell: or Virtue Rewarded."

As Oscar Wilde once observed, ''One would have to have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell without laughing.''

Fits for Joe Wilson and his skank of a wife, too.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Someone should sneak over there and post something akin to: "But I still believe Will Pitt, that Rove has already been indicted!"

The sad thing is, Joe and "Val" won't merely disappear into obscurity... DUmmies are the most anti-Occam's razor crowd you can get:
If Joe and spy-wife have been outed as liars, it must be a smear job...
If cowardly Muslim assholes fly planes into civilian-occupied buildings, obviously it's our own government which orchestrated it.

DUmmies are case studies in denial and dementia.

Just barely ahead of my desire to bitch-slap each and every one of them is my pity for them.

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PJ Commie is an idiot.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey PJ, I see Wilson visited your site! ^


6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everybody who reported this story as some kind of a White House conspiracy should be red faced with shame.

Unfortunately, they are as shameless as supporters of the "Army of God"...


9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Bush would pardon Libby the very same day he's convicted. Why wait?

3:07 PM  

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