Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Daily Kos Blogola Scandal

Take a look at the photo of Congressperson Cynthia McKinney above. Obviously the source of that picture must be some vicious hate-filled right-wing website that dislikes the "progressive" policies of Ms Mckinney, right? Wrong. The source for that picture is none other than the Daily Kos. You read that correctly. This picture is part of an ad by McKinney's primary opponent, Hank Johnson, that is figured PROMINENTLY at the top of the list of Daily Kos advertisers. I should have had a hint of this latest Kos Blogola scandal yesterday when I did a search on the Daily Kos site to see what the Head KOmmie, KOs himself, had to say about allegations of vote fraud in that election. Surprisingly I found NO COMMENT from him. And this morning I found out why. You might not be able to buy Kos's support with Blogola payments via advertising or the Unknown Jerome "consulting" fees but at least you can buy Kos's silence which is just as important. Poor Joe Lieberman. Had he only paid big bucks for a Daily Kos ad months ago, he could have spared himself the agony of a close race with Kos-supported Ned Lamont. Of course, the KOmmies themselves enthusiastically support the leftwing wacko McKinney which makes that anti-McKinney ad in KOmmieland so painful for them as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD titled, "Will Diebold Some Day Advertise on DailyKos?" So let us now watch the ENRAGED KOmmies attack their Head KOmmie for accepting Blogola money in the form of advertising in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that Cynthia actually looks cute with that red slash across her face, is in the [brackets]:

Will Diebold Some Day Advertise on DailyKos?

[Maybe President Bush should buy a Kos ad.]

Since Cynthia McKinney's strong opposition to President Bush has given her national notoriety, the Republican machine in Georgia has put extra effort into unseating her. Her district is heavily black and Democratic-leaning, so this has in practice meant running a conservative in the Democratic primary and encouraging Republicans to cross over in the open primary system.

This year the open primary used Diebold voting machines. It's likely that Cynthia was a victim of Diebold fraud. She now faces a run-off with Hank Johnson, who has piles of advertising money from Republican donors. To read about the fraud, see:

WHY IS KOS ALLOWING ADVERTISING FOR HER OPPONENT, a Republican stooge, Hank Johnson? This is a guy that Diebold could really get behind. Why is Kos behind it too? I really hope it's just laziness.

[It's a lazy way to earn some easy Blogola Bucks.]

Cynthia McKinney is a progressive in every sense of the word. She was one of our first and only congresspeople to speak out against Bush's manipulation of the events of 9/11 for political gain, and it almost cost her her political life. She has also been more active than almost any other Democratic politician in uncovering voter fraud in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections.

[Too bad she was too cheap to shell out some Blogola Bucks in the form of an ad in KOmmieland. I guess she wrongly assumed that Kos would support her without a payoff.]

I have no connection with Cynthia Kinney's campaign, or any other. I don't work in politics. I'm just a concerned citizen. And seeing that ad makes me never want to visit this site again. If you feel the same way, reccomend this diary, so Kos and other site administrators can read this.

[Seeing that anti-McKinney ad makes me want to visit KOmmieland again and again. Ironically, the anti-McKinney ad is RIGHT NEXT to your griping about that ad. And now to read your fellow KOmmies agonizing over this latest KOs Blogola scandal...]

Are you aware that during the Cultural Revolution in Maoist China educators, professionals, and officials targeted by the mobs were forces to stand on chairs wearing placards with their names crossed out - confess their sins before the raving crowd - have things thrown at them - before they were murdered? I find the ad offensive whoever the target. But, you are right. McKinney has done so a whole lot for the progressive cause and has dared to ask unpopular, but necessary questions. It is a barometer of the future direction of this site.

[And now Cynthia McKinney must stand on a chair wearing a placard with her picture crossed out and confess before a raving crowd that she was too cheap to shell out Blogola ad payments to the Almighty KOs.]

Ad's Phrasing Looks Like A Statement of Community.Ban McKinney, she will "discredit our cause" - many people visiting the site will not completley understand that that is "just an ad", I'm sure. Whether people want to address that supposed "ignorance" or not, is another issue. However, the ad's graphic image is offensive enough that with that text, it brands the site in a very particular context that is not good for Democrats and not good for DK.

[Visitors to KOmmieland will understand that Blogola is involved.]

I have not figured out what this woman has done that has generated this kind of hostility among progressives. . .Leiberman, that's clear. But Kinney, all people write about is that she's "strident". Maybe she is, but where? when? what? who? And the stuff with that police officer. . .When a grand jury REFUSED to indict her, which makes her less indictable than a ham sandwich. . . the house "ethics committee" was going to investigate her?? Can you say railroaded?
And the only thing substantive I know about her is that she asked THE question. Is there any thing I'm missing?

[Yes. You are missing the big Blogola Bucks that the Head KOmmie, KOs, earned from that ad.]

She's guilty of being an assertive black woman. That makes white conservatives and white pseudo-liberals very nervous.

[And yet she is ATTACKED on a "progressive" blog. Sorry, but EVIL conservatives are NOT responsible for that ad.]

I mean, I know you. You're not someone to throw things like that around lightly. From everything I've learned about this women she's way out in tin-hat country. I don't care if she's black and asseritive, I do care that it sounds like she has aa few screws lose.

[ONLY a few?]

Markos has bills to pay. He pays them through ads. I don't believe he filters his ads, although I don't know. Let's say Karl Rove wants to pay the programmers' and hosters' rent, and Markos' mortgage with ads here for disgusting neocon candidates, why is that a problem? Do you think anyone here is going to be politically converted by the ads? Do you think the coverage is going to become muted if they do? Is taking money from someone an endorsement of them??? In fact, it's a way of taking money away from them and putting it to better use. Go to the ads thing and see how easy it is to buy one. And please go ahead and buy one. We'll all be very grateful you did, but if you spout bullshit, we'll still peel your face off verbally and wipe our asses with it.

[MarKOS has bills to pay. So just shell out the Blogola Bucks to him in the form of ads. It might not buy his outright support but at least it will keep him from supporting your political opponent. Joe Lieberman should have learned that lesson months ago.]

That advert is highly offensive. It should be removed, immediately.

[I say KEEP the ad. It is like an advertisement that KOs accepts Blogola payoffs.]

Ads Message: 'Ban McKinney - She Discredits Us'. That's not a welcoming message, nor is it particularly encouraging of free speech within our community or the democratic party. And given her status as one of very few African American representatives, the imagery is quite shocking, particularly to people sensitive to issues related to race or bias. Serving such an Ad here, on the front page, at the top of the page, can only serve the enemies of the Democratic party, not Democrats, nor even liberal or progressive Democrats. It's extremely offensive and divisive imagery.

[Which is why it is being featured in this edition of the DUmmie FUnnies. The source of that ad pic is the "progressive" Daily Kos itself.]

That image is burned in my brain already. That ad is extremely divisive. Being subjected to it nonstop while browsing is extremely distracting and sickening.

[That ad image has been seared, SEARED into my brain. It happened on Christmas 1968 when President Nixon sent me into Cambodia.]

This is an outrage and disgrace. Protests to Kos should ensue.

[Ah! More DUFU material!]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I were a moonbat, I'd be pissed too. At least Kos is canny and cynical enough o use those freaks to extort money out of political campaigns. The Kos-a Nostra. Got to give him credit for being clever enough to figure that out.

9:54 AM  
Blogger PJ-Comix said...

LOL! Kos-a-Nostra. I'll have to steal that word for a future DUFU.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked that first link to the McKinney for Congress site. Boiled down it complained that McKinney voters were too stupid to operate voting machines and/or too unwilling to wait to vote and/or too stupid to realize that their polling place had been changed (this is always announced, by law, weeks before the election. Maybe they can't read, either.

That makes it perfect. Her supporters are DUmmies for McKinney.

3:56 PM  

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