Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Head KOmmie KOs Buries Head In Mideast Sand

An astonishing thing has happened. Despite the fact that the Mideast fighting between Israel and Hezbollah has taken center stage in the news, head KOmmie KOs (Markos Moulitsas) has boldly asserted that he WON'T be discussing this conflict as you can read in his KOs STORY titled, "Why I won't write about Israel/Lebanon/Palestine fighting." As you will see, KOs gives us a really DOPEY explanation for his ostrich-like evasion of this topic. Of course, the REAL reason is that KOs, like so many other leftists, favors the Hezbollah terrorists but doesn't want to find himself drawn into a position where he is forced to express his sympathy for them. The main reason for this reluctance is that KOs knows it will cost him $$$ in his scheme with his pal, Unknown Jerome (Armstrong), who collects "consulting fees" from various Democrat candidates which "miraculously" translates into KOmmieland endorsements for the same candidates. KOs knows that such candidates would not risk association with him or his site if he comes out and says what he REALLY thinks which is that he thinks of Hezbollah as some sort of freedom fighters. So let us now watch KOs engage in a massive evasion which doesn't satisfy his fellow KOmmies in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, reminding folks that there used to actually be an Unknown Jerome brand of cookies on the West Coast, is in the [brackets]:

Why I won't write about Israel/Lebanon/Palestine fighting

[Because it would interfere with your racket with Unknown Jerome. You say what you really think and you can kiss goodby to CHOCOLOATE FOUNTAINS at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas]

Kevin Drum explains his reasons for steering clear of this morass of a mess of a disaster of a quagmire of a sinkhole of a clusterf*ck that is completely FUBAR.

[See, someone else is steering clear of commenting on the latest aspect of the Mideast conflict so I am not alone in my convenient evasion of that topic.]

Me? I grew up in a war zone. And there was one clear lesson I learned -- there will never be peace unless both sides get tired of the fighting and start seeking an alternative.

[FUnnie how that hasn't kept you from commenting about the war in El Salvador and everything else under the sun. Somehow your rationale only applies specifically to the current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.]

It's clear that in the Middle East, no one is sick of the fighting. They have centuries of grudges to resolve, and will continue fighting until they can get over them. And considering that they obviously have no interest in "getting over them", we're stuck with a war that will not end in any forseable future. It doesn't matter what we bloggers say. It doesn't matter what the President of the United States says. Or the United Nations. Or the usual bloviating gasbag pundits.

[Apparently you also AVOID reading history because there have NOT been centuries of conflict in that part of the world. Fact of the matter is, Palestine was rather calm under the Ottoman Empire. The conflicts between Arabs and Jews only started flaring up in the 1920s---LESS than a century ago. Continue with your evasions based on IGNORANCE.]

When two sides are this dead-set on killing each other, very little can get in the way.

[KOs sneaking in a moral equivalency jibe...]

And I, for one, sure as heck have no desire to get sucked into that no-win situation. I just hope that war-fatigue sets in at some point.

[I for one hope that the conflict just peters out before I have to say what I REALLY think. And now the reaction from his fellow KOmmies...]

I respect many of Kos's opinions on domestic realpolitik, but clearly, in international policy he's being wise by staying mum. By the way, can anyone name the one nation in the world whose foreign policy is absolutely off-limits for rational discussion (let alone criticism) in the US? One hint: it's not the US.

[I know of one nation in the world whose foreign policy is absolutely open to irrational discussion as we shall soon see.]

There is no centuries old conflict. None. So many people just completely talk out of their ass about this issue that it boggles the mind. Not to sound more incredibly self righteous than I already do, but I really wish more people would at least read ONE book before becoming armchair diplomats.

[KOs talks out of Unknown Jerome's fee-raising butthole.]

KOS fiddles while Beirut Burns. "...troubling that someone like Kos, whom I respect immensely, would just throw off a bunch of blatantly false, but oft repeated trivialities like, "they have centuries of grudges to resolve"..." SO "I won't write about Israel..." THUS. KOS is not an "independent", he's a DEMOCRAT. This is not an independent NETROOTS BBS ~ this is a Democratic Party NETROOTS BBS.

[In the not so distant past, KOs would have been more than happy to say what he REALLY thinks but not since Unknown Jerome began collecting hefty "consulting" fees.]

FOR ONCE G.W. Bush got something right... ...that Syria is the key to clamping down on Hezbollah. Talking "shit" to Blair. Hezbollah is wholly financed by Iran. To the tune of $250,000,000 a year. Syrian "intelligence" thugs are integrated with the Hezzies down by the border. Ride in the same Ford Explorers

[Prepare to don your asbestos suit for the inevitable flames to come your way fo daring to praise Bush in KOmmieland.]

Bush got nothing right sitting there like a little goddamned rajah, chowing with his mouth hanging open, yammering about "they need to stop this shit." He knows f*ckall about anything but his complete arrogance and ignorance combines to give us pronouncements like that. And the other day he couldn't care less about the war breaking out because he was too goddamned excited about eating a pig. Since we can't impeach the little motherfucker, I say every Democrat worth a tin shit ought to replay that little snippet of him spraying bread all over Blair and smirking about "stop this shit" on every campaign ad they make. He is a murderous little incompetent who needs to be run out of office on a rail. Goddamn him, I'm so pissed I can't even type.

[Spoken in the true KOmmie spirit.]

The Bush cabal is the most immoral and non-religious bunch imaginable. They intentionally avoid problems to make them worse and then laugh all the way to the bank, with our stolen tax-payer dollars!

[Avoiding problems like the way KOs is avoiding discussing the Mideast?]

follow the money our government wants israel killing arabs with our weapons

[Try following the money generated from Unknown Jerome's Blogola "consulting" fees.]

Kos doesn't want to unpack the Israeli/Arab conflict because it presents a fissure within the united Democrat front. Right beneath our eyes a whole generation of young Jewish professionals are abandoning their parent's party and going republican, and unquestioning support for Israel is a primary reason.

[KOs is clamming up mainly because he doesn't want to stop the flow of those lucrative Unknown Jerome "consulting" fees.]

I find this post by kos really disappointing.

[Tough luck. Live with it.]

Yeah, this Kos post is just politics isn't it? A guy who doesn't want to take a position on a controversial subject? Understandable but not very sincere right?


I'm not sure I follow the logic... wherein because Markos made a website and wrote a book, he is now incapable of criticizing Israel.

[You'll be able to follow the logic when you follow the Unknown Jerome "consulting" fees money trail.]

I certainly respect KOS to write about what ever he wants. So what. This web site needs to continue growing toward a peoples Democratic site or perhaps a new site should be established. With all due respect, I thought it was an improvement when KOS was on a book tour and their was more variety of front page writers. The truth is discovered through multiple view points. Less KOS and more others will ensure healthy site development. Too much power always leads to eventual corruption.

[A not so subtle allusion to the Unknown Jerome "consulting" fees Blogola scandal.]

I found Kos' statement a little offensive. The Central Americans were no more restrained than the Israelis and the Palestinians when it came to killing each other - as long as their wars were fueled by competition between the US and the Soviets. Once some of the external sources of fuel were removed, the fire still burned but not nearly as badly. The current situation is much worse in part because we have the bad luck of having two men in their 50's with the emotional maturity of 17 year olds - Bush and Ahmedinejad - who have been perfectly willing to stand back and condone or encourage the worst behavior on the part of Israel and Hizbullah alike. I'm not saying, necessarily, that Bush wanted Israel to respond the way that it did this particular time, only that his wanton failure to engage in a meaningful peace process set the stage for the meltdown of Palestinian self-governance and the spiraling Israeli violence.

[And I found your moral equivalence statement more than a little offensive.]

Invoking moral equivalency doesn't cut it...

[It does in KOmmieland.]

Does this mean Kos will be ceasing all comment about the Iraq 'war zone'?

[No. He will continue to ignorantly shoot his mouth out on that topic.]

Gee Kos. With bullshit like that you should run for office.

[Better yet, he is collecting (via Unknown Jerome) "consulting" fees from people running for office.]

OMG what a cop out. Just say the truth: you don't want to piss off the Dem establishment, which is vigorously and heavily pro-Israel (not that there's anything wrong with that!) and see potential donors/clients run the other way. Kos, I don't blame you for wanting to protect your business. I would do the same. But to cloak mercenary pragmatism in this kind of post hoc rationale is weak, just weak.

[That "consulting" fees business is all important to KOs.]

The United States is only funding one side, and only sanctioning one side. The progressive left is tired of it and unwilling to remain silent after thirty years of intellectual terrorism, lies and bullshit promises about peace negotiations from the Zionist wing of the party, and the wonks are worried about the party splitting over the issue. Ducking the issue in hopes that it will blow over won't work this time.

[Ducking the issue in the hope it doesn't interfere with his Blogola business.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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