Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Evidence Suggests Brit Liquid Bomb Plot was Directed by UK/Paki/US Intel"

Right from the get-go, the DUmmies were casting aspersions upon the veracity of the airlines bomb plot in the UK. And now they THINK they have "evidence." I placed "evidence" in quotes because for the DUmmies, evidence really means wild speculation as we shall see in this THREAD titled, "Evidence Suggests Brit Liquid Bomb Plot was Directed by UK/Paki/US Intel." So let us now descend into the wacky world of tinfoil hat DUmmie conspiracy theories in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, preparing another dose of Lithium for the patient, is in the [brackets]:

Evidence Suggests Brit Liquid Bomb Plot was Directed by UK/Paki/US Intel

[Evidence suggests DUmmie mental facilities severely lacking.]

How can one speak of a "thwarted" plot when intelligence agents were an inherent part in leading the conspiracy from the very beginning?

[A DUmmie thinks that because we INFILTRATED the plotters that must mean we directed the plot.]

When you put the pieces together the following picture emerges about the liquid explosives conspiracy:

[The only picture that emerges is that DUmmies are once again spinning wild MIHOP theories.]

* It was first penetrated by Pakistani intelligence in May 2005.

[And this upsets you? I'm GLAD that group was penetrated.]

* British intelligence have been actively involved for more than a year.

[You would prefer they broke up the plotters from Day One without finding out the extent of the plot and WHO else was involved. DUhhhhhhmmmmmie!]

* U.S. intel having been first made aware of the surveillance operation for at least several months.

[And you would want the USA to put a halt to an ongoing intelligence operation?]

* The Bush Administration decided the timing of the arrests a few weeks ago.

[GASP! The plot was timed to stop BEFORE it happened. What a shocker there.]

That makes this terrorist conspiracy as much a conspiracy of state as it is a real terrorist plot.

[DUmmie logic at work here. An INFILTRATION of a terrorist group by an intelligence service is considered to be a part of the plot itself. DUhhhhhhmmmmie!]

Furthermore, the timing of the arrests, as the article immediately makes clear, was chosen for political reasons. That is simply an abuse of the intelligence process, one that should result in the cancellation of the security clearances of those US officials who interfered with what had been a UK and Pakistani counter-terrorism operation.

[The plotters were getting ready to make a TEST RUN of their plot on an air flight. You would prefer that we allowed them to enter an airline with explosive liquids? DUhhhhhhhmmmmmie!]

Do you think we'll ever get the TRUTH out of this?

[Not in DUmmieland, that's for sure.]

I'd like to learn who the infiltrators are.

[Secret Rovian Agents.]

The infiltrators are as much "terrorists" by definition
as the terrorist suspects are. It seems like their job is not to thwart terrorism and potential terrorist groups, but to focus and enhance the terror to get the maximum public reaction. That's "terrorism" in my book.

[DUhhhhhhmmmmmie! In order to infiltrate a terrorist group you have to ACT like terrorists. You can't successfully do that by appearing as some sort of mild Presbyterian.]

Sons of the guys doing the infiltrating of groups in the 60s
Sons of the body, sons of the heart or sons-of-bitches, it is all the SSDD. Same far right wing 'law and order' types who will not respect the law in their pursuit of power and control. Deja vue all over again for those of us old enough to recall the Pigs v the Radicals in the US in the 60s. Infiltrating is how is how it is done when they want to disrupt/discredit.

[Yeah. Those Islamo-Fascist groups only act like terrorists because they are inspired to do so by the sons of COINTELPRO agents of the 60s. DUhhhhhhhmmmmmie!]

Read Le Carre "Absolute Friends" for the how and why of this sort of false flag operation.

[That's fiction, right?]

Those guys were set up to be a prop for Republican reelection efforts.

[Terrorists as mere patsies of a Perfect Rovian Plot.]

Rupert Murdoch is in there somewhere

[Don't forget Roger Ailes.]

Were the arrests timed to drown out news coverage of Lamont victory?

[Of course! Now lay back and enjoy your electro-shock treatment.]

I watched that the other day and was overwhelmed with fear. fear that these current scumbags will no doubt attack us once more then declaring Martial Law, suspend the 06' elections and continue on with their agenda, "Global Conquest and Rule" scary shit.. Hope the Mexicans join us and Canadians in out effort to take back North America..

[How about if we just suspend your tricycle license?]

What the f*ck kind of bullsh*t are they trying to pull on us? Every day I trust these f*ckers less. From the first I heard of this, I havce suspected that it is just bullshit.

[Congratulations on being a paranoid conspiracy theorist from the get-go.]

This is... business as usual for the perma-war/terror/fear state. It has been going on for decades. Invent a bogeymen, fund him, then kill him. All accompanied with rhetorical flourishes and fawning media attention. But to even suggest such things, even though the record is clear, is to be group-scorned as a conspiracy nut.

[Now why would anyone want to scorn you as a conspiracy nut?]

These SOB's make me sick and they should fry for what they've done.

[Of course, this DUmmie is referring to the EVIL Bush Regime, NOT the terrorists.]

So Rove did have a say in the timing of this!

[Wild DUmmie speculation based on nothing proved that beyond a doubt.]

Nah. Surveillance and tracking is not collusion or conspiracy.
It's the intelligence agency's job. You may be misreading the msnbc and cnn reports. I don't see any suggestion of a conspiracy at all.


Read the discussion at the thread following the DKOS crosspost.

[Thanx for the heads up. That might be the topic of my next DUFU edition.]

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These SOB's make me sick and they should fry for what they've done.

but, but, but, I thought the death penalty was bad...

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